How To Create(And Make The Best) YouTube Music Playlists

YouTube is a great place to find music. Whether it’s a new summer hit or a classic jazz tune, odds are you’ll find it on YouTube. However, listening to one song at a time is not the most effective way to listen to many songs.

Fortunately, you can create a YouTube music playlist of your favorite tunes so that the music flows. Some songs are associated with the official music video, some videos are live performances (taken from the broadcast or captured by an audience member), and other tunes are still photos (or stills series) along the audio track as a placeholder in the video window.

If you want to use a YouTube music playlist for a party, remember that there is a small minute-long ad at the very beginning of these videos.

This is especially true for official music videos, but it also applies to user-generated content. If you don’t notice some commercials disrupting the flow of music (it’s like radio), you can easily rock a YouTube Mix playlist.

To Create YouTube Music Playlists:

Creating a YouTube Music Playlist is easy after logging in to the site. Find a video of the song you want to hear. Next, click the “Add” option below to add the video to the playlist. You can add a video to an existing playlist or create a new one (see the picture below to create a YouTube playlist).

creating youtube music playlist

Use these steps for each song you want in your YouTube music playlist repeatedly. You can also use the same steps to create all kinds of YouTube music playlists.

How to make a playlist on YouTube

When you create some YouTube playlists, you can manage them by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right corner, then selecting the “Video Manager” link, and selecting “Playlist.” Select the playlist, and thereafter click the “Edit playlist” button.

You can customize the YouTube Music Playlist by moving your mouse over the video until you see the gray column on the left side of the checkbox. Click on the gray bar and drag the video you want.

While in editing mode, you can remove the video by selecting the checkbox next to the clip, clicking on the “Actions” drop-down button, and then “Delete video from the playlist”.

You can also set your playlists’ privacy settings when creating a playlist or in the YouTube Video Manager option. You can make your playlist public (anyone can see them), unlisted (only people with links can see it), or private (you and only 50 people you invite). Whenever you return to YouTube, you will find your playlist in the upper left corner with your name.

How to Find and Enjoy The Best YouTube Music Playlists

Creating YouTube playlists is easy. Finding a good YouTube mix playlist is not a big deal. A simple YouTube search sometimes yields good results if you say it’s a playlist of 1980s music. Another way is to browse YouTube’s music channels.

You’ll find official youtube music channels for artists like Justin Timberlake and Drake, and labels like Atlantic Records and Warner Music. There is also a channel for Rhino Entertainment, known for its revival of classic albums.

You’ll find playlists for its 101 favorite videos (including selections from Led Zeppelin and New Order), as well as a collection of classic videos from The Cars and ZZ Top.

Vevo, which distributes official music videos by major-label artists, has a channel with a variety of playlists, including top daily images and backstage hot new records.

Go to Vevo Channel, click on the video link, and then from the Upload drop-down menu, select Playlist. It also includes several style channels that have their own playlists.

YouTube has made it easy for you to search for music playlists of your choice. The YouTube Music Discovery Project features artists such as Bruno Mars, Eminem, and Miley Cyrus, including their twerk-infected “We Can’t Stop” video. If you say “Disco!” you can also record a song or an artist.

Click on the button, and over 100 related videos will automatically appear on the YouTube Music Playlist, from official videos to fan-made clips.

Unfortunately, you can’t search by genre or decade, so you have to find those kinds of videos yourself. Also, in the case of fan-generated content, you can watch videos selected for copyright infringement.

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What are your favorite music playlists on YouTube? Let us know in the comments section.

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