Yify Streaming Sites Best 6 Alternatives

Yify Streaming Sites Top 6 Alternatives

Yify Torrents, or Yify TV, is one of the most popular free movie streaming and downloads sites. It was launched in 2010 and it offers over 10,000 latest movies and TV shows with English subtitles.

It is among the largest streaming sites that stream the latest movies and shows, TV Shows, Web Series in high-quality formats (720p 1080p) at the smallest resolution for streaming films on the internet.

YIFY The official name comes from the founder of the website, Yiftach Swery. The website gained immense recognition for its high-quality HD movies in the smallest sizes, allowing its users to stream YIFY films with subtitles to allow greater access.

However, there are many other alternatives that you can use to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online for free.

Here are six best Yify streaming sites alternatives.

  • Soap2day
  • 123Movies
  • YTS.ag
  • MovieTube
  • PopcornTime iOS App
  • Popcorn Time Online


Soap2day is an internet-based platform that provides video streaming sites for users to enjoy movies and TV shows.

It is among the most efficient and largest online streaming websites, and viewers from all over the world can access this site. The site allows viewers to watch movies and TV shows from every genre.

Soap2day has three kinds of video quality, such as HD, CAM, and TS. The most appealing thing about this service is that it provides the lowest number of advertisements.

Additionally, it offers free services, which makes it stand out from the rest of them.


The 123Movies brand is another well-known name in the realm of free movie sites. The site doesn’t only offer films for viewers to stream online for free but also offers TV shows.

The 123Movies website, also known as GoMovies, is a network of online streaming sites that allow viewers to watch films for no cost.

There’s also a section on the site that lets you request films. The site became extremely popular and was closed at some point. But that did not deter the developers behind the site when they launched the site with an entirely new name.


YTS.ag is the only site to download YTS YIFY movies, also the official site of Yiffi the Torrent application, which allows you to download high-definition films in the smallest size.

This application on the web ensures you get the most effective videos and all the newest videos. It’s the easy and user-friendly interface that draws the most people.

The majority of the latest releases are available in content formats like 1080p, 720p, and Blu-ray. In the event of a lack of availability, like on the other most popular torrent websites, there is also an option to request you to make an order.

One thing that might be a hindrance is that it doesn’t include any links or seasons and is focused on the film. However, when you look back, YTS.ag makes it more authentic when compared with other platforms.

It’s free to use the platform. It is not required to sign up, but if you wish to receive an update of new content, it is necessary to join to verify your email address.

Diverse categories, daily updates, as well as content are available across various formats. A unique interface and speedy downloading are the main characteristics that make the site a great choice.


MovieTube is known as a website that lets users stream movies and TV series online for free. The website has an extensive list of films and TV shows.

In addition to being able to stream movies and TV shows on the website, of course, you can also access the news section to get an overview of the events on the entertainment scene.

In this situation, the entertainment area is dominated by movies and television shows.

PopcornTime iOS App

The PopcornTime iPhone app is a platform that allows users to stream free films and TV shows on the internet. The app is a premium alternative to subscription-based streaming services and comes with a BitTorrent client that works with a media player.

It has an automatic download that allows users to stream video from numerous torrent websites.

The software is always seeking out films and TV shows to offer its users. It also searches for the top torrents on various websites.

Furthermore, there is no limit to how many times users can watch any film, regardless of how many times they use an unbroken internet connection.

It also has a vast catalog that includes only the highest quality films and TV shows because the platform itself searches the internet to present its users with the top version.

It works simply by selecting the movie and choosing the quality as well as the subtitles, and the users are set.

The PopcornTime iOS app allows users to watch TV and films in high-resolution quality and with subtitles. The users do not need to wait for buffering or download the film. With a click, it will begin streaming.

To install the application on the iPhone, users need to initially install the iOS installer on their computer or laptop. Users must join their device to the computer, and follow the guidelines set out on the site.

The app is free of charge, and support for customers is accessible via the internet.

Popcorn Time Online

Watch no-cost HD TV and movies immediately on the internet. Popcorn Time Online is a web-based BitTorrent client with a built-in media player.

This application on the web offers streaming of videos that are free and subscription-based services similar to Netflix.

It offers a vast selection of HD content, which is regularly updated with fresh content. All the TV and movie shows that are available on these sites comprise numerous options, and each one includes a selection of titles that can be watched in high quality and with speedy browsing.

The main categories are Action, Love, Romance, War-based Comedy, Horror, and numerous others.

To take advantage of its services, you must visit the website, download torrents, look through your preferred content, and watch the videos you love without restriction.

A very exciting and fun feature of this app is that it has no limitations, allowing you to view any movie or TV show whenever you like.

Popcorn Time Online also includes basic features, such as the ability to download diverse quality content and a huge catalog of categories, no-cost TV and films regularly updated, recommendations, and much more.

All in all, Popcorn Time Online is one of the most effective BitTorrent clients when compared with other BitTorrent clients.

YIFY Proxy Sites

YIFY Proxy website and the domain that was previously used by YIFY Ag movies include:


Can you stream YIFY movies?

Yify has a vast collection of movies that can be accessed for free via torrent client. With its add-on, it is much more user-friendly. There is no requirement to download the content before viewing it. Simply install the addon and begin streaming.

Is Using Torrents Illegal in India?

No. None of them is “legit”. The actual YIFY was taken down in 2015. Torrents aren’t illegal, but sharing and downloading copies of content are. If you’re found guilty, a fine can be imposed or you could be imprisoned.

How do I download movies from Yifymovies?

YIFY Movie Downloads Tutorial

  1. Visit “yts.ge” after which search for and find the film you wish to download.
  2. Download YIFY movie torrents from YIFY movie websites.
  3. Once you have downloaded the YIFY movie torrent from the YIFY movies website, you can launch the torrent using your torrent program and save the film.

What does YIFY stand for?

YIFY was a wildly well-known film streaming website, but for several years, it was a mystery to users “YIFY” was unanswerable to users from all across the globe.

The site’s name is an abbreviation of its New Zealand founder’s name, Yiftach Swery. Swery was in the class of 2010 at the time he founded the streaming website in 2010.

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