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Windows 10 ISO File: 4 Super Simple Steps To Format Windows

windows 10 iso file download

Install Latest Window 10 | windows 10 iso File Download

If your system runs on Windows 10 and you probably want to switch to a new version, you can actually do so. You will need to download an iso file to load the new operating system.

All you need to know in other to install windows 10 will be explain here.

windows 10 iso file comes as a single file. ISO is a compressed file containing all windows installation files. The iso file can be burned to DVD or mounted on a USB drive to serves as a bootable drive.

You can run window 10 iso file directly by extracting the content of the single iso file. But this method won’t allow clean installation of the root drive C.

There are two versions of Windows ISO files. Consumer Windows 10 ISO file to include window 10 Home, Pro. The second version is the enterprise windows iso file. You can select the Windows 10 ISO download to suit your needs.

Windows 10 Iso File Download 2020 Update (Version 2004) Iso Files

If you want to install a new operating system (Windows 10), downloading Windows Media Creation Tool is advisable.

This tool automatically creates bootable media either USB or DVD. The Media Creation Tool works as a bootable USB builder and as a Windows 10 download tool. With this tool, you can reload or update your operating system.

Follow the Guides below:

Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from here.

windows 10 iso File Windows-10-Version-1803-Media-Creation
  • Accept the license agreement.
windows 10 iso File, Windows-10-Media-Creation-Tool-license-agreement
  • Choose your preferred installation device (DVD, USB flash drive, or ISO file).
  • The first option for upgraded PCs now only works as a Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. Select the language, version, and structure from the next screen

Select installation media, or if you do not have a USB flash drive or DVD, you can download the bootable ISO file.


For You>>>Windows Installation From USB Drive

Download Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft without media creation tools

This tool only works with system running Windows 7, 8, or 10. Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft If you are not running any of the operating systems above. Go to the Windows 10 download page and it will find that you are not running a compatible operating system.

From this page, you can choose which version of Windows 10 to download and you will be presented with 32-bit and 64-bit ISOs in your chosen language. Now you can copy window 10 iso file to a USB drive and using Power iso to create a bootable disk

Burn Windows 10 iso file to DVD

If you have an external write or maybe your system DVD writer is good, You can burn windows 10 iso file to DVD. Right-click on the ISO file and click Burn Disk Image. The Windows Disk Image Burner opens, asking you which drive you preferred to use.

After loading, start the burning process. When the burning completes, you can now reload your laptop with the bootable DVD you just created. You can use other software such as Nero to burn your ISO file, which is very easy to use.

When you insert the DVD to your DVD writer it should load automatically, if not change the boot sequence in the boot Menu. All keyboard shortcuts are not the same on every device.

For instance, on the HP system, tapping the F9 button before the system boot brings up the boot menu while F12 is the keyboard command on the Dell system. Sometimes your system would ask you before it starts.

Install Windows 10 directly from within ISO 7 or 8 / 8.1

If your system is running on window 8 or newer version, you can override the existing operating system. Double click it. Windows displays the ISO as a DVD drive.

To start installing Windows 10 iso file. Click Setup.exe to launch the installer. From here, you can leave your files and programs and choose to install Windows 10. After launching the setup the installation process begins, causing your system to reboot several times.

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