why my reels are not getting views
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Why my Reels are not getting views?

If you are wondering why your Reels are not getting views, there could be a few different reasons. You may not have engaged your audience enough, or you may not have made sure your Reels have an interesting concept or story. Additionally, you should make sure you have optimized your Reels with captions, hashtags, and tags.

What is a Reel?

A Reel is a short video format created by Instagram to help users quickly create, edit, and share short 15-second videos with their followers. The videos can contain music, text, special effects, and other content. Reels can be shared in both the Instagram Feed and the Instagram Explore page.

Reasons why my reels are not getting views

Poor Content Quality

  • Creating content that is low quality or not interesting
  • Including content that is not relevant to your target audience
  • Using visuals that are unappealing

Not Leveraging Reels’ Features

  • Not using the features available in the Reels editing tool such as effects, text, music, etc.
  • Not using the features available on the Instagram platform such as polls, hashtags, and questions

Not Utilizing Hashtags

  • Not using relevant hashtags that will help draw people to your Reel
  • Not using popular hashtags to increase your reach
  • Not using location tags to reach people in your area

Not Sharing Your Reels

  • Not sharing your Reel on other social media platforms
  • Not including a link to your Reel in your bio
  • Not creating a post or story to promote your Reel

Algorithm Changes on Social Media Platforms

  • Social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, often update their algorithms, which can affect the visibility and distribution of Reels content.
  • Algorithm changes may prioritize certain types of content, engagement patterns, or user behaviors, which can impact the reach and views of your Reels.
  • Staying updated with the platform’s algorithm changes and adapting your content strategy accordingly can be crucial to maintaining visibility and engagement on Reels.

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To-Do List

Optimizing Hashtags and Descriptions

As mentioned earlier, using hashtags and descriptions strategically is crucial in optimizing your Reels for search and discovery. Research and identify relevant and popular hashtags that are related to your content and audience.

Incorporate them in your Reels captions or comments to increase the visibility of your content. Additionally, use descriptive and engaging captions that provide context and encourage viewers to engage with your Reels.

Avoid using generic or unrelated hashtags, as they may not attract the right audience or may result in your content being overlooked.

Posting at the Right Time and Frequency

The timing and frequency of your Reels posting can also impact your views and engagement. Pay attention to your audience’s behavior and posting patterns on the platform.

Experiment with different posting times and frequencies to identify when your audience is most active and engaged.

Posting during peak times when your audience is most likely to be online can increase the visibility of your Reels and boost engagement.

However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid overposting, as it may lead to oversaturation and lower engagement.

Regularly monitor your Reels performance and adjust your posting schedule accordingly to optimize your content for maximum reach.

Collaborating with Others

Collaborating with other creators or influencers can also help in increasing your Reels views. Partnering with creators who have a similar audience or content niche can expose your Reels to a new audience and increase your reach.

Collaborations can take various forms, such as duets, duos, or featuring each other in Reels. It’s important to choose collaborations that align with your brand and content values to ensure authenticity and relevance.

Engaging with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial in building a loyal following and increasing your Reels views. Responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly can foster a sense of community and connection with your viewers.

Encourage interactions and conversations by asking questions, seeking opinions, or prompting viewers to share their thoughts in the comments. Reply to comments on your Reels and engage with your audience on other social media platforms as well.

This not only shows that you value your audience but also helps in boosting your content’s visibility through increased engagement.

Creating Engaging and High-Quality Content

The foundation of any successful Reels strategy is creating engaging and high-quality content. Your Reels should be visually appealing, creatively designed, and interesting to watch.

Consider incorporating storytelling, humor, or educational elements to capture the attention of viewers. Experiment with different formats, effects, and transitions to make your Reels stand out.

Additionally, paying attention to the video and audio quality, as well as using relevant and engaging captions, can help in elevating the overall quality of your Reels content and increasing its shareability.


Reels can be a great way to reach new audiences, engage with existing followers, and increase your visibility on Instagram.

However, in order to get the most out of Reels, you need to ensure that your content is high quality, leverage the features available to you, utilize relevant hashtags, and share your Reels across multiple platforms.

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