Why I became A Photographer

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Why I Became A Photographer.

At a particular wedding ceremony, a man asked me why I became a photographer. For fear of losing the man`s interest in me, I answered him boldly and briefly. After the man left I asked myself the same question, How and why did I become a photographer.

Now I look back to the time I wasn`t into photography¬†and all I could think of was my days at a higher institution, KWARA STATE POLYTECHNIC to be precise. I found out that I wasn’t that bad at taking pictures.

On several occasions, I shoot anything that amazes me with my phone. My course-mate love, my pictures, especially the girls, and always want to have my phone. When I finished schooling, I searched for a job to no avail.

Those who know me in higher institutions and my secondary school days will tell you how brilliant I am. There is no reason why I shouldn`t secure a job. To cut the story short and brief one day I received a call from an old friend back in school, we greeted each other.

So, after our long and funny chat, before he drops the call, he addressed me as OGA PHOTO because of my reputation in school( Meaning: Mr. PHOTOGRAPHER).

The name he called me before we end our chat inspired me so I decided to take photography as a profession so I purchased a Nikon camera (D50)

Trust me I wasn’t able to operate the camera perfectly, so I wasn’t able to snap a perfect picture. I call my brother who lives in Lagos. Told him I want to learn photography and asked him if he knows any professional photographer in Lagos because am planning to come to Lagos. And he said yes, I was very happy when I spoke with the photographer on phone.

Furthermore, he asked me if I have a camera and a laptop, I answered yes. He then asked me to come down to Lagos. I was so excited.

First Day At Work

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My first day at his office which is also my first time being in Lagos. I saw young and small boys do what have been dreaming of doing with my photos and video How they remove the background from a picture with different software’s

How nice graphics are being written with premiere pro and after-effects. After spending up to one month, My boss notices am a fast learner. The job I was giving as a rookie was to charge the battery at events.

How funny is that, but I endured. Now am happy, not only did I know how to shoot nice photo and videos. I can edit both perfectly because I learned from the best.


All I have learned and acquired so far, I will teach thousands of people on my blog.

  1. How you can set and operate different types of camera
  2. How you can shoot your picture and edit with different software
  3. How you can make and edit your video perfectly.
  4. The software engineering aspect of photography
  5. How to build photobook and bind
  6. Where and how to download software.
  7. How to use templates in after effects.
  8. And so much more, I still have to offer you.
  9. I will also teach you how you can format your system so you won`t have to always depend on an engineer.
  10. How you can recover lost files/ from memory cards and hard drives.

Try to follow me as I upload different articles that will help you on your journey to photography.

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