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Where is Robins AXE?: Robin lost her axe in Stardew Valley, south of Marnie’s ranch.. She recalls using her axe to clear some woods south of Marnie’s ranch. To complete this quest, you must find her axe and return it to her.

Finding Robins Lost Axe

Robin’s lost axe may be recovered in the woods below your farm area, south of Leah’s home. If you head straight down from your farm and into the woods, you can find her axe at the extreme bottom-right.

Where is Robins AXE? – Step By Step Guides

  • To begin, you must go to Marnie’s property (south of your farm in Stardew valley). You have two possibilities for getting there. You may continue the circle west after passing past Jodi’s hometown (Pelican Town). You may also go there straight from your farm home if you can pass your way through the vegetation to the south. Robins lost his axe at step one.
  • Continue walking south until you reach the water. When you reach water, turn south until you reach the bridge.
  • When you reach water, turn south until you reach the bridge. step 2 robins lost axe
  • Cross the bridge and go east. If you keep going east, you’ll come across a forest.
  • Continue traveling through the forest towards the east until you find a cliff.
  • After the ledge, go south.
  • Step 3: Robins misplaced his axe in Stardew Valley.
  • Continue south till you come to Robin’s lost axe.
  • Take the Axe and head to Carpenter’s shop. (The carpenter business is located north of Pelican Town.) Robin should be at the Carpenter’s shop. To complete the quest, give the Axe to Robin.

Finding and returning the Axe to Robin should complete the quest for Robin’s lost Axe. By opening the journal, you may earn Quest’s gift of 250 gold. How can I access the journal? Simply hit the letter “J” or click the (!) symbol. Please sign below Total gold amount if (and only if) the “J” key on your keyboard does not work.Is your journal open? To obtain 250 Gold and 1 Friendship Heart, click on the reward at the bottom of the “Robin’s Lost Axe” quest.

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Stardew Valley is a fantastic game in that it needs both talent and strategy from players. Stardew Valley is (kind of) realistic in that it helps us complete real-life quests faster. The game is really extremely enjoyable. This Robin’s Lost Axe quest is a lot of fun, and it symbolizes the whole game.

About Robin

Gus’s companion villager in Stardew Valley is Robin. She lives on THE MOUNTAIN at 24 Mountain Road. She is married and lives with her husband Demetrius and their two children. Her daughter’s name is Maru, and her son’s name is Sebastian.

Robins maintains her own carpentry business and is the town’s single carpenter. She works in her carpenter shop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day (excluding Tuesday and portion of Friday).

Robin distributes presents by mail on a regular basis. If your friendship level with Robin is more than zero, she may send you a gift by mail. To boost your chances of receiving a present from Robin, be a better friend and boost your friendship level with him. In addition, she sometimes gives out free recipes, such as Pumpkin soup.

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Robins Quest

  1. Robin’s Lost Axe quest: On the 11th of spring, Robin will send you a letter. She’ll say that she misplaced her axe while chopping wood and can’t find it anywhere. She will offer a 250 gold reward to anybody who assists her in locating the axe. Upon completion of this Robin’s Lost Axe quest, the player earns 250 Gold and 1 friendship heart.
  2. On the 21st of January, Robin will send you a letter. She will ask you to bring her ten hardwood pieces. Upon completion of this quest, you will earn 500 gold and 1 friendship heart.
  3. Keep an eye out for the Help Wanted sign outside Pierre’s General Store. On the Help Wanted board, your friend Robin wants Store or Wood at random. You will be rewarded with 8x the item’s basic value and 150 friendship points.

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