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What is Viewfinder? – Digital Photography

One of the most ignored and underestimated things on your DSLR camera is the lens viewfinder.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The viewfinder is a small square that sits above your camera. You knew little about this amazing feature of your DSLR camera. In any case, it is your worldview and the source of your creativity. What you see in the viewfinder is the image—and memory—that you will bring home with you.

Glancing through the viewfinder helps you steady the camera better. Moreover, when using the viewfinder, your chance of taking a sharp image increases.

There are two types of viewfinders, optical and electronic, that are utilized to frame a scene. They have different uses as well.

You should know that DSLRs have an optical TTL (through the lens of the camera) viewfinder. which enables you to glance through the lens and see exactly what the lens projects onto the sensor.

On most compact cameras, the viewfinder is parallel to the lens, so what you see is not exactly the same as what the lens projects onto the sensor.

Optical viewfinders don’t consume camera power. Electronic or advanced viewfinders are normally the LCD (liquid crystal display) screen on the back of the DSLR.

The LCD screen can be used to playback photographs or video clips. Furthermore, it shows the camera’s menus, functions, and features. Some digital minimal cameras have an LCD that can be removed or flipped to suit a different shooting position.

That being said, when there is a bright sun outside and you can’t see the picture on the LCD, It’s the optical viewfinder that would solve the problem.

Some photographers believe that viewfinders on digital cameras are unnecessary, and they have a point because the quality of LCD screens has improved dramatically over the years. Others believe that having a small viewfinder, even if it isn’t very good, is essential when you really need it. For example, shooting in the hot sun or steadying the camera while zooming

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