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What is Video Editing?

Video Editing is a process of manipulating or arrangements of video shot with video editing software. Gone are those days when movies are being edited on film. The use of a razor blade to cut the film is a thing of the past. Both editing and color grading is done with advanced software. There is a saying that Production isn’t complete without good editing.

How Advanced is Video Editing?

Editing video now, is not just all about arranging or merging clips together. Video editing now has different Branch, EDITING, ANIMATION, COLOR GRADING. These are the three main categories of editing which now have different subcategories today.

Where can I Learn Editing?

Let’s Start with this question, CAN I BE SUCCESSFUL AS A VIDEO EDITOR? Yes, you can. The next question that follows, I guess you already know. HOW? To be successful in life you need serious hard work and dedication, else you are going nowhere. The fact that you know how to edit video is not enough. But serious dedication and upgrading yourself. So now, about where you can learn editing, let’s start from HERE.

Animation, Color Grading and Video Editing Softwares

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Final cut Pro
  3. Adobe After Effects
  4. Davinci Resolve
  5. Color Finale
  6. Edius
  7. Cinema4D
  8. Corel Video Studio
  9. Power Director
  10. Window Movie Maker, etc.

Who is a Professional Video Editor?

An Editor that knows all these three aspects is what I called a professional video editor. From Editing to grading, all must be perfect. He or she must have wide knowledge in the ANIMATION field like Cinema4D. Not all editor are professional I must confess. A professional Editor I would say is another software, that can relate all this software together as one.

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