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WeTransfer Alternative – How To Send Large Files

WeTransfer is one of the most widely used file-sharing services in the world. It provides basic services for free. The best feature of this file transfer tool is that it allows free users to send files of any size on the premium account

WeTransfer has become a popular cloud storage service, giving users the ability to upload and share files for free and access a lot without having to register an account.

However, the disadvantage of WeTransfer is that sometimes the files are lost or not downloaded properly, especially video files.

However, there are alternative ways to share large files, especially the option of using file transfer software or making sure you are sharing files securely.

This list includes commercial (paid) as well as open-source (free) software.

Top 5 WeTransfer Alternatives in 2020

  1. Smash
  2. Google Drive
  3. Send Anywhere
  4. Dropbox
  5. Filemail

1. Smash – If you have large files specifically to send, Smash is a large file transfer sharing service for you. Exploring is not only free, but there is also no limit to the size of the files.

Unlike WeTransfer with a 2GB size limit for free users, Smash offers unrestricted file transfer, which is just insane. Smash also claims to handle files up to 350GB.

WeTransfer Alternative - Smash

Whether the files are password protected or not, you can choose how long the files will be available and change the look of the page recipients when they access the files.

Apart from this, you also get password-protection and file preview under Smash’s free-range, which is very good.

2. Google Drive – Google Drive is the obvious choice for most users looking for a Wetransfer alternative.

WeTransfer Alternative - Google drive

While you may need to sign in with your Google Account, I think you’re worth getting a lot of security features for free.

If you stick to a free account, you will be given 15GB of storage as standard, but you can upgrade it from 100GB by paying a monthly or annual fee with the option of a generous offer.

If you want to share the download link, you can also customize who can view, edit, or comment on the files. Generally, you get all the premium features of WeTransfer in Google Drive at no charge.

3. Send Anywhere is Another popular file transfer service to easily transfer files online. It is one of the best vet transfer options as it has a large number of options.

WeTransfer Alternative - Send Anywhere

Under the free account, you can easily send files using the input key. This is called the direct method, where you upload the file and get the 6 digit key.

Now, enter the input key at the recipient end and there you have it. Very easy! If you want to send the file email or share link, you need to sign up for their account. For the size limit, you can send files up to 10GB under a free account, this is amazing.

Some important features like password-protected links, download count, and stored file expiration time are only available under the premium plan.

Having said that, some of the additional features like password-protected links, download count, and expiration days are only available under the paid plan. 

For security reasons, Send Anywhere mentions that files are encrypted during sharing and at rest. However, this does not explain the protocol or encryption method. To put it bluntly, send anywhere is a convenient tool for sending files over the Internet and if you choose its premium plan, an alternative to Wetransfer.

4. Dropbox – One of the most popular cloud storage services, Dropbox is an effective alternative to WeTransfer.

Dropbox - WeTransfer Alternative

Like other similar services, it also comes with a number of packages, the free-range giving you 2GB of storage space – it can be upgraded to 2TB or 3TB with Plus and Premium packages.

You can get notification when your transfer is downloaded and check the number of file views. However, keep in mind that the upload process is not as straightforward as WeTransfer. You need to create a Dropbox account to be able to send the file, but recipients can download the file without logging in.

In the case of shared folders, you can specify whether the people you shared can edit or view the content. They can also leave comments and you can choose whether or not to allow them to add files to their own Dropbox accounts.

5. Filemail a payment based service for sending large files online. unlike Wentransfer, which offers a free-range.


The Pro plan starts at $5 per month and offers 100GB of storage with 30 days of file retention.

As this service is useful for most businesses, security is on top and brings some sophisticated features. You can password-protect your files and enable 2-factor authentication. Additionally, you can track sent and received files with the download meter and check who viewed your files.

Also. You can customize the background page and add other visual elements to promote your brand on the download page.

The great thing about Filemail is that you can integrate it with services like Zapier and other web automation platforms. For security, the file refers to the AES-256 key encryption for files and transmissions stored between the mail server and the client. In fact, the defense industry-standard and weight transfer are similar.

In conclusion, Filemail is not the best file-sharing solution for individuals, but if you are running a business, Filemail will meet your expectations.

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Enjoy the top 5 WeTransfer alternative

Those are the very best Wetransfer alternative we are sure about. We’ve decided to include services that provide quick file sharing without signing in to the account. However, there are only a few of them and you need to create an account if you need a larger size limit.

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