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Wedding Photography – Tips For Beginners

Today I’m going to be sharing some amazing tips on wedding photography you can use to achieve your goal and move to the next level.

Though the title of this article might give you the impression that this write-up is meant for beginners, it is for every wedding photographer out there. Do you know the reason why you can’t meet some standards? I assume the answer is capital NO.

Wedding photography is fun and different from most categories of photography. When you make a mistake, sure, you can’t ask the couple to do their wedding again. It might be fun, but there is no room for error.

Why not use the fun aspect of wedding photography to your own advantage? The tips below will show you how.

Wedding Photography Tips

1. Don’t shoot a wedding alone

A professional photographer doesn’t shoot alone; learn to hire someone as good as you or even better. We can’t always think the same way or have the same shot.

The more you work with a professional you hire, the more experience you acquire in the process. And you can’t shoot the couple alone during makeup. Your partner should be with either the bride or groom.

2. Make plans ahead before the wedding

Wedding photography is fun. If you don’t prepare ahead of time, the fun may turn to stress. Visit the venue before the wedding day. Doing this will give you more room to be creative because you will have already understood the lighting of the venue.

It will also help you shoot the decorations conveniently without the hall or venue being crowded. Your battery should be fully charged. All equipment should be doubled in case you have an issue you can always switch to another.

3. Discuss your plan with the couple

If you are the type that lacks good communication skills, photography isn’t for you. Communicating with the couple is important.

Let the couple feel how creative you are, and share your plan with them. Make most of your shoot look like a stage play. You can only achieve this by communicating with the couple.

4. Shoot from a different angle

I love a creative mind. Your creativity should not come from what you see but from how you think. Sometimes changing your position to a different place can boost your creativity.

Don’t just snap; shoot from different perspectives: up, down, and wide. Introduce something different to your style of shooting.

5. Be in charge.

Probably you are not the only photographer at the event, This is one of the major challenges photographers face, most especially at a wedding ceremony. If you encounter lots of photographers, there will be a lot of competition.

They’re all fighting for a different position to shoot. I have one rule or principle: “Never lose your special moment shot in wedding photography.”

If you can’t deal with people or objects in your shot, you’re going to have a problem with your results at the end of the day.

6. Have fun, Don’t be left out

A wedding is fun to photograph because of the food, dancing, and romantic moments between the couple. Learn to have fun with your camera and be creative.

Also, enjoy the food. Have fun with the guests and with lots of people at the event. This will allow you to take nice pictures of them and probably get you more connections.

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