10 Best VLC Skins Are Highly Recommended and Also Free

Best VLC Skins – VLC Skins Free Download 

VLC is a media player that has been in use for a number of years. It is among the most well-known players available and has had a plethora of skins developed to enhance it throughout the years.

We’ll look through some of our most-loved skins, as well as ones that are free to download on VLC’s website. This will allow you to find the perfect skin for your needs!

10 Best VLC Skins

1. MinimalX

Another minimal skin is available from a different developer, which offers the same minimalistic style. This MinimalX VLC skin is stunning with its minimalist user interface.

The skin is generally available in dark shades, but you’ll be able to change the accent colors to pink, blue, and green.

Download MinimalX

2. Alienware Darkstar

Alienware Darkstar is a highly popular VLC player skin. It has received extremely positive reviews from users, and its futuristic, dark design is sure to connect with sci-fi lovers who use the VLC video player.

Visit Website

3. Skyfire

If you’re looking for the top VLC skins, Skyfire takes the lead spot due to its numerous features. Its design is flat with a few but essential features, such as the ability to change volume as well as Stop and Play. Previous and Next, length measuring, etc.

These options are in the main interface, and I’m certain you’ll be lost trying to locate them along with other features. In my case, I struggled as well, but discovered it after I stumbled across it for a few minutes. Click anywhere on the screen and you’ll be able to look through options for settings and other options within the Skyfire Skin for VLC.

It’s a non-official VLC skin, which is available online for free. If you want to download the skin, use the link below.

Download SkyFire

4. VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite)

If you’re a fan of OS X or Apple computer software, then this skin is your top choice. The VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite) is my personal favorite skin to date, and believe me when I say that it adds five ratings to your VLC Media Player.

The theme features OS X Yosemite style and is included, which sets it apart from the countless other VLC skins. As of now, it is rated at an impressive 158 stars on DeviantArt’s website. The DeviantArt website received plenty of favorable feedback from its users.

I strongly recommend you check out this VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite) via the link below. You are sure to like it.

Download VLC Theme OS X Yosemite

5. Transformers

This skin is ideal for those who love the Transformers characters as well as the movie itself. The Transformers skin isn’t official, but it’s an excellent skin that has received high ratings from VLC Media Player users.

The design and style are modern and sleek. Everything is sharp and shiny like crystal. The Transformers are tested well using the most recent VLC Media Player version, and they work flawlessly using both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Use the following URL to download and install the Transformers skin, then install it in the same way as you would install other skins on VLC Media Player and play around with it.

Download Transformers Skin

6. eDark

EDark is an excellent skin for watching movies both at night and during the daytime in less light. The best thing about it is that every video is auto-configured to fullscreen without a single edge because eDark is a widescreen skin.

Additionally, the skin has been tested thoroughly with both Windows and Linux editions of the operating systems. However, there is one disadvantage; on Windows, there are zero drop shadows.

It’s, by all accounts, the best VLC skin for watching films and listening to music. Utilize this download link to get this skin.

Download eDark Skin


The minimal VLC media player skin is fully open source and the developer has urged contributors to port the code source and add additional features of their choice.

The skin doesn’t pack lots of features into one; it’s just a simple video player. The stunning theme for the video player was inspired by YouTube.

Visit Website

8. Glow Part 2.

Review Glow Part 2 Glow Part 2 is undoubtedly one of the best skins featured in this collection and is a definite favorite with VLC users.

Visit Website

9. Super Black

Review: Like the black color? If so, then the VLC skin you need is this one. Use this skin to make your VLC player black.

Visit Website

10. SilentVLC

SilentVLC offers a sophisticated appearance thanks to its minimalist black theme. The theme is able to support window resizing when opening other features within the VLC skin.

Visit Website

What you need to do to set up VLC Skins for Windows

Step 1. Download the VLC skin file from VLC’s skin library. You will also find a number of VLC skins to look through.

Step 2: Save the downloaded file to your computer.

  • C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCskins folder(Windows)
  • ~/.local/share/vlc/skins2 folder(Linux)
  • Skins will not work with Mac OS X!

Step 3: Start VLC Media Player and navigate to the “Preferences” option in the Tools menu.

Step 4 Next, go into the Interface tab, then choose the Use Custom Skin option.

Step 5: The skin folder option for locating your desired skin should now appear; click Choose, and then the file you copied to the C: Program FilesVideoLANVLCskins folder.

Step 6: Finally, close VLC Media Player by clicking the Save button.

If you now open VLC, it will display the style of the skin you’ve selected. By following the above straightforward and straightforward procedure, you will be able to customize the appearance of VLC Media Player precisely the way you prefer.

The Best Websites to download VLC Media Player Skins

VLC officially offers a variety of skins and skins available for VLC Media Player on the official website: VideoLAN. In addition to the official website, several independent developers have also created skins for the VLC Media Player.

The skins are available on a few websites for no cost. Here’s a list of websites that offer the skins of VLC Media Player for free:

1. VideoLAN

VideoLAN is the official site for VLC Media Player, and there you can search for all the official skins and download them for no cost. Since it’s the official website, you can trust it completely and don’t have to be concerned about trojans or viruses on skin files.

All skins that are available on VideoLAN are virus-free, and they test their website each month to keep an uninfected VLC skin database.

The best part about VideoLAN is that it allows you to download all the officially licensed skins for VLC Media Player at once in a zip-like format. This means that you don’t have to go through and download each skin one at a time.

2. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a well-known website that offers a wide range of skins that are free to download. A majority of independent developers who have designed skins specifically for VLC Media Player have uploaded skins to DeviantArt.

It’s an unofficial site, but it’s a reliable one since the majority of the professional VLC users recommend downloading skins for VLC Media Player from DeviantArt instead of any other website.

On DeviantArt, there are skins for every category of VLC player, including official and unofficial skins for VLC Media Player.Also, I would recommend everyone visit the DeviantArt website to find VLC Skin.

3. KDE Store

The KDE Store has a wide selection of different skins for VLC Media Player with a direct download link. It is easy to go to the site, look around the options, and then download them according to your preferences and needs.

These are the four websites you can go to search for different VLC Media Player skins. Each of these websites has an entire new section for VLC skins.

Simply visit each and look through the VLC skins. Let me help you select one of the best VLC skins by showing you the most well-known ones that remain the most popular among users.

4. Jaleco

Jaleco is a different unofficial website that offers free skins for VLC Media Player, which includes many of the best VLC skins. You must download and install the package, and then you’ll be able to browse through tons of skins available for VLC Media Player.

You can select any skin you like , and install it on your PC. With one program, you are able to download all the skins available for the VLC Media Player skin on your computer.


We’ve provided several VLC skins that you can explore and test, along with how to install them. It is crucial to select a tested skin before you test it out; you don’t want your video player to crash every time you attempt to play a movie.

If you detect any bugs, please notify the developers so that they can enhance the skin using your suggestions in the next version. Every skin supports and provides various functions. However, not all skins have all the features you would imagine from the video player.

Find one that fits your needs and you’ll be in good shape. We would love to hear from you in the comments section of your top VLC skins.

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