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Introduction To Premiere Pro: Video Editing.

Video Editing timeline

Have you been searching online for an introduction to premiere pro, You have searched online only to find out VIDEO EDITING TUTORIAL is not free. Search no more, If you are reading this article you are in the right place. I will teach you all you need to know to become a professional video editor.

To be a professional video editor, You must learn various editing software such as ADOBE PREMIERE PRO and all ADOBE VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE. But if you want to learn ANIMATION, 3Dmax and 4D are the real deal. Before the introduction to premiere pro, I want you to know learning premiere pro is a step by step process. To be a professional in this profession is not easy because video editing is very wide.

But trust me with a proper tutorial from my article, you are on the right track. You might be new in this photography field, It is not how far, but what you know with the time you’ve spent learning photography so far.

My advice to you before we get started is, always ask questions. Anything you don’t understand from my article I will be glad to help you out. Before the introduction to premiere pro.

These are what you need to get started.

  1. Personal Computer (PC)
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Adobe After Effects
  4. ProShow Gold
  5. PluralEyes
  6. 3DMax
  7. Cinema 4D

Furthermore, you can’t just use any system or laptop for video editing. The graphics card should be high enough to edit video. If you are using a window system, I will advise you to get Corei5 or Corei7. Format the system type to 64-bit Operating System, Adobe Premiere Pro won’t install on a 32-bit Operating System.

In my article, I will assume you know nothing about premiere pro. I will take you through the step by step tutorial, you will also find youtube tutorial for every single article on my youtube channel (NAIJA PHOTOVIBES)

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