UGA eLC: How to Log into eLC at University of Georgia 2021

UGA eLC: Your Resource for Online Learning

University of Georgia Online Learning

The University of Georgia has a new online learning management system, UGA eLC. UGA eLC is a course management system designed to help educators create online courses and foster student engagement.

It is also sometimes referred to as UNG D2L (the company responsible for eLC) or Brightspace (what D2L calls their product).

UGA eLC offers a variety of features, including a classroom, assignments, forums, wikis, and chat. There are also many other features that make UGA eLC a powerful tool for educators.

Sometimes it is also called D2L (the company that provides eLC) and Brightspace (what D2L calls the product).

eLC can be thought of as a huge repository that stores and tracks information about coursework.

Anyone can login to eLC with a valid UGA MyID password and log in using a computer or a mobile device.

To log into elc at uga,

  1. Please visit
  2. Click on “UGA MyID Login”.
  3. Enter your username on the log-in page.
  4. Next, enter your password.
  5. To sign in, click the Login button

Log in using your MyID and password. Make note it is important to note that your URL changes to This address shows that eLC, the UGA instance of Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide within the University System of Georgia, is located at

uga elc login page

Check out Important Dates and Deadlines on the UGA Academic Calendar.

My Home page displays the Mini Bar, Navigation Bar, and Widgets, which are all standard for UGA users.

UGA Single Sign On, or UGA SSO is the single-sign authentication system used by most campus applications.

UGA SSO offers improved authentication connections, greater security, and the ability to use two-factor authentication for web applications.

eLC is a FERPA-protected platform that allows UGA (Athena) courses to host classroom content and activities in a digital learning space.

You can use UGA eLC, for example, to share and store documents, execute quizzes and engage students in an online discussion, provide audio and video resources, and deliver course announcements.

It’s highly customizable, allowing instructors to customize course content and experiences.

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How do I find courses on uga eLC

Your uga eLC Homepage should display courses in which you are enrolled. These courses can be “pinned” to your course listing, so they appear on your Homepage and in the Menu of Courses.

Click the Waffle Icon at the top of your screen to view your current and most recent courses. The pinned courses will be first, followed by the most recent.

Click on View All Courses to see all courses. A search bar will be displayed.

Students who receive an “Error: Not Authorized” message when attempting to access their eLC email should first check to see if they have a quiz in progress. Click the envelope at the top.

You may receive a message indicating that you have a quiz due to be completed. If this happens, go back to the quiz and verify that it was submitted after it has been completed. Emails cannot be sent during a quiz via eLC.

If you cannot access the quiz after it has closed, please contact your instructor. You can contact EITS or D2L to report that you have not taken a quiz.

When items are added to UGA eLC, students can receive email and/or SMS messages.

Notifications that are common include announcements from instructors on the course homepage, approaching due dates for assignments, and postings to the discussion board.

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the UGA eLC homepage and click on Notifications.


How do I access my UGA email?

Your UGA email can be accessed via your UGA Mobile App on the web. To connect to your email account, sign in using an email account and an email password. If you’re off-campus You will need to sign in using ArchPass operated by Duo.

How do I set up my UGA email?

To create UGA email, ensure that you’re visiting the right URL. For example, the correct URL of UGA can be found at After clicking on the UGAMail icon you will be directed to Microsoft’s Office login page. When you are on the log-in page be sure that you input the entire URL of the UGAMail email to establish an account with your UGA email.

How do I check my grades at UGA?

The Course Gradebooks are available for every student. Course Gradebooks are accessible on the Course Homepage. If you see an option for navigating to the Course Navigation Bar on another page, simply click on the word Grades in the Navigation Bar for Courses to see your grades on UGA.

Is Microsoft Office free at UGA?

Students who meet the eligibility requirements can be provided with Microsoft Office 365 software for their laptops at home.

How do I download Microsoft Office Uga?

Download the Microsoft Office software through your online UGAMail account. You can install the software for as many devices.

E-Learning Commons (ELC) – UGA Center For Teaching


E-Learning Commons (ELC) The Learning Management System At UGA Is Called ELearning Commons, Or Simply ELC, And Is Powered By Brightspace By D2L, Version 10.6. ELC Is Jointly Supported By The Center For Teaching And Learning (CTL) And Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS).

UGA Administration Discusses Self-Isolation, Economic impacts…


UGA’s Enterprise Information Technology Services Held Up Well During The Spring Pivot To Online Instruction, Shrivastav Said, And UGA Has Made Updates To ELC Since March.

MyUGA: Welcome

To log in to eLC, Athena, and Employee Services, you will need ArchPass, UGA’s two-step login solution. Please note: The University of Georgia subscription to Gartner content and …

Login – UGA SSO – Central Authentication Service

UGA Single Sign-On Service. U sername:. Password:

University of Georgia Online Learning

UGA Login. My Media; My Playlists; My History; Login; Clear Search. Home; 1,519. 03:54. How to Use eLC Portal. Watch ‹ › Watch. MediaSpace™ video portal by Kaltura User …

My UGA – University Of Georgia


To Log In To ELC, Athena And Employee Services, You Will Need ArchPass, UGA’s Two-Step Login Solution. Please Note: The University Of Georgia Subscription To Gartner Content And Services Is No Longer Available.

UGA Online | Online Degrees, Certificates, And Courses …


As A University Of Georgia Graduate, You Earn A Degree From A Top Public Research University. UGA Is Raising The Bar For Online Learning, Offering A Growing Number Of Top-Ranked Online Graduate Degrees, Certificates And Undergraduate Programs Taught By Some Of The Brightest Minds In Their Fields.

UGAMail & Office 365 | Enterprise Information Technology …

Annual State of IT. Dr. Timothy M. Chester will give his UGA State of IT address on November 17 at the Miller Learning Center. Topics in the presentation include details on the IT Strategic Plan, technology trends and initiatives at the university, and TechQual+ survey results of UGA students, faculty and staff.

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Technology Tools For Social Distancing. We’ve Compiled A List Of Services To Assist Students, Faculty And Staff In Teaching, Learning, And Working While Practicing Good Social Distancing, Including Zoom, ELC, The UGA Mobile App, DawgCheck, UGA‘s COVID-19 Symptom Reporting Tool, And More!Visit Our Business Continuity Page Here.

University of Georgia Online Learning

UGA Login. My Media; My Playlists; My History; Login; Clear Search. Home; 1,519. 03:54. How to Use eLC Portal. Watch ‹ › Watch. MediaSpace™ video portal by Kaltura User …

Service – eLC Support Requests – TeamDynamix

If you can access other UGA services, but not eLC, submit a support request on … a UGA MyID and you forgot your password, you can use the Non-MyID Login …

SCT WWW Information System – University Of Georgia


Login To Athena Login With Your MyID And Password To View Your Information. Office Of Student Financial Aid Visit The Financial Aid Website. Class Schedule

Welcome UGA – University Of Georgia


The University Of Georgia Is The Place Where Students, Faculty And Staff Are Committed To Excellence In Teaching, Research And Service. UGA Is The Place Where Everything You Do Matters; Where You Can Believe, Take Chances, And Tackle Your Highest Goals.

Login – University of Georgia – University System of Georgia

eLearning Commons (eLC) is the online learning management system for the University of Georgia. Using a mobile device? Try eLC on the Brightspace Pulse mobile app for Apple or Android !

Login – University Of Georgia


ELearning Commons (ELC) Is The Online Learning Management System For The University Of Georgia. Using A Mobile Device? Try ELC On The Brightspace Pulse Mobile App For Apple Or Android! Visit This Tutorial On Navigating Brightspace Pulse For More Information.



ELearning Commons (ELC) Is The Online Learning Management System For The University Of Georgia And Is Jointly Managed By The Center For Teaching And Learning (CTL) And Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS). Login Problems. If Your Username Is NOT A UGA MyID And You Forgot Your Password, You Can Receive A New Password Via Email.

University of Georgia Portal

The UGA portal is a single web location or address that provides access to the web-based services and information most important to you.

University Of Georgia: Birthplace Of Public Higher …


Chartered In 1785, The University Of Georgia Is One Of The Top Public Research Universities In The USA. We Are Leaders And World-Class Researchers; Our Ideas Change Lives.

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Technical Assistance With ELearning Commons (ELC) Is Available Via The Following Resources: Students. Submit A Ticket; Contact The EITS Help Desk At 706-542-3106 During Operating Hours. When The EITS Help Desk Is Closed, Contact The University System Of Georgia (USG) D2L Help Desk. Faculty & Staff. Submit A Ticket; Contact The EITS Help Desk At 706-542-3106 During Operating Hours. When The …

Collaborate Ultra – UGA Center For Teaching And Learning


Accessing Collaborate Ultra In ELC . Navigate To Your Course In ELC. If You Are Using The Course Default Navigation Bar, You Will See A Link For Collaborate Ultra In The Tools Dropdown Menu. If You Have Customized Your Course Navigation Bar, You Will Need To Add The Link To Collaborate Ultra To Your Course Navigation. 1. Click Edit Course, And Click Navigation And Themes. 2. To Customize Any …

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