How to Improve Your Tinder Profile Pic to Get More Matches 2021

How to Improve Your Tinder Profile Pic – Tinder dating app

Taking and then carefully picking the “correct” Tinder profile pic is by far the most critical aspect of better performance on Tinder.

This guide will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to choose the best Tinder photos. It is an excerpt from one of the chapters in our Online Dating Blueprint, which contains ten extremely informative chapters and more than a dozen bonus chapters to help you get the most out of your online dating experience.

In addition, the Tinder photo tips in this article apply to all other Online Dating Apps and Sites. As a result, you can use these to get the latest Bumble images, Hinge pictures, or other apps.

Three Principles of Good Tinder Profile Pic

1. Looks Natural & Not Posed

One of the most significant aspects is how “normal” this picture appears. The earlier it seems that you did not take (or have taken) the photo on purpose, the better.

You want it to seem as if you were just going about your business when someone walked up behind you with a camera and snapped a photo of you being you. It’s a bit of a catch-22 because you want the photo to be high quality and you to look fine, but you still want it to sound like it “just happened.”

However, if you take enough images, you might be able to find a couple that is similar to this. Examine the contrast between the two images below.

Both were shot with the same camera at the same photoshoot. The one on the right, on the other hand, is even more natural:

2. You Look Good

The photo should show the most appealing version of you. This assumes you don’t have a strange facial expression, bad appearance, a bad wardrobe, bad grooming, and so forth.

It also implies that you are the focal point of the image and are easily identifiable. Take a look at these two photos of me that were taken within minutes of each other (with same equipment).

On the left, I seem scrounged and with bad body language. My eyes are half-open and I’m looking down, giving me the appearance of being shy and sad. Compare it to the one on the top. I seem to be attractive, optimistic, and intense.

3. High Quality 

The image itself should be of good quality. This means it isn’t grainy or pixelated. You should ideally have a high-quality DSLR camera and decent lighting.

Have a look at the contrast between the two images below. One was shot with a standard phone camera with little regard for illumination. The other was taken with a high-quality DSLR camera in ideal lighting:

Creating a Successful Tinder Profile pic

Now that you know what makes a good picture in general, let’s look at how it all fits together in an image. You need at least four images. Ideally, no more than five or six. Don’t feel obligated to occupy any available spot.

After the fourth picture, just add more if they are neutral or better than what you already have. A single poor image will have a huge impact on the performance. Furthermore, you want to get as many natural-looking photos as possible.

If you only have one photo that seems to be staged, such as a headshot or a shirtless selfie, that is appropriate. However, if any of your photos are staged, the girls’ view of your SMV would suffer greatly.

The first photo should be JUST OF YOU; it may be an action photo, but no other people should be in it. Your face and, preferably, a portion of your body should be plainly visible. Display that you are not obese whether you are slim or decent. If you are overweight or very thin, make sure it is as attractive as possible.

The second photo should also be Only OF YOU, with your face clearly visible. However, it can be written in a different format to the first.

If the first one is just a headshot, this one should have a view of the body or an operation. If the first one contained your whole body, so this one could be zoomed in on your face, and so on.

Rest of the images: There can be activity photos, group pics, or just cool photos in general. You want to demonstrate that you are a regular and valuable person. Jet skiing, skydiving, relaxing on a cruise with some ladies, riding a motorcycle, working out, or even just walking down the street in a suit or comfortable outfit are some ideas.

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Let’s look at some good profiles and notice how they all follow the same pattern:

Common Errors (DON’TS) Tinder Profile Pic

Here are several other famous Tinder picture errors that the vast majority of men make. Any of them can be apparent or boring, but I want to be certain that you are not one of them.

  • If you don’t look amazing, don’t go shirtless – Shirtless pics aren’t for everybody. In reality, they are just for the small percentage of men who have a six-pack and look good without a shirt.
  • Don’t use a picture of you and another girl – A lot of girls would think she’s your girlfriend and swipes left. The only difference is if it seems to be at a function where it is clear that she is not your partner.
  • Don’t use several photos of the same shirt – This is another little thing that most girls would notice. If you have two fantastic photos of yourself wearing the same dress, don’t place them next to each other.
  • Don’t share pictures of yourself in a bar of intoxicated girls – Girls are brilliant at reading into a picture’s vibe, and this would be evident. It is preferable to take pictures of girls during the day if you want to demonstrate your range. Pay close attention to the vibe when taking club photos. Even if the girls are in your social circle, how does the photo portray them?
  • Don’t use pics you took with your child – You don’t want the girl to find out straight away that you’re a single parent. It will cost you many matches.
  • “Messy backgrounds are unattractive.” “You’ll quickly lose people’s attention,” Nelson warns. Choose a colorful, simplistic backdrop or something that tells something about you instead. “Its sole purpose is to highlight you.” Grosso continues, “have a tidy picture, no distractions, and weird things.”
  • Avoid selfies – Unless it’s a high-quality photo of you doing something cool, such as skydiving or flying, avoid selfies. It can also be acceptable if the image is of a high-quality body/six-pack. However, it is preferable to make someone else take it. Or if it’s anything like an “accidental” beach shot, etc. that shows off your amazing body.

Even if you look amazing in them, don’t use old photos: “Have you considered using a snapshot from five years ago when you had significantly more hair or were almost two stone lighter? “It’s best to make it a swerve,” Nelson advises. “No one needs to be duped by their date before they’ve even sat down and had a drink!”

  • Don’t use images with unattractive women – It may sound cruel, but it is true. Unless the girls in your community photos are 7 or older, you should avoid sharing them.
  • Avoid using group shots: The only absolutely universal solution is to avoid hiding in a crowd. You’re squandering a precious photograph.

“Everyone has them – so you won’t stand out – they’re normally poor quality and, most importantly, you’re making women work to spot you in the shot,” says Saskia Nelson, Hey Saturday’s head of artistic. “On top of it, you’re now bringing your mates into the mix.

They may be more drawn to one of your friends, or they may say they don’t like the way they look. Neither of those choices will get you a date.”

According to professional photographer Charlie Grosso, you can never have more than four people in a photograph. “This isn’t a police station. A potential date should not have to try too hard to determine which one they are.”

In conclusion

Use photographs that are of high quality, seem realistic, and better reflect you for your Tinder profile pic. This includes the clothing, hair, and body language, all of which exude respect.

Avoid the most common Tinder errors made by men and refer to the general formula that has previously been shown to function for good profiles.

Send it to at least four or five girls that suit your target audience (in terms of age, appearance, and sluttiness level) and solicit input.

If you don’t have the requisite photos, hire a skilled photographer. If you can’t buy one of those, ask a friend who has a decent camera and a good eye to hook you up.

But you’ve got some amazing pictures now, and you’re seeing decent results. What comes next? Now you must ensure that you write a decent Tinder bio.

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