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Thewatchseries – watchseries website

If you’re searching for any of the best sites like this article is for you. In this write up are all the information you might want to know about  Thewatchseries. Apart from TheWatchSeries, several free movie download sites are listed in this article.

The platforms can be used free of charge. You can download or view new films on their websites free of charge ( alternatives).

About Thewatchseries

This updated link is totally running, and all the disappointed users should be left with a smile now! Don’t worry. It feeds your movie appetite with the same TV shows and films.

Not just that, there are lots of TV shows in the collection of the website. The website has been available for quite a while, so this is anticipated.

This latest link is fully functioning, and all the frustrated people should be left with a smile now! Don’t worry; they’ve all got the same TV shows and movies to feed your movie’s appetite.

For all those who do want to know about the other solutions in case the working connection is shut down again, check out all 10 alternatives that will appeal to all your viewing needs with the new shows and movies without flinching.

1. 123Movies

Launched in 2015, Famous with all, there are 123 movies where you can watch almost all the new TV shows and movies for free. The best thing above 123films is that you don’t have to sign up to see a TV show or a movie.

To download a movie to 123movies, go to the URL below and press the search button to search for your favorite movie. You can also browse pre-given repositories where you’ll find hundreds of movies and TV shows that are close to the watch list.

It is part of Vietnam’s famous Movie Streaming network, which also includes GoMovies, GoStream, and memories. You can watch famous movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, or from countries like South Korea, the United States, Japan. You will also find a new TV series submitted to this website within 1 week of its publication.


2. Putlocker

The name of this website says PutLocker, but don’t make any assumptions as this site doesn’t lock it, but offers great web series and free TV shows. Not only for programs and sitcoms, but Putlocker can also be used to stream fun movies.

Putlocker is the best solution to TheWatchSeries. You will stream everything from the old movies to the new launches on this platform without costing a penny or scrolling through a lot of ratings and advertisements.

Putlocker is perfect for every mood; whether it’s sad emotional movies or comedy shows, any genre is available to watch. However, this website does not have any films or TV shows on its server but employs third parties for the same reason.

But you will have to go from one connection to another, but other than that, this website is very user-friendly, simple to access and, above all, free to use.


3. TubiTV

Tubi TV is another popular U.S.-based website and a popular competitor to TheWatchSeries. It’s an ad-supported video subscription platform that offers unsurprising advertising during the streaming of a movie or TV series.

It provides movies and TV shows in genres such as Action, Animation, Romance, Horror, Satire, Suspense, and some documentaries. To browse Your favorite TV shows on Tubi TV, just visit their website and click on the title of your favorite TV series and it will be played automatically. You will also get the latest TV Shows and Movies updates directly in your mailbox by subscribing to their mailing list by building a free account.

Tubi TV also sells Android and iOS applications and is also available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PS4, Samsung Smart TV, and Chrome. If you want to know more about Tubitv, please visit their website.

URL of the website:

4. Popcornflix

The name of this website itself indicates that now is the time for you to bring your popcorn and chill with the thousands of content opportunities open to you on popcornflix.

This website is also a great replacement for The Watchseries as an option. From the best series to the iconic American show Mates, there’s all you can watch on Popcornflix. This website encompasses a broad variety of genres, from science fiction, documentaries, biography, etc.

You should also watch the super hit 90s cartoons like Popeye The Sailor Man or Sonic Icehog or strawberry shortcake.

Navigating this web can be a little confusing or complicated. However, the website categorizes material on the basis of the genre, and you still have the search bar above all to locate and search for any movie or TV series you are searching for.

And did I forget to mention that it’s all free? Yeah, anything available on this website is completely free to view, and you still don’t need to register or register for something to watch a series or a movie.

Website Link

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The list of alternatives to the WatchSeries is incomplete without They have all the original content TV shows and movies and provide about the same database as TheWatchSeries. You’ll find thousands of movies across various genres like Action, Adventure, Anime, Biography, Satire, Makeup, and Crime from countries like the USA, China, France, India, Japan, Mexico.

SolarMovies offers subtitles for Korean, Japanese, or Indian TV shows and movies in English and other languages, making it convenient for anybody to watch shows in a variety of languages. They also have Stringent Quality ad policies where they only show you advertisements while streaming, and unlike other related portals, they don’t keep showing you pop-ups on any connect click or video ad every 5 minutes that can improve your viewing experience as well.

URL of the website: 

6. Hulu

Hulu is again an excellent alternative to the watch series website and, much like The Watchseries, Hulu still delivers a wide variety of entertaining material in various genres.

If you’re in a mood to weep over a puppy, watch Hachi: the Hulu Dog Story. Are you in a mood to joke at two dummies? Watch the Dumb and Dumber over the Hulu. Are you in a position to get the chills? Watch the Hulu conjuring.

In brief, whatever mood you’re in and whatever sort of film or series you choose to watch, you can go to the Hulu website and enjoy the results you want.

Anything is available on Hulu from Disney to Warner Bros. Even navigation and streaming is super simple, and the website is super user-friendly.

However, this website is not free of charge and you would have to pay $12.99 a month to use this website. The platform does, however, offer a free trial for which you would have to register.

7. Coke and Popcorn

Worried that the next episode of your favorite TV series was missing? Or watch famous TV series like Game Of Thrones, Supernaturals, Breaking Bad, Narcos? So Coke and Popcorn are the best spot for you. Coke and Popcorn have Simple and User-Friendly interfaces with minimal and only workable options and tabs.

If you are looking for a movie or a TV series, click on their respective tabs in the menu and browse the list to find your favorite programs or movies. You may also use their built-in search function to search for the desired query.

With integrated high-speed streaming servers, Coke and Popcorn are your high-speed streaming TV series facility.

Note: Coke and Popcorn is Shut down, and now you can only access it through Coke and Popcorn Proxy Pages.

8. Primewire

Yeah, The Watchseries was a fantastic website, but Primewire has had some competition for it. With beautiful features and an excellent and revamped range of TV shows and movies, Primewire is a perfect alternative to

Like, Primewire is a totally free TV and video streaming platform. In comparison, this website has absolutely no advertisements on your phone, so you don’t have to go through the frustration process when you use this website.

This platform is really easy to use. It also shows IMDB scores and a particular genre under the name of a series or movie.

Almost every TV series is available on this website to watch online without registering for anything or going through the registration process. You will find all the seasons of famous shows like The Vampire Diaries or How I met your mother on this website.

You may also leave comments or filter your ideas on this website. With so many benefits, Primewire is becoming one of the perfect alternatives to the WatchSeries.

Website Link

9. Fmovies

While Fmovies had a lot of copyright problems in the past and had to keep transferring its domain from different TLDs, they are still in the game and are continuously delivering new movies and TV shows to their users. It is estimated that Fmovies has over 50 million users in more than 70 countries and is a common competitor to TheWatchSeries.

You can find a list of new and old TV shows and videos to watch or download on your device or smartphone. You can use Fast Servers for smooth viewing or uploading.

If you’d like to watch TV shows from HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other common OTD channels, then Fmovies is also the best option as TheWatchSeries Alternative. They have a clean user interface and show less advertisements as the user streams the video.


10. Vumoo

Vumoo is another website on the WatchSeries alternative list, and the reason for this is the high-quality streaming with the amount of entertaining material that Vumoo offers.

The outlook and graphics of this website are so fantastic that it could be mistaken with Netflix. That being said, navigation is super simple with all the features like the search bar, filter, trend, and so on. You can also switch between movies and TV shows and have ideas for the type you choose. And it’s all yours.

Popular animes like Dragon Ball or Naruto can also be seen free of charge on this highly amusing website. It also shows information such as IMDB ranking, runtime, release date, and so on.

In comparison, this page also keeps track of what you’ve been viewing and therefore displays tips to your taste. From old classics to modern thrillers, virtually every genre is available on this website, which is why it’s the best match for an alternative TV watch series.

Website Link

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