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Subtitle File: Top 5 Best Website To Download SRT File


If you want to download a subtitle file for your HD MOVIES. Whether on phone or PC, am going to show you the best website in this article. Maybe you love to watch Bollywood movies sometimes, or maybe your HD MOVIES with the subtitle file being displayed alongside the video. All you need is a Subtitle File.

When you download the SRT file from the internet, simply add srt subtitles to the video player while playing the video. You will love it.

But, most system default players can’t open these subtitle files. You need a program like VLC Player, MPC-HC, KM Player, on your PC. For smartphones, you have to download VLC Player or MX player from GOOGLE PLAYSTORE to be able to load the subtitle file.

Top 5 Website To Download Subtitle File

1. SUBDL – Subtittle File


This is where I download most of my subtitle file. The SRT file on this website is very accurate with any Downloaded HD movies. You can get a subtitle file in any language for your HD movies.



Looking at the layout and theme of this website is quite amazing. In terms of accuracy and content update, YIFY has it all. You can search your favorite HD movies SRT file directly. Use the search box to make navigation easier for you.


3. SubsMax


TV series, Hollywood, Bollywood, get all your SRT file downloaded by searching this website using the search box. Download your subtitle files with no redirection issue.

mp4 subtitles


Website: www.opensubtitles

Search directly or click any of the categories as shown in the screenshot below. This is an amazing website for your download. Find out with just a click.

opensubtitles-SRT-file download



This is an amazing website, good for downloading SRT files for your HD movies. No redirection issue.

Note: This website is listed in no particular order, but I can guarantee you, These are the best website for downloading subtitle files.

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