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12 Best Stores Like Target for Affordable Shopping

Many people have been hit hard by the recession and are cutting back on everyday necessities. For some people, this means shopping at stores like Target or Walmart. For other people, it means skipping a lot of items that they would normally buy.

The thing is, while these stores are cheaper, they are also less convenient. They might lack selection, or be short on staff, or not have all of the supplies or magazines your favorite store has.

A wise shopper, on the other hand, visits more than one store to take advantage of excellent offers. Scroll down to get a list of numerous stores like Target for different platforms.

Best Stores Like Target: Our Top Pick

1. Amazon

Amazon has evolved from an online bookshop to the world’s largest online store, and it currently outperforms other major retailers in nearly every category.

This puts it in direct competition with stores like Target and Walmart, which provide a large range of identical products.

Despite the increase in online orders and curbside pickup, physical stores like Target and Walmart struggle to compete with Amazon’s online retail expertise and all of the benefits it offers, the most notable of which is undoubtedly Amazon Prime.

In addition to free delivery, Prime members get access to Amazon’s streaming platform, which has a plethora of exclusive movies and TV series.

2. Macy’s

Macy’s follows in the footsteps of Bloomingdale’s and other historic American department stores.

They have higher prices and a limited range of merchandise than a big-box retailer like Target.

However, like with Bloomingdale’s, the exceptional quality of the items more than compensates for the lower number.

3. Kmart

Kmart is another well-known retail store that might serve as a low-cost alternative to Target. Kmart currently delivers its products to over 100 countries on six continents.

Kmart carries virtually everything that Target does. However, our research shows that Kmart frequently offers greater discounts on furniture & bedding, televisions, computers & tablets, phones, and power tools.

Kmart is currently giving up to 70% off a broad selection of apparel and footwear, as well as FREE Shipping on any orders of $35 or more.


  • When shopping at Kmart, you may receive special discounts, points, and other advantages.
  • The store has weekly and monthly specials, as well as sales all year.
  • Kmart’s customer care team may be reached by phone, Facebook, and even live chat service.
  • Tracking a purchase is easy by checking the order status and utilizing the information provided in the shipment confirmation email.


  • Online orders placed on the Kmart website can not be canceled.
  • There is no no-questions-asked return policy. The cost of the return shipment must be borne by the customer.

4. Newegg

Newegg is an online retailer that sells a variety of products, including software, hardware, home appliances, office supplies, and many more. Newegg, which was founded in 2001, is worth checking out before making a purchase due to its low prices and huge selection.

People may easily buy online through companies such as Newegg, although inventory might change on a daily basis. It is possible that you will not always find what you are looking for. Ordering online, on the other hand, can be both straightforward and quick; stores like Newegg are growing in popularity all the time.

Furthermore, stores like these typically offer ongoing sales and discounts, making the experience considerably less expensive in the long term.


  • The online store sells everything from components for life and lifestyle to gadgets.
  • One may easily navigate through a broad range of product categories, such as computer systems, hard drives, laptops, memory accessories, and more.
  • It provides live chat assistance, allowing users to quickly resolve any questions or concerns.
  • Customers may keep their wishlists and scan barcodes at the store.
  • Shoppers may customise their homepage and save money by following shell shocks, daily deals, and Newegg Flash sales.


  • The customer service is abysmal.
  • Don’t refund the entire amount.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy sells refrigerators, iPads, home appliances, and other electronics. Computers, home shopping items, video games, health, fitness, and personal care, furniture, office, and much more are all available.

It is one of the finest shops that offers electric scooters, electric bikes, hoverboards, and other green transportation, stores like Target.

Customers can find numerous items at discounted prices for a limited time during the store’s recurrent sales. By registering on the website, one may remain up to date on such services and receive alerts from time to time.

Best Buy’s tiered loyalty program allows shoppers to earn unique incentives. In addition, the store has an appliance and electronics recycling program. Customers can receive a discount on future purchases based on what they bring and when they recycle.

Consumers may go to the Best Buy Outlet for clearance items that are brand new but have been reduced in price by Best Buy. Certain products have been purchased and returned in an open-box. The reconditioned section contains items that have been used but have been restored to a new state.

If a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase, they can contact customer care for a refund or replacement. One may not only purchase eGift cards online, but also purchase and send the card with a personal note straight to the receiver. Customers may obtain free two-day shipping on online orders of $35 or more.


  • When you recycle a router, modem, or combination, you will receive a coupon for 15% off networking equipment.
  • Best Buy offers remote help for all gadget products. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Consumers may obtain virtual training and professional advice to find the best home exercise equipment.
  • The store provides a wide range of gift cards for various events, including gaming, travel, retail, music, top tech, and other speciality gift cards.


  • Dissatisfied with the installation service.
  • When a customer returns an item, the store may charge a restocking fee.

6. Costco

Costco is one of the most prominent merchandise merchants when it comes to wholesale. It is a warehouse club that offers its members high-quality products at the best available prices. The convenience of better member services and customized programs is provided by the store.

Almost everything, including paper goods, food, personal care products, and office supplies, is sold in huge quantities. To receive an additional 2% cash back on Costco purchases, one can become a Gold Star member or a Gold Star Executive member.

Costco offers a diverse range of products through its many locations throughout the world. Customers’ shopping experiences are enhanced by membership offers and many discounts. When one joins a warehouse club, they have access to a variety of services as well as amazing savings on trip packages, vehicle insurance, and other items.

Costco may be a lifeline for large families similar to stores like Target. Daily necessities may be purchased in bulk at low prices. Keeping everything needed on hand allows family members to reach out for items at any time.

The store offers a fair return policy and sells a little bit of everything. It includes books, tools and tents, eyeglasses, beach suits, automobiles, and other items. The store has few stock-keeping units for each product, which is a positive. It leads to cheaper inventory management expenses.


  • Because Costco sells on volume rather than profit, it is possible to find good prices here.
  • While shopping in a real store, one may graze on samples and discover a decent variety at the best prices.
  • Buyers may be assured that everything sold at Costco is of great quality. There are no second-hand items or close-out sales at the store.
  • Some products, such as tires and batteries, have limited warranties. If a customer is unhappy, Costco will return the membership cost in full.


  • Shopping requires a paid membership.
  • Grocery items are too large.

7. Kohl’s

Kohl’s Corporation, like Target, is a publicly listed company that owns one of the most prominent department store chains in the United States, Kohl’s.

Kohl’s is best known for its distinctive selection of deeply reduced housewares, jewelry, cosmetics, trendy clothes, and accessories. Kohl’s Stores earned over $23 billion in sales last year.

When shopping on a budget, Kohl’s is a fantastic location to look for almost any lifestyle or home product. The ability to buy online and pick up in-store makes shopping quick, convenient, and on the consumer’s schedule.


  • By applying for a Kohl’s card, you may save an additional 35% on your first Kohl’s card purchase.
  • Giving them a birthday date is beneficial. It indicates that the customer will receive extra discounts on their birthday.
  • Kohl’s cash is similar to a coupon that customers earn by shopping within a specific time period. During a continuous redemption term, it can be redeemed for a future purchase.
  • Kohl’s coupons can be used on clearance items that have already been reduced by 60%.
  • Shoppers may acquire top kitchen equipment and a wide range of toys at low prices.


  • The customer support is unhelpful.
  • To obtain a Kohl’s card, one must pay exorbitant prices.

8. Overstock

Overstock sells everything from wristwatches to apparel to furniture and electronics. It is a well-known online home décor and furniture business that focuses on affordable prices for fashionable designs. The store, which opened in 1999, offers to sell its products for up to 75% less than what conventional stores charge.

Overstock concentrates on offering low-cost home furnishings and has carved itself a niche in a variety of categories. Decor, jewelry, lighting, outdoor, rugs, home renovation, office supplies, and other items are available.

Customers are kept informed about new offers and sales through regular alerts. The app accepts Google Pay, PayPal, and ApplePay for speedy and secure checkout. Shoppers may benefit from the savings and the high quality of the products on sale. When it comes to hardwood furniture, the store offers fibreboard or particleboard that has been coated in high-style textures.

Save favorite items and make lists to keep them all in one place. Overstock, like stores like Target, provides high-quality products at similar prices. Rugs are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, jute, polypropylene, wool, and others. The majority of the designs available are contemporary and modern.

There are over 1500 distinct curtain and drape choices available. Patterned or solid versions with room-darkening and light-filtering components are available. The store has a large selection of lounge chairs, discussion sets, and outdoor dining sets in a variety of designs.


  • A wide variety of living room furniture types and the most recent home trends are accessible at affordable prices.
  • With Overstock Flash offers, it’s simple to find the best bargain of the day to save money on electronics, area rugs, apparel, and other items.
  • For ideal interior design, one may select a coastal style, farmhouse style, industrial style, shabby chic style, boho style, or any other style.
  • Seasonal sales and select brands offer shoppers savings of up to 25% off.


  • It offers fewer discounts.
  • There are no gift cards available.

9. Walmart

Walmart is easily one of the largest and best Target rivals, with products in nearly all of the same categories as Target.

(And especially other food stores and supermarkets.)

Whereas Target aspires to be a little more upmarket cheap department store, the emphasis at Walmart is on the discount:

The products (particularly the clothing) may not be as fashionable, but the prices are unbeatable.

10. Bonanza

Bonanza, like eBay, is an online store that offers both new products sold directly by brands and used products sold by the site’s users.

Bonanza, on the other hand, is unique in that it is not an auction site.

Instead, it offers an online shopping experience more similar to Amazon and other online stores, where you may add items to your shopping basket and check out when you’re finished.

11. Burlington Coat Factory

The Burlington Coat Factory is a discount store that offers 75 percent off retail pricing for men’s, women’s, children’s, and home goods. In addition to jackets, you may find discounted clothes and shoes.

12. CVS

CVS is one of the largest drugstore chains in the United States, competing with Target in the health, personal care, and beauty products categories.

However, CVS, like many other big drug stores and pharmacy companies, has extended its products over the years and now competes with stores like Target and Walmart on everything from toys to healthy food.

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