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Part 1: Download Showbox Alternative for Solving Showbox Problem

To get rid of the Showbox problems, you can use detailed solutions. You can still take advantage of the Showbox workarounds and problems before they happen. MacX Video Converter ProIf Showbox is not working, you should take this into consideration. This Showbox alternative is recommended for its ability to convert and download online movies in 3D/2D, trailers, and music. You can also download 4K/8K UHD videos from YouTube and Dailymotion. It does this without affecting the video/audio quality and at the fastest speeds. Download Showbox movies in complete safety with no spyware, adware, or malware.

Part 2: Problems and Solutions for Specific Shoeboxes

Error 1 – Showbox Server Error

Q1:Is there anyone who has successfully used ShowBox for Android with their TMO Note 3 device? When I click on any movie or show, I get a “Server error” message. Please let me know if anyone has a working Showbox PK or a trick to solve the Showbox not working problem.

[Solution]Showbox server error occurs in most cases when Showbox updates. This happens because Showbox loses its connection to its server. Showbox server error: Uninstall the update and use an older version of Showbox. Don’t update Showbox App.

  1. Open the list of all applications. Click Settings/Settings MBox.
  2. In a tabbed interface with colorful tabs, click the Last Tab and the More Settings button. Scroll down to ShowBox and click the Apps tab. Click the button to uninstall updates. You can also click Force Stop to uninstall it.
  3. Open ES File Explorer to see a list of all installed applications. Or, you can try File Manager HD. Click on the Local menu to the left, choose Device/, then go to the System folder > preinstall folder. Click on the Install button to install showbox.apk. This will cause the Showbox server not connecting error.

Showbox does not work with the server

Error 2: Showbox Video not available

Q2:Hi guys, I’ve installed Showbox on my kindle fire HD and many of the videos aren’t available. Before, only a few were available. Now, it is a lot. It’s also available on TV shows. I was curious if there was any way to fix this. Thank you to everyone who answered.

[Solution]Many Showbox users are complaining about the “video not available” issue. Truth be told, Showbox requires an MX player to run the old Showbox app. The Showbox video is not available now error will appear if the app isn’t updated. Follow these steps to fix Showbox not functioning with Android videos.

  1. Install the Showbox Apk version 4.01 on Android.
  2. Showbox Android app now has a new interface.
  3. After the Showbox Apk has been installed correctly, tap on the movie you wish to view. Tap Watch Now to choose from two options
  4. If Video is not available, tap the server option.
  5. Showbox will begin downloading the movie when you are done.

AllCast will not stream anymore and the Showbox interface has been updated to reflect minor changes.

Showbox video is not playable

Error 3 – Showbox has stopped

Q3:Showbox app keeps giving me an error message every time I try to use it. This is why it’s happening.

[Solution]Many users receive the message “Unfortunately Showbox stopped working” after the latest Showbox 4.0.1 update. You can fix it now, and Showbox will work on Android. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your android.
  2. Tap General at the top.
  3. Click on Application Manager to be taken to the application manager page.
  4. Use the left swipes to find all applications or all.
  5. Showbox can be searched and tapped on from your all-installed apps list.
  6. Click Clear cache and Clear data.
  7. To restart your device, return to your home screen. This will resolve the Showbox problem.

You might be interested in Showbox alternative app. Popcorn time not working. Movie Box not working.

Showbox has stopped working

Error 4: How do I fix the Connection Error when Show Box is not connected to WiFi?

Q4:So I downloaded Showbox to my Xbox and on my galaxy s7. The app started running on both tablets but then I got an error message. Verify your internet connection! The app will close when you click on “Cancel”. I have heard that you can update via wifi, but I don’t see it anywhere. Any suggestions?

[Solution 1]These are the steps to fix Showbox’s “Connection Error” issue.

  1. Open Showbox by hitting apps.
  2. Clear cache and delete data
  3. Next, start the app again.
  4. Make sure that the app is closed in the recent menu. This will fix the Showbox connection error.

[Solution 2]Another solution is to Showbox “Connection Error on Tablet over WiFi”

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi
  2. You will see an airplane when you turn on Airplane mode
  3. Do not turn on Airplane mode. Wait until you see a Wi-Fi signal
  4. After you receive a Wi-Fi signal, open Showbox App immediately

Is Showbox still experiencing an internet connection problem? Reinstalling Showbox apk and updating your Showbox app may be an option.

The show cannot be connected

Error 5: Showbox stopped working after an update error

Q5:Recently, I received a new update to my Showbox. The problem is that the Showbox app doesn’t work or the app update issue keeps me awake at night. What can I do to fix this?

[Solution]The Showbox app offers the best digital entertainment. This newer version is not without its problems. Follow these tips to fix Showbox not working error after the latest update.

  1. Showbox app for iPhone iPad Android. Open the BlueStacks app player.
  2. Click on the Time button at the bottom of the window. To see all installed apps within your Bluestacks, move to Settings and then to Manage Applications.
  3. After you have checked the Showbox location, click on Delete. To uninstall Showbox, click Continue and hit Done.
  4. You will be notified that Showbox was installed when you open the apk via the Bluebacks Apk Manager. After that, the “Showbox failed to work” error message will disappear. It may cause you to lose your time and not update the app.
  5. To install Showbox, select Showbox. Installing the Showbox Apk for Android will help you to recover from Showbox update errors.

If this doesn’t work on your iPhone iPad Android, please go into Settings > General > click App Manager > search for All applications or All by swiping right > Search for Showbox and then click Clear cache to clear data.

Error in Showbox Update

Error 6 – Showbox Force Closing

Q6I am a Note 3 user who used ShowBox to watch movies/series almost every day. However, after upgrading to S7 Edge, showbox is not working on my new phone. Showbox also quits. Showbox won’t force close if it doesn’t show any movie. Any help?

Solution You can use the following fixes to fix Showbox force close errors in Android tablets/phones:

  1. Clear Showbox app cache and data.
  2. To fix the problem of force closing, do a factory reset.
  3. Temporarily disable any adblocker from your device
  4. Open Showbox and the application will automatically download all necessary data.
  5. Once the data has been downloaded and Showbox is working correctly, you can re-enable your Adblocker.

Part 3: Explore Deeper to Showbox iPhone iPad Android

1. Is Showbox a crime?

Some people may wonder if it is legal to download or watch movies through Showbox. This might seem to be unethical in general. Downloading and reposting would be considered copyright infringement. It is against the law to download, post, or sell. Streaming is allowed but downloading is not. You can compare streaming to downloading.

2. Showbox crashing

The Showbox app will not work if you uninstall MXplayer. Instead of opening apps like AllCast, it will open MXplayer. This is why Showbox doesn’t work with AllCast.

3. Is Showbox available for iPad, iPhone and IOS?

Showbox is available for iOS and iPad. You don’t need to install any software. This doesn’t mean that you can’t run Showbox on your iPhone SE or iPad Pro, however, because the Showbox app isn’t available on iOS devices. Alternative to Showbox Movies app, you can download Movie box or Popcorn Time.

4. Showbox for Android: Attention!

Bluestacks, which is required for Android and PC users to run Showbox on Android, is essential.

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