How can I see who viewed my Facebook profile?

Hello there, we’ve been receiving lots of questions lately from users about how can I see who viewed my Facebook profile? Today we decided to meet the demand of our users.

In this post, we’ll show you the top four answering the question (How can I see who viewed my Facebook profile?)

The majority of users want to know which Facebook friend or person is watching their Facebook profile. Although certain applications and browser extensions claim to be able to monitor who is following you on Facebook, their actions contain elements of fraud.

Be certain that no one has access to your account, as this can jeopardize your Facebook privacy.

Unlike other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, where you can quickly see who viewed your profile using the provided tool, Facebook is still not ready to show that feature, despite the fact that many users have requested it.

4 Best Methods to see who viewed my Facebook profile?

1. Discover who has seen your Facebook profile (iOS App)

Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that allows you to see “who saw your profile or Facebook Page profile.” This feature allows you to see who has viewed your Facebook account in the last 30 days.

The feature is hidden deep within your privacy settings and is currently only available on the iOS app. To see who has seen your profile on Facebook, open the main drop-down menu (the three lines) and navigate all the way down to “Privacy Shortcuts.” The new “Who saw my profile?” alternative is located just below the new “Privacy Checkup” section.

See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile 2021

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2. Using InitialChatFriendsList to see who viewed my Facebook profile

If you still want to test the InitialChatFriendsList, I’ll walk you through the steps.

  • Right-click in the empty area on the side of your Facebook profile, then select “View Page Source.”
  • It will open your profile’s page source; to find the list, simply click CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac) and enter InitialChatFriendsList, then press enter. You will be directed to a list of codes that reflect your friends’ Facebook IDs.
  • To convert numbers into Facebook accounts, simply type into the browser address bar, and replace NUMBERID with the first group digit numbers found right after InitialChatFriendsList (do not include number after hyphen) (-).

If you are checking the source code and it is difficult for you, you can view it visually in the chat window. If you use Facebook in a browser, you can see your contact list on the right side. You may also use this to see who you frequently chat with, similar to the InitialChatFriendsList.

3. Using certain iOS apps

The approaches described above are sufficient to determine who has seen your profile. However, if you are an iOS user who is experiencing the problem, this is also for you. Any of their users may encounter an issue with adding an extension or another.

As a result, several iOS developers and programmers have created an app named “social fans” to address this problem. This app will give you comprehensive details on who has seen your profile. The app is available for all iOS users in the iTunes store. This app will assist you in obtaining social support by allowing you to see who has seen your profile.

The methods mentioned above will assist you with your query. In addition, recent news and details have reported that Facebook has also included a different feature in their app. This choice will specifically assist you in determining who has visited your profile.

Previously, this alternative was unavailable due to speculation and security concerns. However, with security and user interface improvements, this alternative is now open to all Facebook users.

As a result, it is clear that we have the opportunity to see who has seen our Facebook profile. If you believe there is something lacking and would like to learn more about something else, please let us know in the comments section below. We will respond with a response and the best solution for the situation.

4. Making Use of News Feed to see who viewed my Facebook profile

To see how many people viewed your page:

  • Tap Pages on the left menu of your News Feed.
  • Navigate to your page
  • In the left menu, choose Insights.
  • On the left, choose Page Views.

Views can be seen from here by:

  • The section (example: Posts, Videos, Photos).
  • Gender and age.
  • The country.
  • The city.
  • Device (example: computers, mobile devices).
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