How To Remove Background From Image in Photoshop.

How To Remove Background From Image in Photoshop.

remove and original image

Photoshop is one of the most useful software among image and graphics software. Corel draw might be better at graphics, sometimes but photoshop is an ALL IN ONE APPLICATION. As a Video Editor, I use photoshop on almost every single project I work on. Today am going to show you how you can remove a background from image free. There are different methods you can use to remove the background in photoshop.

How To Remove Background With Adobe Photoshop Version – CS3

Using The Pen Tool in Photoshop

pen tool background removal

One out of the main function of the pen tool is to create a path or draw shapes around an object or picture. Unlike the background eraser tool and the Magic Wand tool, you don’t have to sample color before you remove the background from an image. If you right-click on the pen tool, all other pen tools associated will be revealed. The pen tool in photoshop has many functions. Not just for removing the background, you can create shapes in Photoshop with the pen tool. etc.

Did You know? Almost all adobe software has a pen tool, pen tool in Photoshop, pen tool in Illustrator, pen tool in the premiere and after effect, and a lot more.

Step 1 – Remove Background From Image (Import your image)

To speed things up, use the drag-drop method to import your picture. Furthermore, the image below shall be used in this tutorial.

plain image

Step 2 – Remove background From Image (Select the Pen Tool)

As I have said earlier, we will be using the pen tool for background remover in this tutorial.

Step 3 – Remove background (Trace out the Image Edges)

Use the pen tool to trace out the edges of the image. Sounds like drawing right?. Sure, Just the way I did with our Image below.

use the pen tool to remove background from image

Step 4 – Remove Background From Image (Make Selection)

After tracing out the picture, Right click on the picture and choose Make Selection from the pop-up menu. Unlock the background by double-clicking on the background layer after making the selection.

make selection on image

unlock background layer

Step 5 – Remove Background From Image ( Select Inverse )

After making a selection and might have unlocked the background layer. Click Select at the top right corner of the software, and from the drop-down menu choose or click Inverse (shortcut: Shift+Ctrl+I).

select inverse from the drop-down menu to remove backgroung from image

Step 6 – Final Step.

Now on your keyboard, Simply press Backspace button to remove the unwanted background from your image

background deleted (remove background from image)

You have successfully remove the background from an image. In other words, removing background in Photoshop is quite easy and faster than removing background online.

Do you agree?

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