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Reddit Soccer Streams Banned: Best Alternatives

Reddit Soccer Streams

There is bad news and good news for football fans who like watching free soccer online, specifically on Reddit Soccer Streams. I’m guessing you guessed from the headline of this write up, right?

The bad news is that the Reddit Soccer Streams, which has almost 500000 users, has been blocked. Or can we say, removed?

Since receiving a copyright notice from a Premier League team, the Reddit Soccer Streams subreddit was removed. This, on the other hand, does not come as a surprise.

The positive news is that there are a variety of excellent SoccerStreams options. In this article, we will look at the best sites to download football games and sort them, such as the reddit soccer subreddit.

Previously, Reddit Soccer Streams

forum was one of the most trusted sites for posting and accessing high-quality streams. Consider it a dam for football fans and enthusiasts.

There are still streaming links for all league matches in the forum. Regardless of where the game is being played, there will be at least one streaming link available in the reddit community for users to watch the game.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, SoccerStreams became very famous. During the case, over a million users were online every day. Most streams are linked to AceStream, which uses P2P technologies. This technology is less complex than torrent.

When you go to the SoccerStream subreddit on reddit right now, you can see a message that says, “r/soccerstreams has been removed from reddit.” This subreddit has been blocked for violating the copyright repeat infringement policies on Reddit.”

That’s unfortunate, but it shouldn’t discourage you.

Reddit Soccer Streams Top 3 Alternatives

On Reddit, there are subreddits such as SoccerStreams. Despite the fact that Reddit admins are on the lookout for all unauthorized soccer streaming subreddits, there are a few SoccerStreams alternatives. Given the fight against these streaming channels, there are no assurances as to how long they will exist.

Here are the perfect Reddit SoccerStreams alternatives.

1. RedditSoccer

Redditsoccer is just another subreddit page on Reddit that offers streaming links prior to each match. This page now has about 10,000 users, which is a far way from what Reddit Soccer Streams had. However, there are only about 1000 members online at any given time.

This website, like the one listed above, distributes Acestreams through P2P technology. This ensures that while you are on a secure network, you would not face buffering or poor content. Given the large number of streamers that post links, it makes sense to choose a favorite channel and language and stick with it.

2. RedSoccer

Following the suspension of SoccerStreams, a number of alternatives have emerged. Redsoccer is one of those subreddits created with the intention of serving as a Reddit Soccer Streams substitute.

About the fact that there are only a few subscribers on the page, the subscribers do a good job of serving valuable links right before the match begins. Redsoccer, unlike the others, has a few rules. These guidelines are intended to keep streaming connections operational and attractive.

For starters, they only permit direct links to the stream. This is done to avoid confounding intermediate pages. The connection quality is also indicated by SD, HD, and MISR (Minimum Internet Speed Required) data.

3. SoccerStreams69

The soccerstreams69 subreddit was built for those who want to continue receiving football updates on reddit. Links to live streaming are often posted on the website.

Exactly before each match. Since the SoccerStreams69 page is small, not all matches are covered. Asian tournaments, in particular. You can get Acestreams links and direct links for all common matches from SoccerStreams69, much as you did on Reddit Soccer Streams.

However, keep in mind that this is not a final solution. As previously said, Reddit moderators are suffering through these channels, and there is no telling how long the page will remain online before being banned.

How To Watch Premier League Legally

Sky Sports and BT Sport share the rights to air Premier League football in the United Kingdom. The games can also be seen on certain premium DSTV channels. As a result, to lawfully watch the Premier League, go to Sky Sports or BT Sports. On DSTV, you can even watch certain football channels.

If you want mobile? Customers will also watch the game live on the Sky Go and BT Sport applications. Subscribers to DsTV can watch the stream with the DsTV Now app.


The Soccer Streams subreddit was maybe the easiest and most accessible choice for people who wanted to watch their favorite teams play without paying a subscription fee. The site’s links were put 30 minutes before the game begins. Given that there were typically hundreds of thousands of users on the web, there will be a variety of links to pick from, ranging in quality.

However, as they claim, not everything lasts forever. Reddit Soccer Streams is no longer available and will most likely never return. It is rational to look for alternatives. As a result, we’ve listed the best Soccer Streams alternatives above.

As previously said, the subreddit alternatives listed may not last long. Particularly when they gain popularity. Reddit moderators are on the lookout for such sites, and if they come across one, they will most likely ban it.

I’m not sure how Discord would manage the ties, particularly because they violate copyright. But there are also other choices. If you are unable to remain glued to your screen, you can watch love football and soccer streams online from your phone using some of the apps listed above.

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