Quote Discord: How to Quote Someone on Discord

Quote Discord: Discord is a chat app that gamers around the globe use to communicate. Discord was launched in 2015. Since then, millions have joined together to form communities around their favorite games and projects.

The app’s emphasis on chat means that gamers can use all kinds of formatting features, including bold, italics, and underlining. These features allow users to express themselves better and help Discord remain a space that is based on personality.

Discord users are always looking for the ability to quote other people. Slack, a work-oriented alternative to Discord, has this feature, as do several other chat apps. Discord users had trouble quoting others for a long time. They had to resort to code blocks and sophisticated chatbots.

This has all changed over the past year. This article will be updated in 2021, with the good news of quoting being an integrated Discord feature. This is how it works.

Quote Discord: How to Quote Someone on Discord

The newly added quoting tool in Discord allows you to easily quote messages from other Discord servers in your own message using markdown. There are other ways to quote Discord.

1 – Use Block Quotes in Markdown

Block Quotes are a new Discord feature for markdown chat formatting. It’s very easy to implement.

Step 1. Launch the Discord server from which you wish to quote.

Step 2. You can also use ‘>>>’ in the Discord desktop or web app and then add a space after to create a blockquote.

Step 3. Hit “Enter”.

Step 4. Hit ‘Enter’.

Step 5. Now, paste the message that you want to quote.

Step 6. Finally, hit ‘Enter’ to send the quoted message.


If you use Discord on a Mac or PC, both the syntaxes ‘>>>’ and ‘>’ will create multiline blockquotes. (On the Discord desktop or web app).

2. Use Code Blocks To Quote Someone on Discord.

Block Quotes weren’t available before Discord introduced them. Users had to use the Code Blocks feature in order to imitate the ability to send messages. This method is still viable and you can try it. It is easy to create a code block. You only need to wrap your text with one backtick (`) and three backticks (“`).

  • (`) a single backtick can be used to format one line into a code block. For example, one-line code blocks are neat.
  • (“`) a triple backtick at both the beginning and end of a sentence may format multiple lines into a code block. This Discord haiku is an example of how it can be quoted with a multiline code block.

You can choose to use code blocks, or block quotes. We prefer the former. You can try it to find the one that is most comfortable.

3 – Using a Quote chatbot

You can find many bots made by independent developers on Github. To get more quoting functionality, you can also install them on Discord.

You will need to have previous experience downloading and installing custom code from Github projects.

Both of these Github projects offer Discord quote functionality.

  1. Quote by Deivedux
  1. Citador (by Nirewen)

Before installing custom clients or bots, please ensure you have read and understood Discord’s terms. If you are not proficient in coding, we don’t recommend installing custom Discord plugins.

How to quote messages in the Discord mobile app

Block quotes can be used on Discord mobile (Android and iOS) in a similar manner to the Discord web app or desktop app.

Step 1. Open the Discord server where you want to quote.

Step 2. Step 2. For single-line blockquotes, use ‘>>>’ to create multi-line blockquotes.

Step 3. To copy the text, press long-press on the Discord mobile application to select a message and then tap on ‘Copy Text”.

Step 4. Tap on the ‘Enter’ icon and type in your own message.

Step 5. Tap the “Send” icon.

This is how you will see the quoted message:


Two syntaxes are available to use Discord’s blockquote feature in the Discord mobile application:

  • > – This creates a one-line blockquote and does not support quotes longer than one line. Single-line blockquotes are used to quote messages that take up only one line of text.
  • >>> – This creates multi-line blocksquotes, in which all the text from >>> to the end of your message will be included. Multi-line blockquotes are used when you need to quote messages with multiple paragraphs or line breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To stylize certain words, it is important to use effective text communication. These are other frequently asked questions.

Are bots possible to assist with quotations?

Yes, absolutely. You can find many bots online that you can add to your Discord server, and allow for quotations.

You can add bots to your Discord server as long as you are the owner or have administrative rights. You can add the Quotes Bot and Quotinator Bot to your server.

These bots are designed to perform this function. However, you might find one that you already have.

Why don’t quotation marks work?

It happens all too often. Users become frustrated when they try to manipulate text with single quotation marks.

The markdown isn’t working for most users. Discord’s markdown requires that you use a backtick symbol. It looks like a single quotation mark but is actually quite different.

You will find this key on the left side of the 1 key. This key is used to markdown Discord messages.

How can I reply to a particular message in Discord?

You can reply to specific messages in Discord by heading to the conversation and finding the message you wish to reply to. Tap on the three dots beside the message, and then tap on the quote.

Discord will automatically quote your message and allow you to reply. Or, you can hold the message you wish to reply to and choose the reply option.

How can I directly address someone in a group chat conversation?

You may have to send a message to a single person when communicating with others in Discord. You can private message someone by tapping their username.

You can also message the person via the channel. Just type @ before you enter their username. You will see a list and can choose to select the contact or enter their full name.

Their name will be highlighted in a group chat when a message appears. This indicates that the message is specific to them.

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