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PS4 Overheating: 10 Tips For Preventing The PS4 From Overheating

Many people are noticing that their PS4 is overheating, and the fan is no longer running when the console reaches this temperature. The good news is that the Playstation 4 is not a dangerous device and it will not catch on fire.

The bad news is that you will be forced to live with a hot PS4 console if you did not take the necessary measure as stated in this guide.

There are several things to look out for if you are hit with a PS4 overheating error.

What causes PS4 overheating?

You’ll see this message if your PS4 gets too hot.

These instructions apply to all versions and models of the PS4 hardware, including the original PlayStation 4, Slim, and PS4 Pro.

Overheating can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which can be fixed at home. There are obvious signs that your PS4 is getting too hot. You will see the error message “The PS4 is too hot”:

Even if you don’t receive that message, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an issue with your PS4 overheating. Without displaying an error message, the PS4 system might become too hot and cause problems with its performance.

If the vents are blocked or there is not enough clearance between vents and other objects, your PS4 could overheat. If there is a lot of dust in the PS4, it will heat up more. Temperature and hardware problems can also affect the PS4.

Sony recommends that the PS4 should only be used in temperatures between 41 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A narrower range of 50 to 80 degrees is preferred. Your PS4 may heat up if your room is more than 80 degrees.

Fixing PS4 Overheating Issue

This troubleshooting guide will help you to fix any problems with your PS4’s overheating.

1. Restart the System

Hold down the power button to turn off your PS4 then wait. Turn off your PS4 before you do anything else. Let it cool down to a normal temperature.

Turn it on again and go back to the overheating activity. You can use your console safely if it doesn’t heat up.

2. Place the airflow in the right place.

A can of compressed air should be on a list of items in your drawer that you keep handy for all devices. I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced technical problems that were solved by a canister of air.

Dust buildup could be the reason your PS4 is heating up. You will need to inspect the cleanliness of your console.

  1. You can unplug your PS4 from the wall and use a flat surface as a work surface.
  2. Use your compressed air can to gently guide it through the openings of your PS4 fan.
  3. Clean out all the USB ports.
  4. Turn your PS4 upside down and give your plug ports a gentle whack with the can.
  5. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your PS4 when you are satisfied.
  6. The microfiber cloth can be used to double-check USB ports and other small cracks on the PS4.
  7. Check your console again to see if there are any overheating problems.

If none of these options work, you might need to move your console to allow airflow to the correct place. When it comes to keeping your PS4 from overheating, you need to ensure that airflow is not restricted.

Although PlayStation designed the PS4 so that it could be placed vertically, I don’t recommend it. Your PS4 should be able to rest horizontally so that both fans have access to cool air.

Professionals are recommended if your PlayStation needs a more thorough clean. You should not take apart your PlayStation as it can pose a risk and could void your warranty.

3. Check the temperature of your room.

If the temperature is more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit in your room, your PS4 should be stopped from being used. If the temperature is higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you should move your console to a cooler area or use a PS4 cooling tower.

4. Manually Update Your PS4.

Sometimes, the fan may not turn on properly due to old or damaged firmware. You will need to ensure that the PS4 software is up-to-date in order to rule out this.

5. Update your game software

While not everyone uses their PS4 online or has it connected to the Wi-Fi network, updating your console will improve its performance and decrease the chance of it overheating.

  1. Select Settings from the top menu of your PS4. It will look like a briefcase.
  2. Choose System Software Update
  3. Click on Check for Updates.
  4. Select Install Update if there is an update. It will notify you if there is no update.

You should also ensure that your games are current. The games may be outdated, even if your console is updated. This could cause the ps4 overheating

  1. Highlight the game you are interested in on the main menu.
  2. Click the Options button on your controller.
  3. Scroll down to the options menu, and click on Check for Update.
  4. Select Install Update if there is an update. It will notify you if there is no update.

The majority of PlayStations automatically update games when they are connected to the internet. However, this is how you can verify that the correct updates have been applied.

How to further prevent your PS4 from overheating

There are some tips to help prevent your PS4 from overheating.

  • Keep your PS4 clean. Dust builds up over time and can clog the fan, preventing airflow. Dust can block your PS4’s ability to cool down properly and cause problems with ventilation. To prevent dust buildup, make sure you clean the case of your PS4 every now and again.
  • Proper ventilation: Place the PS4 where it can adequately ventilate. Do not place the PS4 against a wall to block its vents.
  • An External Cooling Station for PS4 is a great option: External cooling stations and fans can help reduce noise and strain on the PS4’s internal fan. The console should not be hummed by its internal cooling components. Additionally, it is important to keep your PS4 cool and aired out occasionally. This could help extend the life of your console.

What if your PS4 is still overheating?

If your console continues to heat up despite following these steps, you may have a hardware issue that is beyond your ability to repair at home. If this happens, it’s best to call in the professionals.

The fan may need to be replaced or repaired, or it could be that your hardware is not working properly. Sometimes, it is possible to remove the heat sink and replace the thermal paste.

Although you can try to replace the parts yourself, you could waste money or invalidate your warranty. Contact Sony customer support for additional assistance.



Sometimes, the PS4 can overheat and get too hot. It’s not a serious problem and can be fixed easily. All you have to do is clean the fan and vents. Everything will be fine.

You can also rebuild the PS4 database and initialize it. This article covers almost all possible solutions to this problem. Thanks for reading. We await your questions and contributions.

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