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How to Make Your Private Insta Story Private | New 2021!

Private Insta Story

I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this, but have you ever create a private Insta story? It’s a pretty cool way to share fun memories with your friends. You can even post your favorite song, a photo of your dinner, or a photo of a movie you’re watching. The best part is that only your friends can see it. How do you set it to private?

You aren’t alone! We have listed the best ways to make Instagram stories more private.

Hiding your story will not prevent users from viewing your profile and your posts. Blocking accounts is the best way to prevent them from seeing your content.

You can also control who can see your story by changing the privacy settings on your account. Only approved followers can see your story if your account is private. If you make your account public, everyone can see it. This is why you should patrol it and kick any distant family members or ex-boyfriends out.

You must create a list of close friends before you can create a private Inta story.

How to create a Close Friends List:

These are the steps you need to take to add friends to your list of close friends.

1. Navigate to the menu. It should appear as 3 horizontal lines (also known as the hamburger button).

2. Click on Settings. This button should be located at the bottom right.

3. Click on Account from your settings

4. Click on “Close Friends”.

5. You can add people to your friends list now based on your Instagram profile

How to Create your Private Insta Story

You can stop your Instagram story from appearing in certain followers’ feeds by using Settings or the story.

How to make your Instagram Stories private

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the hamburger icon at the top right corner
  • Click ‘Settings.
  • Select ‘Privacy.
  • Tap “Story”
  • Tap “Hide story from”
  • Choose any users from which you would like to hide your story
  • Tap “Done” if using an iOS device, or the tick if on Android

You can also make your stories private from the story feature. You can also block someone from viewing your story if you spot them.

How to hide your Instagram stories from your story

  • Tap on your story
  • Click on the link to view other accounts that have seen your story
  • Tap the three dots beside the user that you don’t wish to be lurking any more
  • To prevent them from seeing future stories, tap ‘Hide story from [username]’

Here’s how to prevent your story from appearing on any hashtag pages or locations.

How to hide an Instagram story from a hashtag or location:

  • Tap on your story
  • Click on the link to view other accounts that have seen your story
  • All hashtags or locations you are featured in should appear at the top. Tap X to get rid of your story

Conclusion | Private Insta Story

Remember that hiding your story from someone is not the same as blocking them, and it does not prevent them from viewing your profile or posts. That’s all on private Insta Story.

For More Help on how to create a private Insta story, Click here

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