Premiere Project Downgrader: Convert Premiere Project To Older Version

Do you want to know how to use Premiere Pro’s Project Downgrader? Or maybe you want to learn how to save a downgrade version of the Premiere Pro project file. Sit tight you are in the right place

We will show you how to open a newer version of the Premiere project in the older version. First, let me explain what Premiere Project Downgrader means.

About Premiere Project Downgrader

It’s a tool to reset and convert newer premiere project files to an older version in other to open a lower version of Premiere pro.

The lower version will be able to open a downgrade project even though some filters, effects, and transitions will be a sacrifice.

About Premiere Project

The Premiere Project (.prproj) is an XML file format compressed into a gzip file by Adobe to save space. Each project file has a version number corresponding to the premiere pro version that created it.

In other words, Adobe Premiere Pro checks it when opening a file and refuses to open a project with a higher version number on a lower version of its software,  even when the project is initially compatible. The message you will get is: “This project was saved on a newer version of Adobe Premiere Pro and this version cannot be opened.”

So now, how can you open the file with the premiere project downgrader? Follow the step below to downgrade the premiere project.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the project will open after conversion, but in most cases it works you should try your luck.

How To Use Premiere Project Downgrader

These online tools simply convert the project version number to ‘1’ and further creates a premiere project file that will open on lower versions.

So let do it

  1. Firstly, Visit or
  2. Choose the Premiere Project you wants to convert
  3. Click convert
  4. Your project file will automatically download once you click convert


This tool sometimes does not work for all project, why not download the latest premiere pro for free. Watch the video below on how to download Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and macOS

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