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Pof video call is a new and exciting feature that has been added to the Pof dating app for both iOS and Android. The video call feature allows users to see and communicate with each other through a video stream, and the feature has been designed to make it easier and more efficient for users to chat with each other and to feel as if they’re getting to know each other better.

Inside this blog post is the full guide on how to activate video chat on the POF app.

How to activate POF video call

  1. Update your POF app using Google Play Store or Apple app store.
  1. Launch the POF app on mobile.
  1. Tap the icon in the Plenty of Fish dashboard.
  1. Once you are on the LIVE! To stream, click on the home page.
  1. You can build a new online community by being yourself, following POF Content guidelines and Conduct Policy.

You can also set up POF video calls. POF Live is only available on the POF App. It works in the same way as Instagram live video. Your live stream will be visible to your matches once you have started the live video.

You can tap the eye icon while you stream to view a list of all those who are watching your stream. You can add anyone to your Favorites or say “Hi!”. Streamers will also be able to see how many hearts they have sent. You can get hearts from other users to show that they enjoy your stream.

POF video calls are not the same as video calls made with other video calling apps such as Skype, Hangouts, or Hangouts. POF now introduces POF live as a POF-based video call.

It will disappoint you if you’re looking for a daily video call. You can still say that something is better than nothing. Video chat can be done using the POF LIVE function in the POF App. Chat with others who are watching your live stream.

POF’s NextDate feature is now available with POF Live. NextDate mimics speed dating by allowing you to have a series of short chats with other people. It’s a great tool for helping people to communicate before they go on to the actual date.

The best thing about POF LIVe is that it is completely free for all POF users.

Update: Plenty Of Fish app updated. Scroll down to the “explore tab” in the new POF app and you will find Plenty of Fish members who are currently streaming live on Plenty of Fish Live!

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