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pCloud Transfer – Large File Transfer To Emails

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pCloud Transfer is a service designed specifically for pCloud users. pCloud Transfer allows users to send up to 5GB of multiple files for free. Like WeTransfer, google drive, it allows you to quickly transfer files over the Internet.

Files can be up to 5GB, you do not need to sign up for an account and it is completely free. Before I tell you more about PCloud transfer, let me discuss the definition.

What is pCloud Transfer

pCloud is a desktop application that helps you send large files from the internet to email list. You can use a secure virtual drive to easily store, access, and work with your files in the cloud.

PCloud software is available on iOS and Android devices, Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is possible for almost any device and platform. When you install the application on your computer, it creates a secure pcloud drive that expands your local file storage.

All changes you make to your cloud are immediately visible on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your devices are instantly synced and you have direct file access to any updates you make.

How to use pCloud transfer to Send Large File

To send files via PCloud transfer, you must first go to Website Link. There, you must provide the email address of the intended recipient, your email address, and any message you would like to send.

pcloud transfer

Drag and drop the files you want to send or click the add files, and enter a message describing the content you are posting to the recipient.

pcloud free transfer

Once done with the message, press the transfer button on the page. The message is immediately sent to the receiver.

Within minutes, the recipient should receive an email in their inbox containing the download link. The notification contains information about you (the sender), a list of sent files, and the option to download the file. It also includes the expiration date for data and the possibility to register on the cloud platform.

Finally, you will also receive a notification when your friends open their emails containing the files you transferred

In Conclusion

pCloud Transfer is simple and free cloud storage. Provides a high level of file encryption for most file versions, which is completely free and fast and enhances the transfer speed. If you want a quick file transfer without the hassle of signing up, this is definitely the way to go.

If you want to know more about the tool, try it using your free plan. The lifetime plan allows you to send more than 5GB file size.

Simple question about pCloud transfer?

Should I use a pCloud transfer?

Undoubtedly. Not only is it an easy and secure way to share files, but pcloud offers good speed and allows you to upload 5GB – 2GB higher than WeTransfer and more than 100MB Dropbox transfer.

Furthermore, It also has a mobile app available for download on playstore.

Is pCloud Transfer Safe?

Yes. This service allows users to create client-side encryption for sensitive data before sending them. The sender must provide the recipient with a password to download the files. Once encrypted, files are less likely to be hacked, and you may feel that no one can access them.

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