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6 Old Facebook Games we all used to play | 2023 Updated!

Old Facebook Games – When you log on to Facebook today and start scrolling around your homepage, you may find the typical news story, a picture album of your friend’s trip, and an unlimited number of humorous videos and memes.

However, if you go back 10 to 15 years to the early days of Facebook, you will see that the app had no relation to what it is today.

Facebook was a basic website where you could publish brief daily updates, poke your friends, and play games for hours on end before it became the world’s biggest social networking platform with almost 3 billion members.

What drew many of us to open a Facebook account in 2008 was not simply the promise of social networking and connection.

It was the appeal of the many Facebook games, ranging from virtual worlds to Tetris Battle, that got us captivated and kept us coming back to the site.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recollect these 6 old Facebook games that will bring back memories of simpler times.

1. EverWing old Facebook games

Everyone who was on Facebook in 2017 recalls being inundated with daily messages from their friends and their new EverWing high scores.

If you’ve never played EverWing, it’s a scrolling shooting game in which you control a squad of Guardians and Dragon sidekicks to combat swarms of enemies and bosses.

In addition to an unending single adventure, you may play with your friends and participate in game types such as boss raids and tournaments.

EverWing was a huge hit, especially in the Philippines, because it was easy to play (you could play it right from Messenger) and because it was simple, casual, but still competitive. In 2017, EverWing had over 7 million active Filipino users at its peak.

Can I still play EverWing?

Yes, EverWing is still accessible for free on Facebook’s game platform. You can also access the game using Messenger, which makes it simple to create a group and play EverWing with your friends right now.

2. FarmVille old Facebook games

It would be a travesty to start a list of legendary Facebook games without beginning with the craze that began it all back in 2009. FarmVille is an agricultural simulator in which players may harvest crops, make money, and expand their little plot into a multi-acre farm estate.

Many Filipinos of all ages, from teens to Titas, opened their first Facebook accounts to try their hand at being a farmer in Farmville. Zynga, the uncontested king of social games during Facebook’s early years, launched FarmVille. Zynga also made the hugely popular Ville series, which includes games like CityVille and CastleVille, as well as many other simulation games.

Can I still play Farmville?

The original FarmVille game on Facebook and other games on the Internet that depend on Flash Player will be shut down on December 31, 2020. FarmVille 2: Country Escape and FarmVille 3: Farm Animals are two mobile apps that Zynga has already made available for people who want to keep harvesting crops. These two apps add to the original game’s farming action while keeping the game’s addictive but relaxing nature.


Pet Society old Facebook games

Pet Society, a Tamagotchi-inspired pet simulator game in which players could take care of their virtual pet, create their own home, dress them up, and pay visits to their friends’ pets, was another early 2010s hit.

It was huge in popularity when it first came out, thanks in part to the adorableness of the pets and the great amount of customization available in-game compared to other pet simulators.

Can I still play Pet Society?

Unfortunately, Pet Society was as adorable as it was brief. The game developer Playfish was ordered by its parent firm Electronic Arts to discontinue operations in 2013. Following this decision, all Playfish games, including The Sims Social, Madden NFL Superstars, and Pet Society, were discontinued.

Pet Paradise is a 2018 mobile game that was inspired by the Pet Society, from the way the pets look to the way they move. It’s for people who miss playing with their cute virtual pets.

Restaurant City old Facebook Games

People seem to like simulation games that enable them to create and expand their own businesses from the ground up. Fans of FarmVille will like Restaurant City, where players can run their own virtual restaurants, because of this. You can come up with new dishes, decorate the restaurant, hire new staff, and watch as your business grows and gets more customers.

Can I still play Restaurant City?

Restaurant City is just another example of a Facebook game that vanished too quickly. Restaurant City was another Playfish game that was shut down in June 2012. It was one of the first games that Playfish shut down.

However, numerous restaurant simulator games with a similar spirit to Restaurant City, such as Restaurant Story and Cafeland, are accessible to play on mobile. 

Candy Crush Saga old Facebook Games

Candy Crush Saga began as a web game on Facebook in 2012, before becoming a standard app on all of our moms’ phones and tablets.

Who thought a simple match-three game with multi-colored candy would be such a smashing success?

During the first few years after Candy Crush came out, millions of people got hooked on the game because it was easy to play and had a lot of levels.

Even after the release of a mobile version, Candy Crush remains one of the most popular mobile games. Even today, the game app has over 250 million monthly users.

Can I still play Candy Crush Saga?

Yes, you can still play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook if you use a browser. But King, the company that makes the game, suggests that you play it on your phone or on Windows. You may quickly link your Facebook account to the game, ensuring that none of your data is lost.

Tetris Battle old Facebook games

The game that shattered a thousand friendships. It’s the same gameplay as conventional Tetris, but in Tetris Battle, players play against one another for stars and the chance to become the God of Tetris. When you win a match, you receive stars, and when you lose, you are subtracted.

In Tetris Battle, you may play against anybody on the globe, although many players choose to play against their Facebook friends. It’s a competitive game that people like and appreciate, as seen by the 20 billion games played since its release in 2010.

Can I still play Tetris Battle?

Tetris Battle players worldwide were disappointed when publisher Tetris Online stated that all Tetris games on Facebook would be discontinued by May 2019. Tetris Battle, Tetris Friends, and Tetris Battle Drop were all featured.

What happened to old Facebook Games?

Following many changes and versions of Facebook over the years, the site has deemphasized its Gameroom section, which has slowly declined in popularity.

While certain games, such as EverWing and Jetpack Joyride, will be playable on Facebook, no new games will be released on the site. Facebook Gaming is now mostly a site for streaming games, like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. It no longer has many online games.

Most early Facebook games, such as FarmVille and Tetris Battle, needed Flash Player to function. When Adobe and web browsers stopped supporting Flash on December 31, 2020, these games were either stopped, moved to a new platform, or brought back as mobile apps.

Old Facebook games transport us to a time when social networking was less confusing, less stuffy, and more enjoyable.

While many of them have long since retired, they will always remind us of simpler times when we would log on to Facebook, plant some carrots on our farm, and just have fun.

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