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To qualified customers, Northlane Card Services issues debit cards known as the North Lane Card. Anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard debit cards, this card can be used. You would learn all there is to know about this card in this article. Keep reading till the end.

North Lane Card

Northlane was previously known as Wirecard. The Northlane card services is a brand under the North Lane technologies. This’s an enterprise that provides financial services such as virtual prepaid payment, payroll services, global transfers with rates that are low, gig payouts, disbursements, consumer incentives, sales incentives, and lots more.

Business owners make use of the expertise of this particular business to make payments to staff. You will discover more about the card issued by this particular company as you read on.

How to Get the North Lane Card

You can just get a North Lane card in case you’re under a business or perhaps sponsorship program that uses the Northlane card services. You can’t apply directly for this card. For instance, Biolife uses the North Lane card services.

Thus, the Northlane card is issued to Biolife donors and their payments are loaded directly to this card. Most business owners make use of the card services of this business and with this, the employees are given the card.

Northlane Card Activation

You can’t use your card for transactions until it’s been activated. In case you received your card with an activation sticker on it, you can call the amount on the sticker and follow the instructions.

The sticker on the card means the card hasn’t yet been activated. Conversely, you can activate the card online with the guide in this post.

How to Activate a Northlane Card Online

To carry out this action, stick to the steps below:

  • With your internet-connected device, go to
  • Click on “Log In” at the top right corner of your display screen.
  • On the opened page, click on “Activate Card“.
  • Enter your “Card Number” in the necessary area (This will be the 16-digit number at front of the debit card).
  • Type in the “Security Code” at the rear of the card.
  • Proceed to the following step by clicking on “Next”.

When you’ve done this, you can comply with the rest instructions on your display to offer your personal information and verify other details.

How you can Register North Lane Wirecard for Online Access

To register your North Lane card for internet access on the company’s website, stick to the steps below:

  • Go to the login page with the URL
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Register your Card”.
  • On the opened page, fill in your card details for example the “Card Number” and “Security Code” and click on Next.

Follow other instructions on your screen and you will be ready to finish the process. You can sign in to your account at any moment to check out your card balance, update your information, make transactions, and lots more.

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North Lane Wirecard Login

You can access your card account of yours by logging in with the app as well as online. To login to your account online,

  • Go to with a device attached to the web.
  • On the opened page, fill in your “Username” Next, get into your account “Password”.
  • Click on Login.

This will take you to your account. If you’ve forgotten either your password or username, you can tap on “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” on the login page.

North Lane Card Balance

The Northlane card is the same as a debit card without a credit limit attached to it. What this means is you cannot spend much more than the balance on the card. With this, you’ve to check out your card balance regularly.

To check out your card balance, log in to your account on or perhaps with the Northlane mobile app.

Northlane Biolife

Biolife Plasma Services uses the Northlane card services to pay donors for donating their plasma of theirs. After the initial donation, the individual is given a North Lane prepaid card. On the following donations, funds are loaded into the card. This’s a convenient and secure method the company has adopted to compensate individuals for plasma donations. Thus, the Biolife card is the Northlane card, as well as the customer care, is handled by Northlane Card services.

Contact North Lane Customer Service in 3 Ways

For stolen or perhaps lost cards, call 866-326-8689 if you’re a U.S. resident.

In case you’re calling from Canada, dial 800-774-6995.

I bring you some ways to get in touch with industry-trained professionals. You can contact North Lane Customer service in the following ways.

  • Access the North Lane contact us page.
  • Enter your First Name and Last Name.
  • Please enter the email address associated with the account.
  • Give in your phone number.
  • Type in your Mailing Address – Apt#, Postal Code, State, City, etc.
  • Enter the title of the business you’ve received the card from (e.g., North Lane Prepaid Debit Card, WireCard, etc.).
  • Select Inquiry Types from the drop-down menu.
  • Write your concern in the Message box.

Lastly, click the Send button.

Your queries will be resolved shortly.

When you do not wish to do all this, you can only drop an email at

Your email will be looked after by a knowledgeable agent.

North Lane Mobile App

The Northlane mobile app has similar capabilities as the Northlane card services on the web platform. With this particular app, you can check your card balance, and review your payment and spending activity.

You can also print out your transaction details, update your personal information, make transactions, and lots more. You can download this app for free on your device from Google Play Store or perhaps Apple App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the simple procedure to check the balance on my Northlane Debit Card?

Register your card for online access to check the balance on your card.

Can I cancel my Northlane Card?

Sure, you can. You can stop your Northlane card by calling the customer service number on the back of your card. Before you do this, contact your sponsor to stop loading funds into the card.

When your card is canceled without contacting your sponsor, you’d not have a chance to access the money on the card.

How can I activate my North Lane Card?

Visiting and submitting the details will be the fastest way to activate your North Lane Prepaid Card.

Where Can I Use My Northlane Card?

When you’ve activated your Biolife card, you can make use of it anywhere a Mastercard or Visa is accepted. To find out in case your card is a Mastercard or Visa, you can look at the front side of the card.

How do I Change My Card Pin?

For security reasons, you can just change your card pin by getting in touch with Northlane customer service. The customer service number is located on the back of your card. Make sure you change the Card PIN to a safe one and keep it confidential.

Does the Northlane Card Expire?

Indeed, it does. To find the expiration date for your card, check out the front side of the card. You can make use of this card to buy items. If you would like to make payments with a signature, select “credit”. On another hand, you can select “Debit” to authorize payments with your card PIN.

Can I withdraw cash with my North Lane Card?

It all depends on your cardholder’s Conditions and terms. If you’re permitted to use your card to make withdrawals, it will be indicated in your card package. To find out in case you can make use of your North Lane card for withdrawals, check for “ATM Access” in your card package.

You can also make cash withdrawals with your card at any ATM that displays the Mastercard or Visa logo and this is determined by the brand of your card.

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