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Meet Nikolas Ajagu, the Nigerian married to Kamala Harris niece

Meena Harris’s husband Nikolas Ajagu’s bio, parents, ethnicity, career, and personalities

The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in 2021 was one of the most important occasions in American history. However, although the inauguration was remarkable, one individual, in particular, captured the public’s attention and caused a commotion on social media. Nikolas Ajagu was wearing $21,000 Dior Air Jordans. But who exactly is Nikolas Ajagu?

Meena Harris’s spouse is often portrayed in the media as Nikolas Ajagu. But did you know? Nikolas Ajagu has had a prosperous career. According to the most recent study, Mr. Nikolas works as the Global Head of Partnership at Facebook Incorporation.

He is also the creator of the brand’s Barrel & Ink and Code & Canvas. He formerly worked as an Investment Advisor at Ecosystem Ventures LLC and attended Princeton University. Rumor has it that the pair will be launching a new wine brand called “Barrel & Ink” shortly.

Nikolas Ajagu seems to be an intriguing individual, both intellectually and creatively.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Biography and Other Information

Nikolas Ajagu, the head of partnerships and Facebook advertising technology at Facebook in New York, is of African descent. However, he began his career in Facebook technology as a campaign manager in 2007. He rose through the ranks after commencing employment to attain this level of achievement.

He is well-known, though, because of his wife, Meena Harris. Meena Harris is a well-known American lawyer well known for her work on women’s empowerment. Nikolas is well-known for his wife, but he also has a reputation and a career of his own.

Nikolas was the co-founder of two firms before joining Facebook: Barrel & Ink and Code & Canvas. Prior to joining Facebook, he co-founded another startup, Ecosystem Ventures. Meena Harris and Nikolas Ajagu were married in 2007. They have two children, Amara and Leela Ajagu (twins).

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Why are Nikolas Ajagu and Meena Harris so well-known?

To begin, Nikolas Ajagu’s fame may be attributed to his wife, Meena Harris, or Meenakshi Ashley Harris, who is the close niece of Kamala Harris, a.k.a. the Vice President of the United States. Maya Harris, Meena Harris’s biological mother, on the other hand, is a well-known author and American lawyer. Meena Harris is now following in her mother’s footsteps. She has studied law and published a children’s novel titled “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea.”

As previously stated, Nikolas works at Facebook Advertising Company, which is part of Facebook Incorporation. Aside from that, he has been pursuing a wine-making company in recent years.

To the reader’s amazement, Meena has gotten crooked grins from renowned white-collar attorneys in America multiple times as a result of her Harris excessive fame. According to the incident, white house attorneys advised Meena Harris during a public event to cease using “Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris’s name” to get her way and develop a business.

Not only that, but Nikolas Ajagu’s wife Meena Harris got a strong warning from White House attorneys that she would no longer sell apparel labels with “Kamala Harris’s name” and will not publish any books bearing her name in the content or title.

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What is Nikolas Ajagu’s occupation?

He was the Global Head of Partnership at Facebook Advertising Technology before meeting his partner, Meena Harris. He met Meena while working there in 2007, and it was love at first sight. For their first date, he took her on a private aircraft flight.

In addition, he is a co-founder of Code and Canvas and Barrel & Ink Ventures. Code and Canvas is a creative working place and community of fifty makers and creatives. Barrel & Ink, on the other hand, is a meeting place for award-winning winemakers, artists, and designers to interact and sell their wine range.

Nikolas Ajagu Net Worth in 2022

Now, the most important question regarding any celebrity’s bio is how much money that individual has. Nikolas Ajagu’s net worth will be discussed in this section. Nikalson’s net worth, according to his wife, Meena Harris, is believed to be between $1 and $5 million. Furthermore, he does not reveal his financial worth.

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