We have a lot of questions in 2019 about how to download from NetNaija and we thought it was time to write this article to explain to new visitors how easy Netnaija movies downloads are.

Netnaija.com (and this file hosting website, DownloadBetter.com) uses pop-up ads to generate revenue to keep online and to pay guides and contributors.

Pop-up ads used in their services are ads that are not visible to visitors but are triggered when the user interacts with a web page (for example, click anywhere).

These ads are free from any malware and use them in a manner similar to other advertising formats that do not harm you or your device in any way.

Netnaija movies downloads

Here is the procedure for netnaija movies downloads

1. Click to dismiss the H.265 notice (not applicable to all movies). At this point, you will either be shown a download button or a pop-up ad kick in place of displaying an ad in another tab.

Note: You will need to repeat the number 1. step until the Download button is shown.

2. Click the “Download” button.

3. You will now be taken to the main download page.

4. Click “Download” on this main download page. Most time, its the download button below. (You can also get pop-up ads here, where you apply the logic of number 1 by repeating your click action until your download begins).

Here is the video tutorial.


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