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How to Easily Fix Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13-71

How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13-71

The recent release of Call of Duty: Warzone makes it difficult for gamers to find a game with a low population. This leads to a high frequency of crashes on the desktop, as well as memory error 13-71.

These problems are fixable, though. There are a number of steps that can be taken to increase stability and decrease the number of errors in the game settings.

  1. Lower the graphics settings.
  2. Lower the resolution and more…

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What happens when Error 13-71 occurs?

Memory Error 13-71 was reported by Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone players a few months ago, and it continues to impact certain PS4 and Xbox One consoles to this day. This error appears after the console has completed trying to load the game. They may then choose to play the game offline or close it.

The errors began to appear on several consoles after a gamer was added to a regiment. Others said that they were added to a regiment without their knowledge, which is when the problem began.

Memory Error 13-71 is obviously a game glitch, not a console bug. Activision has previously said that the issue has been fixed, but some unfortunate users are still experiencing it. This indicates that the problem is on the server-side of things.

Because the game seems to trigger the error while joining Regiments, the title’s in-game clan system avoids Regiments for the time being. If you receive an error and are already a member of a regiment, see if quitting it solves the problem.

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Fix Memory Error 13-71 on PS4

After receiving the 13-71 warning, you must close the Modern Warfare program and go offline in network settings before relaunching Modern Warfare.

When you get to the title screen, you should see a “connection failed” message, at which point you should select “Go Offline” and join the multiplayer’s offline lobby. Connect your console to the internet again, and Modern Warfare should immediately refresh, enabling you to access your preferred game mode after exiting the offline lobby.

  1. Close Modern Warfare application
  2. Switch to offline mode in the network settings and restart the game.
  3. Select the Go Offline option.
  4. Reconnect the console to the internet.
  5. Leave any Regiment and block Regiment invites

To avoid this from occurring again, you should leave any regiment you may have already joined and refuse any future invites until the issue is resolved.

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How to Troubleshoot Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13-71 on Xbox

Some of the fixes we’ve gathered for you are listed below.

Make a new Xbox Live account.

Many users, like myself, find this solution to be effective on the first try. You’ll need to register a new account in order to generate a new Gamertag. After you’ve done that, launch the multiplayer game.

Then, press the Xbox button, scroll to the left until you find your old Gamertag (which is linked to the memory error), and switch to it. After that, leave the regiment you are a member of under the game’s social option. The game should thereafter work regular operation.

Disable Crossplay and leave a Regiment.

If the first workaround does not work for you, the next option is to fool the game by turning off Crossplay first, then turning it back on. So, if you’re playing the game and receive the error 13-71, press the B button to go offline.

Then, go back to the main menu and enter account settings, find Crossplay, and disable it. Play online again, and when you receive the error that the Crossplay function must be enabled, exit. Go to the Social menu, leave your regiment, and then re-enable Crossplay in the Settings section.

Delete any game data that has been stored.

For certain gamers, this solution works. Some Xbox games may fail to work correctly if the game data is damaged. To check if it helps, try removing your Warzone game data.

To delete stored game data on the Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • Select Settings from the Xbox Home menu.
  • Select Storage from the System menu.
  • On the right side of the screen, select Manage storage, then view the contents.
  • Highlight a game, then press the Menu button and select Manage game.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, select Saved data.
  • Select a game to get access to the game’s stored data.
  • Use the Options Menu from here to delete files or see additional details about a particular file.

Delete and reinstall Warzone.

This is a potentially more extreme solution. We cannot guarantee that it will work in your specific situation, but it may be worth a shot if nothing else has. Keep in mind that redownloading Warzone may take some time due to the size of the installation file. only use this solution if the problem has been ongoing for many days.

How to Repair Memory Error 13-71 on a Computer

Because the unique memory error was discovered to be associated with players that participated in Modern Warfare’s in-game clan system, Regiments, it was speculated that specific invites were triggering the bug.

One error for PC users is to reinstall Modern Warfare via Blizzard’s Battlenet launcher and run the freshly updated game in safe mode.

Users should be able to retrieve their online profile, leave their bugged regiment, and prevent future invites while the game is in safe mode before resuming normal gameplay.

According to their community Trello board, Infinity Ward has disclosed that they are presently working on the irritating error and that the bug will be fixed for all platforms in a future release.

Final Thoughts

The error is more frequent among Xbox and PlayStation users who try but fail to connect to online services. The only options are to start the game in offline mode or to quit the game completely.

According to user complaints, the error occurred as a result of the Regiments function, which enables users to create clans inside the online edition of Call of Duty. Please let us know which of the following fixes worked best for you.

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