iPhone Hotspot not working? Here’s 10 Amazing Fix

iPhone offers a wonderful feature that lets you share your Internet connection (cellular data connections) with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices via a Personal Hotspot. It works for some people, iPhone hotspot not working for some users.

Hotspot is designed to allow you to share your mobile data with other devices connected to the internet. You can also check these things to ensure that your phone is available if this feature does not work.

Five Tips to Fix iPhone Hotspot Not Working

The latest update to iOS 12 has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and one of the glitches that have been affecting iPhone users is the iPhone hotspot not working. Apple has been advised to fix this issue, which is not the first major bug to be seen in the new update.

If your iPhone hotspot not working, follow the listed steps to troubleshoot the iPhone hotspot not working

1. Turn Personal Hotspot Off and On

Sometimes, you will need to reset your Personal Hotspot in order to get it back up and running. To do this, tap Settings > Personal Hotspot > turn the slider to Allow Others to Join to off/white then to back to on/green.

2. Turn Cellular Data Off And Back On

Personal hotspot makes your iPhone a Wi-Fi hotspot by using cellular data. Your cell phone plan’s cellular data is used to connect other devices to your personal hotspot. They then browse the internet using your personal hotspot. Sometimes, a small software bug can prevent personal hotspot functionality on iPhones by turning off and on cellular data.

3. Restart iPhone to fix Personal Hotspot

It’s amazing how many problems can be fixed by a simple restart of the iPhone. You can find our instructions for how to restart any iPhone from the original generation up to the most recent model at the link above.

4. Update iOS On Your iPhone

iOS 7 and later iPhones can use a personal hotspot provided that it is included in your plan. It’s possible to have a number of software issues with iOS older versions, so make sure to keep your iPhone updated.

Tap and Open Settings > General -> Software update To check if an iOS update is available, tap the following: Tap Download and install If an iOS update is available, you can check here. If you need any help, please see our other articles. Problems updating your iPhoneYou can!

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5. Maximize compatibility on the iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone12 series phones offer more networking options and options than older devices, including 5G. Older models may have trouble connecting to these options. This can be solved by going to Settings > Personal hotspot > moving the Maximize Compatibility slider from on/green to on.

6. Check For Carrier Settings Update

Apple and your wireless carrier release new versions regularly. Updates to carrier settings to improve the ability of your iPhone to connect to your carrier’s networks. Visit Settings -> General > AboutCheck to see if there is a new update for your carrier settings.

A pop-up window will be displayed if one is available within approximately fifteen seconds. If there is no pop-up, it means that the carrier settings update is not available.

7. Confirm that your phone plan includes a personal hotspot

Are you a new customer or have you switched providers recently? Personal Hotspot may not work because your plan does not include it. Personal Hotspot is included in most data plans, but not all.

You might also be able to remove the feature. Before you do anything, login to your phone company account. Make sure Personal Hotspot is included in your plan. Add it if it doesn’t.

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8. Reset Your iPhone’s Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings will erase all Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VPN settings. It also restores them to their factory defaults. If your iPhone personal hotspot stops working, you can reset all Cellular settings to factory defaults. We are not trying to fix the complex software issue, but we will completely erase it from your iPhone.

Open the following link to reset your network settings: Settings Tap General -> Reset. Next, tap Reset Network Setting. Then, tap Reset Network Settings. Reset network settings You can confirm your decision again.

The iPhone will shut down, then perform a reset and turn it back on.

9. Verify that there are no problems with your phone company account

Your phone company account may be causing the Personal Hotspot to stop working. This could be an error or an overdue bill. If none of the above has worked, you can check your online account at your phone company or call them to ask for assistance.

10. Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode

A DFU restore is the final option to resolve a software issue. This is the most advanced type of iPhone restore. DFU restore erases all the code from your iPhone and reloads it.

We recommend making a backup before you put your iPhone in DFU. This will ensure that your data, files, and information are not lost.

When you are ready to set your iPhone into DFU mode, check out our step-by-step DFU restore guide.

What to do if your iPhone Hotspot Not Working?

1. Get in touch with your wireless carrier

If your personal hotspot is still not working, it’s possible that your iPhone’s hardware or your phone’s plan is at fault. Before you visit the Apple Store, we recommend that you contact your wireless carrier. If you visit the Apple Store first, they will likely tell you to contact your wireless carrier.

It could be that your iPhone personal hotspot has stopped working because of a recent change in your phone plan. These are the numbers for customer support at the four largest US carriers:

  • AT & T 1-800-331-0500
  • T-Mobile Call us at 1-800-866-2453
  • Verizon 1-800-922-0204

To find the number or website of a different wireless carrier, enter their name and “customer service”

2. Visit the Apple Store

Contact your carrier if there is nothing wrong with your phone plan. Contact Apple support online or over the phone. Or, you can make an appointment at a brick-and-mortar store near you. An antenna in your iPhone may have become damaged and you are unable to use cellular data as a personal hotspot.

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