How To Fix Facebook 5000 Friends Limit?

Did you attempt to send a friend request to a friend on Facebook? The next message you received was: Individual Facebook members can subscribe to a maximum of 5000 users. To subscribe to this user, unsubscribe from a user you’re already connected to.  

This means that the account is unable to send any more friend requests or receive any new friend requests, and the profile picture will be replaced by a default photo.

Really, I’m wondering why Facebook restricts the number of users having more than 5000 friends. It’s the user who manages his friends, not Facebook administrators.

The number of Facebook friends that we have is supposed to be up to us rather than Mark. I hope Facebook will fix or provide a solution to the 5K Facebook friends limit issue since it really is a pain!

If you’ve hit that limit, what should you do next? That’s the question this article is about.

[Solved] Facebook 5000 friends Limit?

To be honest when I see this message (Individual Facebook members can subscribe to a maximum of 5000 users. To subscribe to this user, unsubscribe from a user you’re already connected to.) I feel frustrated.

If you’ve exceeded your 5000 friends limit on Facebook, like me, it is impossible to expand the number. There are options to fix things slightly.

Removing A Facebook Friend

If you’ve reached the friend limit, other users on the social media platform will not be able to send you a friend request. If they attempt to do so and make a request, they’ll be met with the error displayed in the above image.

To avoid this occurring, you must take one person off your list. This way, you’ll return to 4999. If you have a 4999 number, you’d still be able to receive friend requests.

Create A Page On Facebook

Achieving 5000 friends on the social network isn’t an easy task. If you’ve arrived at that level, particularly when you only accept friend requests, that means that people are concerned about what you do. They’d like to follow you and keep in touch.

While Facebook has introduced the following feature, however, the creation of a Facebook page is the better option. Making a Facebook page is simple, and once you’re done you can simply invite those you know to it.

create another Facebook account

Another simple way to fix this friends limit is to have or create a similar Facebook account. Once you create a new Facebook account, surely you can now add additional 5000 friends all over again. Furthermore, you can contact the Facebook support team and ask them to increase your friend limit if possible.


What is 5000 friends limit Facebook?    

You can make as many as 5,000 Facebook friends. If you want to connect with more than 5,000 users you can convert your account from a personal one and create a Facebook page. If you wish to invite a friend to join remove someone else from your Facebook account first. If they’re following them you can follow them instead.

What is the follow limit on Facebook?    

If you let people follow you any user who is on Facebook will be able in order to receive the latest updates from your public News Feed, even if you’re not a friend on Facebook. You are able to have an unlimited amount of people following you and you are able to follow up to five thousand people. You can add up to 5,000 people on your account.

How can I get 10000 friends on Facebook?  

How to go from 0 to 10,000 Facebook fans

  1. The quality of content you post to the Facebook business page will determine the success or failure of your Facebook business page. 
  2. Create relevant content
  3. Be careful not to be too advertising
  4. Updates of high quality
  5. Run a contest
  6. Content upgrades
  7. Stay focused

Why does Facebook say follow limit reached?    

Anyone who attempts to connect with greater than 7500 followers will receive an error message regardless of the number of users they’ve got. Anyone who is currently having more followers than 7,500 users was doing so prior to the time this change was implemented.

Olajide Towoju
Olajide Towoju

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