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How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating: What You Need to Know

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating | Accidentally Liked Someone on Facebook Dating

Facebook has a new feature called “Unmatch,” which allows you to remove someone from your matches without having to delete your account.

The brand new mobile dating app for Facebook is like other popular dating apps. There is a chance that there’s a case where you have to de-match someone with whom you’ve connected. You can take a few steps within Facebook Dating to unmatch anyone.

To unmatch someone on Facebook Dating, tap the shield icon located in the lower right corner of the chat, then choose “delete this conversation.” Then, you can eliminate the user from your chat queue.

In this post, we will walk you through the steps to get rid of Facebook Dating.

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating

Unmatch on Facebook Dating

Facebook’s new dating method competes with other apps, such as Bumble or Hinge. To assist others users find love, Facebook leverages its social networks.

Facebook allows you to connect with other users who aren’t close to you, which means you can gain a fresh perspective on people who are new to you by this method.

It is also possible to discover the mutual friends you have with the people who have been introduced to you. It is possible to find a match that’s not compatible with you, even if there are mutual friends. It could be for various reasons.

Here are some steps you’d be required to take if you no longer want to be paired with the person you have been in contact with.

  • Click on the person’s profile first to start a conversation.
  • There’s a shield button located in the upper right corner.
  • If the shield symbol is clicked to activate the shield, a menu of assistance and protection will pop up.
  • This Protection and Support menu will let you disconnect and unmatch the user from various choices.

Safety And Support

Facebook has come up with an icon of safety and help, located in every chat screen’s upper right corner. Its safety and support roles are crucial because they allow actions to be taken by users that feel uncomfortable.

The three options to un-match a user in this instance are to either erase the conversation, block the user, or report the conversation to Facebook Dating.

We suggest you follow a few steps to properly remove a user from Facebook Dating to eliminate a match safely. We’ll guide you through eliminating a user from your matching queue and unmatching them correctly.

Report The Conversation

Suppose the conversation goes downwards, and there comes a time when you feel uncomfortable with how the individual or group is communicating on Facebook. In that case, it is recommended to use this option: Report this conversation option.

Using the report button, the chat button allows you to select choices or input your details about why you’re reporting the conversation.

Conversations will then be reported to Facebook and reviewed, and possible actions can be taken. We suggest blocking or deleting the conversation to ensure an instant disconnect, rather than just waiting for the process to complete.

Block the person.

If you’re not planning to find a way to delete the conversation, simply blocking the other person is a method to get them off of your profile.

We advise you to block people who aren’t yours or cause your online dating life to be stressful. It could be due to endless texts or harassing messages.

We advise you to block anyone who isn’t appropriate or causes you to feel like your online dating life is stressful. It could be due to endless texts or harassing messages.

If you become overwhelmed, we recommend blocking the person to stop receiving messages from them.

You must be sure that you block the person you’re connecting with since it might make them confused if you randomly block them.


How do you remove people from Facebook Dating?

Start the Facebook application using the iPhone or Android phone.

  1. Click the 3 horizontal bars located at the bottom-right side of your screen to reveal the menu.
  2. Scroll down, then click “Dating.”
  3. In the upper-right-hand corner, press on the gear symbol to start the Settings menu.
  4. Under “Account,” tap “Delete Profile.”

Why do matches disappear on Facebook Dating?

If you don’t see your friends anymore the same day, it could be due to another person blocking or removing you from their chat thread. In these situations, it’s not something that you could do. If this is unusually sudden, it could be a glitch or an issue with the dating app you use. Are you having trouble accessing Tinder?

Why Don’t People Respond To Your Messages On Dating Sites?

The simple fact that you have written a carefully thought-out message to someone using an online dating site does not obligate them to respond or even acknowledge your messages. Matches aren’t a requirement since some users swipe across all of them.

It’s not uncommon for women, especially those brand new to apps, to see hundreds or even dozens of messages and likes in a single day. Women aren’t spending the same amount of time on dating apps as their counterparts. It’s not unusual to receive an answer at the end of the day or early in the morning.

Can you skip someone on Facebook Dating?

Yes. The ability to suspend or stop your Facebook-based dating. If it’s on pause, you can still respond to those who have been matched or liked by you, but you will not meet with someone new. To stop Facebook dating, you must go to your general settings menu and switch on “Take Pause” under the section “Account.”

Can I see if my boyfriend is on Facebook Dating?

Make a list of up to 9 Facebook friends you are interested in. If they’re also connected to Facebook Dating, they will be notified to let them know that “someone” (i.e., not specifically you) has been in love with them.


To stop a match with a user in Facebook Dating, click the shield icon located in the upper right corner. Click the “Delete this conversation” button to delete this conversation out of the chat queue.

Alternately, users can stop the conversation or report the conversation to Facebook for review.

Connecting to your user can be the simplest way to end a conversation with that person without any confrontation.

Before disconeting, if you have one or two mutual friends, be sure to note down what the person has spoken to you before deciding to disconnect them. This is helpful if you have any awkward interactions with these mutual friends that you may have.

Facebook Dating is a fantastic way to connect with people. However, learning how to unmatch on facebook dating is a part of the game of dating.

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