How To Search Chrome History By Date In 3 Simple Ways

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Chrome history by date – How to search chrome history by date

Are you searching for how to search Chrome history by date? You are in the right place. We are going to show you how to gain access to your browsing history for up to four months. We will further explain how to customize your browsing history.

About Chrome history by date

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Chrome history by date is a simple way by which you can gain access to longer browsing history on google chrome. The default option History page on Google Chrome provides quite information. Below are the methods by which you can access Chrome history by date.

3 Ways to Search Chrome History By Date

#1. Using Google MyActivity Search Chrome History By Date

Google My Activity is a tool that tracks your activity when working with Google’s product. Provided that you logged in to a Google account, then this application would be helpful for both desktop and mobile devices.

1. Click this link https & click Filter by date and product option, also you can input additional queries there.


How To Search Chrome History By Date - Filter by date and product

2. Now Select your desire date range

How To Search Chrome History By Date - Choose date range
3. Check the Chrome box and further click Apply.

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How To Search Chrome History By Date - apply date range settings
4. Now your Chrome history is displayed in chronological order.

Chrome history is displayed in chronological order.

5. Furthermore, you can click on each category to access additional browsing history.

additional browsing history

If you confused about the bundled style, tap the Item view to make navigation easier

tap the Item view - chrome browsing history by date

#2 Using ChromeHistoryView App To Search Chrome History By Date

ChromeHistoryView App

  1. Run ChromeHistoryView.exe
  2. Press F9 to start the “Advanced Options’ window
  3. Select the load only the URLs seen in the designated date/time range’ check box and choose the desired date/time range. Alternatively, You can select the load only the URLs seen in the last’ checkbox and then type last day’s number to see the Chrome history.
  4. Press the “OK” button and the Chrome history view will display Chrome history inside the selected date/time range.

History Trends serve an intention for being a productivity tracking tool, however, it also comes with a”time machine” feature where you are able to read your own browser history data out of the previous 100 days from now.

To get the data, click on the extension’s icon, click View Top 100 on Top 10 Busiest Days. From there, you can select available dates and view your history for that day.

In conclusion, Using Google MyActivity is what I will recommend for users of google chrome, this is because of the accuracy and easy navigation. 

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