How To Remove Bots From Discord – Best Guides | 2021 Updated!

Want to know how to remove bots from Discord platform? you are in the right place. We will walk you through the necessary to get you started. Follow the guides below carefully.

Discord is a cross-platform voice and text messaging software primarily developed for gamers. Moreso, despite being famous among gamers, the app is often used by groups and communities to come together and express their views on the same topic.

You could set up a Discord server, invite your mates. Offer permissions to different participants and allocate different positions to them. Why are just people supposed to have all the fun? We may connect bots to the Discord server for additional entertainment and functionality.

Are you going to play great games with all your friends this weekend? Then consider setting up a Discord server, enjoy its smooth voice chat functionality, speak to all your friends, and trade insults as you blow them away from your P90.

As described earlier, Discord is not limited to its own functionality. To dramatically boost your experience, you can still add bots to Discord servers and get a range of cool new features.

Here, we will teach you how to connect bots to your Discord server, how to uninstall bots, and some awesome Discords with helpful commands later in this post. Let’s start adding Discord server bots for the first time.

How To Add Bots To Discord

Here are steps to add bots to the Discord server along with screenshots. You must ensure it is trustworthy and helpful for the community before adding a bot.

Note: Your account should be permitted to add bots to the Discord server. This Discord Account Settings allowance can be toggled.

  1. To browse Discord Bots, visit Here you’ll find a lot of interesting and free bots for any server.
  2. You need to click the Invite button after selecting a bot that you like. This will open the Discord login page on a new tab.
  3. By adding Email and Password, you need to connect to your Discord account. Click Login once you have fill in your credential.
  4. On the Authorization screen, select the server from the “Add bot to server” drop-down.
  5. Once the server is selected, assign the bot the necessary allowances. You must be very careful and know why the bot is allowed. Once the permissions are selected, click on the Authorize button to add the steps to the Discord Server together with screenshots to add the bots. You must ensure that the bot is trustworthy and useful to the community before adding it. Note: Your account should have “Manage Server” authorization to add bots to the Discord server. This Discord account settings allowance can be toggled. Bot to server Discord.
  6. You will see a tick mark and you can close the tab if you do it correctly and the bot is allowed to do so.
  7. You will see a message that says ‘Bot joined this server with you’ or something similar when you log into your Discord account and open the server.

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How to Remove Bots from Discord Server

Not pleased with a certain bot? You can select it from the server conveniently. Follow the steps given for deleting bots from Discord server:

  1. Log in and pick the server to your Discord account.
  2. Right in the text section or voice section, click on the bot handle.
  3. You’re going to see a kicking option. Tap on it to kick the bot from your server immediately.

Note: you must be allowed and privileged to kick it more than the bot.

Useful Discord Bot commands

Thus you added your server with a bot. How are you going to make things work, however? Discord bots come with some commands which can be typed and the bot functions. Learn about the Discord server contact.

  1. Fill in @ bot name. Where the name of the bot is ‘bot-name’ The bot responds with an opportunity to let you know what it can do and how it operates.
  2. Input the provided help command. This bot will give you a list of available commands and a guide on how to use this bot. In my case, it is ‘cmhelp.’
  3. Now use the discord bot commands as your choice and have fun doing new items.

Here’s a compilation of the strongest discord bots you’re expected to try

AnthBot: Consists of commands for fun as well as commands to boost member connectivity on your server. It will monitor communications, alert you when the user exits, joins, disconnects, or connects to your server.

Dyno: A extremely powerful bot that executes a range of commands ranging from playing music, self-moderation, auto tasks, mass mentions, etc. It also has embedded Cleverbot stats as well as overwatch stats for all sports players out there. Dyno bot is highly versatile, making it one of the best discord bots out there.

MeMezbot: Memezbot is the perfect Discord bot to post memes with friends on your Discord server.

GameStats: This bot will set up your gaming profile and post all your statistics with your mates. It’s the best bragging bot if you’re a hardcore gamer with some cool K/D to show off to your mates. You can also see the stats from a wide number of titles, including PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rust, Paragon, Land of Worships, Xbox Live, and several more.

So then what the heck are you waiting for? You now know how to connect the bot to the Discord list, and you know how to use the commands to manage the bot. So go ahead, add a bot to the Discord server and see how smooth and better the Discord experience is going to be. You’ll see what you’ve overlooked just how customizable Discord really is. That’s all on how to remove bots from Discord platform

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