How To Recover Lost Data | Data Recovery Software

How To Recover Lost Data | Recover Deleted Files | Data Recovery Software

This is the best hard drive data recovery program I have used so far. Easy to use, and 100% recovery success on any HARD DRIVE/SD CARD.

When you delete a file or folders on your hard drive or SD card, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost the file totally. Today am going to show you one amazing recovery tool to recover undo data loss. 

It recovers almost different types of file formats such as JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, AVI, and much more.

The software is the best tool to recover lost data because it recovers your lost file the way it was. It doesn’t rename or change the attributes. Data recovery has been made easy with this software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

EaseUS data recovery provides the user with a simple way to overcome various types of data loss situations. It supports all the latest versions of Windows and can be used to recover any deleted file. Recover lost files from an empty recycle bin using this app’s deep scanning capabilities.

This powerful data recovery tool can help you recover data from damaged storage media along with hard drives or lost partitions. The software provides a 3-step wizard to make recovery easy and successful.

You need to download EaseUS full version to recover more than 1GB data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is an effective performer with a limit of 1GB. Many users want to recover specific data such as a file or folder that was accidentally deleted. If you deleted small size data, try the free tool first.

If you need more, you do not need to re-download or scan your system but you can upgrade to EaseUS data recovery full version.

How To Recover Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery

With this software, you can recover important files you deleted on your external hard drives. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when you accidentally lose or format your hard drive, memory cards, and flash drives.

But first, let’s look at the precaution we have to follow bellow.

Warning Tips On How To Recover Lost Data

1. OVERWRITING: When you delete or format a hard drive or sd card. The data is not actually deleted or formatted. Space is only been freed allowing you to write or copy another data on that freed space.

This simply means until you copy files to the hard drive, the data you deleted or formatted still remains on the disk but hidden.

Once you accidentally format a hard drive, flash, or SD card, don’t ever copy any data to the drive. Stop every usage of the disk until after recovery.

After recovery, you can use it again depending on the state or condition of the disk.

2. DAMAGE DISK: Once your hard drive is damaged, it almost impossible to recover deleted files on it. You have 10 of a hundred percent success.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the step by step tutorial.

EaseUS Data Recovery Steps

Data recovery software free download version with crack: EaseUS Data Recovery

Install the downloaded software { EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard } and launch it. Select the drive you want to recover and press scan.

How To Recover Lost Data EaseUS data recovery wizard

A quick scan is initiated automatically which immediately scans for deleted or recent file history in the recycle bin.

EaseUS data recovery wizard recovery progress, How To Recover Lost Data

A message will pop up after the quick scan, telling you to initiate a deep scan if you want (Note: It important you run the deep scan)

EaseUS data recovery wizard deep scan, How To Recover Lost Data

The deep scan will scan the drive deeply to find all lost data. Until the scan is complete, don’t interrupt. If you do, you will have to start again.

After the scan is complete, select the files you want to recover, To recover all check the root folder above.

Press recover when you are done with step five the screenshot below will pop up.

Note: you must be very careful here. Don’t ever save your recovered file on the same drive that you are currently recovering from.

Save the recovered file to a different location, so as not to overwrite the hard drive or sd card.

Click recover. The recovery process will be initiated. Once it recovers completely, you can access your recovered data at any time.

You can see it’s very straightforward. The tips I gave you are actually the necessary instruction and guidelines you must strictly follow.

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