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I got a lot of messages from visitors “How to Play 8 Ball With Android And iPhone“. So, today I will teach you how to play 8 ball on iPhone. Follow the full write-up to learn how to play iMessage games for free.


8 Ball is a great game from the early 1900s that is now available for your Android and iPhone devices. All you need is a basic understanding of the game, and you’re on your way to playing!

The gameplay is quite interesting and mind-blowing. You can play against computer opponents, or challenge friends at anytime (multiplayer). But first, you must download the app from the App Store in order to play matches.

These are the steps to follow…

Get the 8 Ball Pool Game on your iPhone

GamePigeon includes 8 ball pool games. To get the GamePigeon installed on iMessage, first, download it.

  1. Tap the small “>” icon to open a conversation in iMessage, then click on the “A” icon.
  1. You will now see several options. Choose “Store” to download GamePigeon. After the program has been downloaded successfully, it will display as a controller icon.
  1. Return to iMessage, and you’ll find the games listed under the group. An 8-ball pool is also available.

Download 8 Ball Pool for Android on Playstore

How to Play 8 Ball With Android And iPhone iOS users

Once you have connected with your friend, you can see the steps to playing pool on GamePigeon clearly.

1. Open the app – Click the 8 Ball Pool icon. This will open the app.

2. Friendships and connections – If you have already added friends to your Facebook account, then look at the far right side of the title screen. Play With Friends will appear. “Tap” the button.

3. Find a friend to play with – Now you can see your friends list. Click on the name of the friend you want to play against and tap play. Note: To accept your challenge, the selected friend must be available online.

4. Locating the venue – You have several choices of venues depending on how many coins you have and how far along you are in the game. Slide to highlight the chosen venue, then tap on the button for the venue.

5. Give it all – Now, you’re ready to challenge your friend (assuming they are online at the same moment as you), and have chosen the venue.

6. Online only – If your friend is not online or has no internet connection, you will be notified when they are online so you can play.

Best 8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks For Mobile Devices

Many users frequently ask how to win an 8-ball pool on their iPhone. Here are some useful tricks that you can use.

  • Every day, open the app. Open the app every day, no matter if you’re playing the game. You will receive one spin on the Spin and Win lever. You can earn pool coins or cash by spinning the Spin and Win lever. This will allow you to make better pool cues.
  • Buy a better cue. You’ll be more successful at winning tournaments if you use the coins you earn initially to upgrade your cue.
  • You can shoot faster. Sometimes you can get your shot just right and your shot is over before you know it. To make shots faster, tap and drag the pool table surface in front of the tip.
  • Your goal should be extended. A small piece of paper, post-it note, or any other object with a straight edge is a good way to help you aim better.

What are the best games that Android and iPhone can play together?

Top 16 iOS and Android Cross-Platform Games

  • Pokemon GO. The game has been loved by almost 10 million people around the globe since its inception.
  • Spaceteam.
  • Modern Combat 6.
  • Super Stickman Golf 2.
  • Muffin Knight.
  • Draw Something.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Real Racing.

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How do I send an iMessage to an Android phone?

It is impossible to contact Android devices with iMessage if you don’t have cellular service. It can only communicate with Android devices via SMS. iMessage can only text and call iOS devices using Wi-Fi. If you turn on Wi-Fi calling, your phone will use Wi-Fi to send regular messages.

How can I receive iMessages on Android?

These are the steps for using the iMessage app on your Android device.

  • Get SMS for the iMessage app.
  • Install weServer
  • Grant Permission
  • Register for an iMessage account
  • Install weMessage
  • Login, Sync, and Start iMessaging With Your Android Phone


This article explains how to play 8 ball with Android and iPhone. If you have any difficulty playing or installing, use the comment section below.

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