How to Get Free Bitcoins: An Overview of Available Options

Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have grown in popularity over the years due to their decentralized nature and the potential for profitable investment. However, not everyone can afford to invest in cryptocurrencies, particularly those who are just starting to learn about this digital currency. Fortunately, there are ways to acquire bitcoins for free without having to spend any money. This article will explore ten different methods for getting free bitcoins. So let’s get started!

How to Get Free Bitcoins

1. Acquire Free Bitcoins with a Cryptocurrency Browser

One way to obtain free bitcoins is by using a cryptocurrency browser. These browsers function similarly to regular web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, but they are designed to mine bitcoins while you browse the web. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency browsers include Brave, Moon, and CryptoTab. To use them, simply download the browser and start browsing the web as usual.

2. Obtain Bitcoins at No Cost by Viewing Videos, Ads, or Taking Surveys

There are several websites that offer free bitcoins for watching videos, ads, or taking surveys. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Freebitcoin: This website allows you to earn bitcoins by playing games, participating in lotteries, and completing captchas.
  • Cointiply: Cointiply offers multiple ways to earn free bitcoin, including watching videos, playing games, and completing surveys.
  • This website allows you to earn bitcoins by completing various tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games.
  • Satoshi Hero: This website offers a faucet that dispenses free bitcoins every 20 minutes. You can also earn more by playing games and completing offers.
  • Btcbux: Btcbux offers a variety of ways to earn bitcoins, including watching ads, completing surveys, and playing games.

3. Utilizing Websites that Offer Bitcoin Earning Opportunities

There are several websites that offer bitcoin earning opportunities, such as BitcoinGet, Bituro, and CoinBucks. These websites pay you in bitcoins for completing tasks such as downloading apps, signing up for services, creating accounts, and completing surveys.

4. Engage in Bitcoin Trading to Obtain Free Cryptocurrency

Another way to acquire free bitcoins is by trading cryptocurrencies. By buying and selling bitcoins, you can potentially make a profit and earn free bitcoin in the process. However, this method requires a lot of knowledge and experience in trading cryptocurrencies.

5. Mine Bitcoins to Obtain Them for Free

Mining bitcoins is the process of using specialized software to solve complex mathematical equations, which validates transactions on the blockchain and rewards miners with bitcoins. While mining bitcoins requires expensive equipment and a lot of electricity, there are several cloud mining services available that allow you to mine bitcoins without any equipment.

6. Receive Free Bitcoin through Airdrops Participation

Airdrops are promotions offered by companies that distribute free coins or tokens to visitors who complete certain tasks, such as following them on social media, and answering questions or surveys. Participating in airdrops can be an excellent way to earn free bitcoin, but be careful of scams and only participate in legitimate airdrops.

7. Get Free Bitcoins by Using Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that dispense free bitcoins to users in exchange for completing simple tasks such as captcha solving. Some popular bitcoin faucets include, Moon Bitcoin, and Bonus Bitcoin.

8. Gain Free Bitcoins with Binance Referral Program

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a referral program. By referring friends to Binance, you can earn a percentage of their trading fees in the form of bitcoins.

9. Play Online or Mobile Games and Earn Bitcoins for Free

There are several online and mobile games that allow you to earn free bitcoin while playing. Some popular games include Bitcoin Blast, Bitcoin Blocks, and Bitcoin Alien Run.

10. Earn Bitcoins for Free by Completing Online Jobs

There are several websites that offer online jobs that pay in bitcoins. Some popular websites include CryptoJobs, BitGigs, and Coinality. These websites offer various job opportunities such as writing, coding, and marketing.


When trying to earn free bitcoins, it’s essential to be cautious of scams and only participate in legitimate opportunities. Here are some tips:

  • Never give out your bitcoin address or private key to anyone.
  • Only partake in legitimate opportunities that have positive reviews and are well-established.
  • Research the company or website before participating to ensure that they are legitimate.
  • Be wary of websites or apps that promise large amounts of free bitcoin in exchange for nothing.
  • Only use reputable bitcoin wallets and exchanges for transactions and storage.


In conclusion, while it may seem challenging to acquire free bitcoin, there are several legitimate methods available. By using cryptocurrency browsers, participating in bitcoin faucets, completing online jobs, and engaging in trading and mining, you can potentially earn free bitcoins. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and do your research before participating in any opportunity to ensure that you stay safe and avoid scams.

Olajide Towoju
Olajide Towoju

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