It might be a struggle, but you can download YouTube videos straight to your iPhone for watching at any time, even while you're offline.
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How To Download YouTube Videos On An IPhone Or IPad

How To Download YouTube Videos On An iPhone – Free Youtube Downloader

It might be a struggle, but you can download YouTube videos straight to your iPhone for watching at any time, even while you’re offline.

From YouTube’s own subscription services to third-party applications, there is a range of ways to save your YouTube favorites to your iOS device. You’ll never go back to your favorite video again and find it lacking.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best methods for uploading and transforming YouTube media to MP4 content.

Please note: some of the methods below would also include the use of a MacBook to download the video.

Method one: Subscribe to YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a streaming service that allows you to download videos to your mobile device for $16 per month. Downloaded videos can have a fairly low resolution—as low as 360 pixels—but at least you can watch them instead of losing track of them forever.

That way, even though the poster takes the video down, you can still see it. A one-month free trial is open, and you can find it through the previous page, or only through the YouTube iOS app.

Method two: Use a third-party app on a computer

There are a number of free and paid applications that you can use to watch YouTube videos on your phone. You’ll need to move the video to your iPhone after it’s downloaded.

Though not exclusively streaming to your iPhone, it’s still a decent way to get a downloaded video to your iPhone, so we’ve added it here.

We used the free ClipGrab as an example, but any number of downloaders and video converters will download YouTube videos to your desktop, and several of the following measures will function the same way.

After uploading and launching ClipGrab, use the app search tab to insert keywords and help you find the videos you want to preserve.

Choose an object from the results and use the pull-down menu to translate it to an MPEG4 format so that it can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad.

Select and click Grab This Clip.

The software puts a video on your screen, and now you’ve got a few options about how to get the video on your iPhone. Apple has its own built-in Mac device tools that allow you to upload YouTube videos to your iPhone.


AirDrop is the best way to have a quick clip on your iPhone; only right-click the video icon on your screen and select Sharing > AirDrop.

Make sure you allow Airdrop both on the desktop and in the iPhone Control Center. You don’t need a wired connection between your Mac and your iPhone.

Tap the AirDrop icon or drag and drop the video icon on the Mac AirDrop screen, and the image will be sent straight to your Camera Roll as a video to be accessed anytime you want.

Use the right cable for your Mac, such as a USB to Lightning cable, to connect your iPhone to your Mac.

  • From the sidebar, choose your device.
  • Select the Movies tab, then check Sync.
  • On your phone, check all of the movies you want to watch and tap Sync.
  • To find your video under Library > Home Videos, use the Apple TV app on your iPhone.

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Method three: Record your screen

Starting with iOS 11, which was launched in 2017, you can record your iPhone or iPad screen and everything you can play, including YouTube videos. Using this approach is free and simple since it’s right on your computer.

  • Pull up the YouTube video.
  • Switch to landscape orientation.
  • Swipe up and tap the Record button in the Control Center (a circle inside a circle).
  • To stop recording, tap the Record button again when the video finishes.
  • Your Camera Roll saves the video.
  • Just because you can do that doesn’t mean that you ought to

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to download a YouTube creation. But based on the purpose of the initial article, there might be a matter of ethics to consider.

Some individuals and businesses post videos to distribute content, while some brands post to raise sales. Videographers, for example, often make a cut in advertisement sales.

You could get irritated with advertisements that appear before and after your videos and even show up at the bottom of the videos you’re watching, but that’s how content creators make money.

If you stream videos for offline replay, the video would not receive cash for advertising, essentially stealing money from the content maker. The website, therefore, sacrifices a lot of views from you, the viewer.

If you download a file, whether it’s a video made for fun or from a content producer that makes money, you can never use it for your benefit or sell it directly to anyone.

Private watching is usually the only justification to download YouTube videos if you wish to prevent ethical problems and copyright infringements. If you’re confused, skip uploading it all together, or stick with the official YouTube Premium package to skip advertisements.

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