How To Create Youtube Channel – Easy Steps.

Youtube is the largest online video network in the world, owned by Google. Today, YouTube has over a billion users. Internet users now prefer to watch and share content through YouTube.

The traffic and watching hours that YouTube generates are over 100 million every single day. Now, everybody wants to own or set up a YouTube channel.


As I previously stated, there are over 2 billion YouTube users worldwide. Why not find and reach out to your audience by uploading your video? Video.

A lot of people say videos are hard to produce. Some say the cost of producing is high; well, that is your own point of view. Nowadays, creating videos on your Android or Apple phone has become easy and almost free.

If you have been striving to set up a youtube channel, this is your biggest opportunity.

How to create a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube Channel Using Your Gmail Account

1. Open Youtube URL and click SIGN IN

To do that, click here, then click sign-in in the top right corner.

sign to youtube

2. Login with your Gmail account

To continue, you must have a Gmail account, log in or create a new Gmail.

gmail to youtube

3. Now go to Youtube Settings.

Click your profile icon at the top right corner of the YouTube page and click settings.

youtube channel settings

4. Now the next step is, Click create a new youtube channel from the new window.

Create new channel

5. I am sure you have a name in mind for your youtube channel. Enter your preferred name in the box provided.

6. Click Create. You will be taken to your youtube channel homepage.

You have successfully created a channel for yourself on youtube. Do you notice the screenshot above?

It says: This channel doesn’t have any content. I will drop a tutorial on how you can upload videos, music, etc.

Click here to learn how to customize your page.

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