How To Check Glo Number – 8 Easy Ways To Check Your Glo Number

If you are using a Glo number, sometimes you might not remember your mobile digit. You may need your phone numbers for reference, or you may just need them in your calendar, or maybe you can’t find the phone number.

Even if you keep your Glo number a little longer than expected, it may be impossible to remember. So it’s normal for a person to ask these questions about their Glo number.

So relax and prepare your popcorn as the article covers everything about Glo number. It’s not a big problem since you can check a Glo line in simple steps in a quick way.

Eight Ways To Check Your Glo Number In 2022

  • How to check Glo number By dialing “1244” on your phone
  • How to check Glo number using USSD Code
  • How to Check Glo Number by Calling or Texting a Friend
  • How to Check Glo Number Using the Official Glo Website
  • How to check Glo number Using the “Please Call Me” SMS
  • How To Know Your Glo Phone Number By Calling the Glo Customer Service
  • How to check Glo number online
  • How to check Glo number using social platforms

How to check Glo number By dialing “1244” on your phone

The only thing you need to do is take your phone and dial the number “1244”. Then an operator will read the number to you on the other side of the call.

Again, you could write it down while your voice reads it or try to learn it to ensure that you don’t have to dial it every time.

How to check Glo mobile number By Dialing “1244” on your phone

Every company in the telecom industry is able to provide a unique USSD code that clients can use to access the most important details like the BVN, bank statement, and your number. The USSD code allows customers to look up telephone numbers at any time.

If you’d like to verify your Glo telephone number you can dial 135*8# to check your phone number. After dialling this code, the number of your phone will be displayed on screen, with that country code: +234. Thus, you’ll have +2348051234567 in case your Glo numbers are 08051234567. Simply copy it and save it to your phonebook or diary.

If this doesn’t work, grab the jotter you have on hand or an article of paper and a pen. Call 12-44 as a short number. This will dial the number you have entered, so be prepared to record it.

You can also lookup your Glo number by dialing *777#. At the command prompt, choose the number 4, “My Tariff Plan.” Then, when the pop-up appears, choose 3 “My number” and your phone number will appear on the phone screen. If all of this array of methods to verify the validity of your Glo mobile number doesn’t work, check out the next article.

How to check Glo number using USSD Code

The first and most straightforward approach will be the easy one. The only thing you have to do is recharge your Glo account with airtime and then utilize this line when calling or sending an SMS message to an acquaintance. Your phone number will be displayed on the person’s mobile phone, and you can find your phone number that way.

How to check Glo number Using the Official Glo Website

If you’re making use of a device with an internet connection, this is the easiest way to obtain your Glo number with your web browser. All you have to do is go to the web address in the table below.

Once the page has loaded completely, you will be able to view your number in the top-right corner of the page.

In the final morning, you have a variety of ways one can take advantage of to find your Glo telephone number. Utilizing any of the described methods that you are most comfortable using to verify the validity of your Glo telephone number.

How to Check Your Glo Phone Number Using the “Please Call Me” SMS

Finally, if all of the methods mentioned above for checking your Glo number aren’t working or you cannot make use of them for any reason, or for another reason possible, you could end up sending an email or a callback message to any of your friends or family members that have a Glo Sim vehicle.

To use this feature, just dial *125* the person’s number. As an example, dial *125*0805XXXXXX# and press send. When the message is received, open the message and then write down the sender’s name. That’s your personal number.

How to check Glo number By Calling the Glo customer service

If you’re all alone and you’re unable to get a number to make a call or send a message option, contact the Glo customer care number to retrieve your phone number.

However, this approach isn’t strict; you will not be given the number in case you’re incapable of answering the security questions. They will be asking you questions. However, it’s very safe and secure.

To contact Glo customer service, dial 121 from your phone and follow the Automated Voice Instructions.

How to Check Glo number online?

Yes, this is essentially an online way to verify the validity of your Glo telephone number. You really do not require any data bundle to perform this process, but Glo is the one that offers the cheapest data plans in comparison with other providers.

To quickly learn how to check Glo number online, you’ll need to follow the following steps on a tablet or mobile  handset:

  • Insert your Glo sim card and connect
  • Open your browser, and then type:
  • You can follow the above hyperlink.
  • As soon as you enter, your Glo number, as well as other important details will appear.
  • Follow these steps for your laptop and computer:
  • For further use, you’ll need the laptop as well as a modem, perhaps a Glo modem.
  • Place your Glo sim in your modem, then connect it to your computer. Within a few seconds after that, your Glo website will show you the number of your phone.

How to know your Glo number using social platforms

You might be wondering how this is done? What can I do to find my Glo number by looking at my Facebook and Twitter handles? The answer is simple.

To make this work, you have to create your social profiles, e.g.WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram accounts using Glo. Glo line. If you didn’t, then just go back to the top and follow the previous two options. If you did, continue reading!

Connecting to your Glo line on the different social networks is easy since most social platforms display the phone number.

For WhatsApp

Launch the WhatsApp app and then tap the “ellipsis” (the 3 vertical dots located at the top left of the screen).

Click on the settings

Enter either your phone number or the one you registered within the app to reveal your phone number.

For Facebook

Install the Facebook app on your phone and then click to reveal the 3 vertical lines at the top of the right-hand side of your phone.

Scroll down, and then click Settings and Privacy.

Click on the settings

Click on your personal information, then scroll to the contact details.

If you’ve registered your Facebook account using the number of your Glo number, the phone number and email address will be shown on the Contact information page.

In the case of InstagramTwitter, as well as other social networks, you can find the Glo number by going to your personal information page in the settings. The Glo number or mobile number will be displayed there in the event that you used your Glo cellphone number while signing up for the application.

I hope that with this brief guide you’ll be able to identify the details of your Glo number and quickly check the validity of your Glo number at any time that you require it.

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