How to Check Glo Balance (Data and Airtime Balance)

Today on this, we will be looking at an insight from one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunication companies, “Glo,” featuring all you need to know about Glo data plan balance and also, not forgetting, how to check Glo balance for free within a few seconds.

How To Check Glo Balance | Glo Credit Balance

I’ve divided these steps down to understand them better, so read on. Follow the steps below to check your Glo airtime balance.

  • Dial #124# from your mobile device using your Glo sim card.
  • A pop-up message with your information will show on your screen; go ahead and read it.

How to check Glo Data balance

To check your Glo data plan balance, carefully follow the instructions in this step-by-step tutorial.

However, in this article, we will walk you through the steps to check your Glo data balance.

  • Dial *777# from any phone you have.
  • Press 1 to “buy a plan” and send it.
  • Then, hit 4 to “Manage plan” and send it.
  • Select 4 again to “Get Data Balance.”
  • Your current data balance will be displayed on the a pop-up screen.

Alternatively, you may check your Glo data balance by simply dialing *127*0# on your phone, which is the quickest option.

How to Check Glo Airtime Balance Via SMS

You can also check your Glo data balance by sending an SMS to the number provided below; follow the instructions below if you want to check your Glo data balance through SMS.

Type “INFO” in your phone message. Then send it to 127. The word “INFO” will appear in the message’s body, and the recipient number will be 127.

You will get a message from 127 with a breakdown of your data balance and all you need to know about your current data subscription after sending the INFO to 127.

Using the Glo Mobile App to Check Your Glo Account Balance

This method requires you to have a smartphone, either Android or iOS, with an active data subscription, i.e., you must have a data balance and a smartphone before you can use this service to check your Glo account balance.

The steps for utilizing this method are outlined below.

  • Turn on your smartphone’s mobile data.
  • Search for “Glo Mobile App” on Google Play or Apple Stores on your phone.
  • Install and activate the app on your phone.
  • In the following step, enter your Glo phone number to activate or connect the app on your phone.
  • The app should then process your data, and voila! Your balance should be visible on the Dashboard of your Glo Mobile App.

This method is the most convenient since you only need to install the program once on your phone, and then all you have to do is open it (to display your balance) and shut it (when done checking).

The app not only displays your recharge balance, but it also displays your airtime bonus balance and active data subscription balance, and it can be used to do additional self-service tasks (e.g., recharge, data purchase, chat with customer support, NIN connection, and so on) for free in seconds.

How to Check Glo Data Balance Online

You may also check your Glo data balance over the internet. This method is most appropriate for iPad users.

Simply go to the Glo hsi site to check your Glo data balance online.

The Glo HSI site is a Glo self-help portal where Glo users may manage their Glo Bolt internet subscriptions.

The Glo Bolt is an enhanced Glo internet service designed specifically for Nigeria.

How To Check Glo Balance USSD (Data)

The complete steps to check your Glo airtime balance in only a few clicks are shown below. Follow the instructions below, and your Glo airtime balance will be displayed in no time.

Glo ussd code

  • Open Your phone’s dial pad, which contains your Glo sim card.
  • To check glo balance check code, type #242#.
  • A pop-up message will appear, providing you with specific information about your Glo airtime balance.

How to Check Glo Data Balance and Glo Bonus Account Balance

On the Glo mobile network, some plans provide incentives. You’ve probably heard about or experienced the free bonus offers that come with airtime recharges on your data-enabled phone.

Some tariff plans that include incentives are as follows:

  • Glo Jumbo Tariff Plan: You receive a 500% bonus on airtime and accessible data on Jumbo. For example, an N100 (principal balance) recharge gets you N500 (bonus balance) + 50MB of data, and so on.
  • Glo Campus Booster Tariff Plan: You are instantly eligible for the 10X data bonus offer when you switch to the Campus Plan. That is, for every data bundle purchased, you get ten times the value. For example, if you purchase an N200 data plan, you will get N2000 in data to use on Glo Campus Booster.
  • Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan: Bumpa allows you to get a 200 percent immediate bonus on the amount you recharge. For example, if you recharge N100, you will get N300 in airtime to call all Nigerian networks.
  • Glo Yakata Tariff Plan: In your first six months on this plan, you are eligible for a free 6GB of data as well as a 2,200% airtime bonus. Isn’t it fantastic?
  • Glo Welcome back: This one is for Glo subscribers who haven’t used their sim card in 30 days or longer. Yes, by calling #122*35#, you may obtain N6000 in free airtime and data.

So here are the easy codes to check your Glo bonus balance including the glo yakata airtime balance

  • Glo Jumbo – #122*23#
  • Glo Campus Booster – #122*10#
  • The Glo Bumpa – #122*2#
  • Glo Yakata – *220*1#
  • Glo Welcome Back – #122*34#

Hope after reading all these details you may able to find out all relevant information for how to check Glo balance, Glo number check code, Glo balance code and many more

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How to Add Credit to a Glo Account

What if you have no idea how to check your data balance? No worries. Follow my easy instructions to simply recharge your Glo number.

  • Simply dial *123*Recharge PIN#. For instance, if your recharge card PIN is 0123 4567 8901 234, just put in *123*012345678901234# and send it to load airtime on your phone.

Don’t make the mistake of mistyping the credit loading code. Some recharge coupons may only be valid for calls. Yes, Glo provides new tariff packages regularly and suggests that you load credit with a specific code to get an X2 or extra airtime bonus to call your loved ones.

Most of the time, the airtime bonus is unshareable; you can’t use it to buy data, and so on. However, use the Glo default recharge code if you want complete control over your airtime.

How to Recharge Your Glo Line Using Your Bank Account

To utilize glo mobile app method, Users should have a bank account and a Glo sim card linked to the account, which means that the Glo sim card should be the same sim card (phone number) that you used to enroll or create your bank account. All you have to is;

  • On your phone, enter the USSD code *805#.
  • The next step is to pick your preferred bank among the numerous banks connected to your phone number by replying with “1”, “2”, “3”, and so on.
  • Enter the amount of recharge you wish to add to your Glo line and press the button.
  • To start the top-up procedure, press “Send.”


We feel that Naijaphotovibes’s article on how to check your Glo account balance from airtime, data plan, and bonus has covered everything.

However, please let us know if there is a plan on the Glo network you are seeking and you have not found how to do so in this article.

You may tell us about it in the comments section, and we’d be happy to assist you. Please share this article with your friends to simply show them how to check glo balance easily.

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