Watching movies online might be what everyone prefers now, but it doesn’t mean movies and video files should not be written to DVD again. Furthermore, If you want to write video files or burn movies to your DVD and watch using your DVD player. In Addition, It’s very easy to create on your own. However, here’s how to burn a DVD video on windows 10.

How to burn DVD that will play in DVD player, What you will need

Firstly, to burn videos to DVD, you must have the listed items below.

  • Blank DVD
  • External Write
  • Video File
  • DVD Flick & ImgBurn
  • Burn(MacOS)

Blank DVD: Do you really want to BURN A DVD? Then you need a blank DVD. Blank DVDs are easy to get and also cheaper, and the spindle is also cheaper. Furthermore, you will see two types of blank discs: DVD + R and DVD-R. These two formats are almost identical and support almost every drive sold today. However, if you have an older DVD burner, check if it supports DVD + R or DVD-R. If it only supports one, buy a DVD that fits your drive. Additionally, if your movies are really big, Single-layer disks can store 4.7GB and dual-layer disks 8.5GB. Furthermore, make sure your DVD drive supports dual-layer burning before purchasing those discs.

External Writer: Most computers come with DVD RW Drive to burn or write files to DVD,  but it always advisable to use an external DVD  which only costs $5-10.

Video File: Whether it’s your own home movies or a picture you took from your collection, you need a video file (or several videos) to burn a DVD disc. The total size of all videos you keep on disk should not exceed 4.7GB (for single-layer discs) or 8.5GB (for dual-layer discs).

DVD Flick/Imgburn or Free Studio: These are the best DVD burning software for windows 10. You’ll need any of this tool to burn video to DVD. luckily they are all free. DVD Flick converts your video to the appropriate format and creates a playable menu, and then sends the converted video to Imgburn for burning to disc. Download them before they start. Free Studio also does the same, the installation comes with Free Video to DVD Converter which converts and sends to Free DVD Video Burner for burning to DVD.

Burn (MacOS): Burn is another free macOS application you can use to burn your DVD. It can convert your video to the appropriate format, create a simple menu, and burn everything to disk in a single package. The usage and download link will be provided in this article.

Now that will have the necessary tools, we can now dive into how to write a DVD on Windows.

How To Burn a DVD video file Using Free Studio

How To Burn Video To DVD

FreeVideoToDVDConverter is a very powerful DVD converter and the best DVD video burner similar to DVD flick. You can burn video to DVD windows 10. When you install this software, it creates two shortcuts on the desktop. Furthermore, use one to convert and the other to burn to DVD. No need to worry about what format to burn DVD to play on DVD player, Free studio does everything for you in simple steps listed below. Free studio is no doubt the best free video DVD creator.

First, Download and install the program. Download Link 1Download Link 2

  • Run the converter located on the desktop.
  • Click Add files to add video file to DVD. And click open to import the video.
  • After importing your file, change the DVD format from NTSC to PAL and choose the location to save the conversion.
How To Burn Video To DVD
  • Now, Click Create DVD and choose one of the given options from the pop-up menu.
  • Start DVD Burner and wait for the user command.
  • Start DVD Burner and begin the burning process.
  • No action to be taking.

1. Start DVD Burner and wait for the user command: Choosing this option tells the application to start the burner program immediately after the conversion process. After conversion, the burner will start waiting for the user’s command before it burns to DVD.

2. Start DVD Burner and begin the burning process: This option tells the application to burn to DVD immediately after the conversion process, and also write to disc without waiting for the user’s command.

3. No action to be taking: If you want to convert and start the burner later in the future. This option is for you. Follow the steps below carefully for options 3.

Burn To Burn DVD Manually With Free DVD Video Burner

  • Return to your Desktop and run Free DVD Video Burner.
  • Click Browse to locate the file you converted earlier. Click OK to import into the converter.
how to burn video to dvd, locate the video
  • Make sure a blank DVD is inserted, Click burn to begin the burning process.
burn video directely to dvd

In Conclusion, Am sure with this tutorial you now know how to write a video to a DVD player. Our next guide will be on how to burn video to DVD using Windows media player

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  • Burn(MacOS) – Follow this link to learn more

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