How to Borrow Airtime on Airtel

How to Borrow Airtime on Airtel | Code to Borrow Airtime From Airtel 

Airtel offers an extra credit service that allows users to borrow airtime. It is available to prepaid customers, and the amount of credit they borrow is determined by their credit score.

The process of borrowing airtel airtime is quick and straightforward. You need to be qualified to borrow and have a valid account with AirTel Prepaid Services or Airtel Postpaid Services, which means you need to have a working phone number with AirTel Prepaid Services or Postpaid Services.

This article will explain everything you must learn about borrowing airtime, or, as some call it, calling credit on Airtel. This article will show you how to borrow airtime on airtel phone at any time and at any place.

How Do I Qualify To Receive Airtel Extra Credit?

It has been previously stated that you must become an Airtel subscriber for a minimum of two months and use at least 200 Naira of airtime each month. You need to become an Airtel Prepaid customer using a registered sim card.

Airtime Borrowing from Airtel Eligibility conditions

Before dialing for the Airtel credit code, you must determine whether you’re qualified to use the service. Not all users can avail of credit.

There are no specific customer requirements. There are, however, a few restrictions. You must possess a valid SIM. The SIM card you use has to be inactive for at least 3 months.

Since the frequency of your monthly recharge will be considered, it’s crucial to charge at least N250 each month. You should not have Talk time loans that are in a non-repayable state.

Important Note Regarding Lending Airtime To Airtel

Indeed, the Airtel Extra Credit Service isn’t free, but there’s more involved than what you believe. Yes, you have to pay an extra 15% of the value you borrowed from Airtel. In addition, the load from Airtel includes the 20 percent service charge attached to it.

How to Borrow Airtime on Airtel

At this moment, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. You’re in a circumstance in which it’s hard to find a recharge card slip and load it up with Airtel’s recharge codes. The information provided below will prove helpful.

They used short, or another code for borrowing airtime from Airtel is *500*amount#. However, there is a manual method to get a loan from Airtel Extra Credit Service.

Airtel will contact you promptly to notify you that your request was successful.

How do I borrow data from Airtel?

Apart from the possibility of borrowing airtime, Airtel also allows its customers to borrow data to surf the internet. If you’re missing data and you cannot subscribe to another service for whatever reason, you can take these actions to borrow data and pay it back when you’re ready to pay. Find out how to get airtime from 9mobile.

  1. Simply dial *500#
  2. Then, a prompt will appear. Respond with 3 numbers to borrow data.
  3. If you are doing this correctly, they will show you the list of data bundles you can qualify for. This could be as little as 10MB or as large as 1TB.
  4. Select the bundle of preference. Within a matter of minutes, they’ll activate the data plan of your choice.

How can I pay back the loan with Airtel Data or Credit?

The process of repayment is easy. All you need to do is recharge your account using the credit information you took out. After that, Airtel will automatically make deductions from the amount you borrowed.

If you require airtime or data and are short of cash, you can benefit from the Airtel Extra Credit Services. You don’t need an internet connection to use this loan. All you need to enter is the USSD code, and in a short time, they will be able to credit your account. Learn how to connect NIN with Airtel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Do Not Repay Within 72 Hours?

Airtel always provides their customers with 72 hours to pay back their loans, and many have wondered what might occur if they fail to comply with the instructions.

If you refuse to pay back the loan within 72 hours, you won’t be eligible for services until you repay the amount you borrowed. In addition, it could affect your credit rating for advances and may hinder your access to a more significant number of loans at the scheduled time.

Are international phone calls possible using Advance Airtime?

Yes. If your airtime in advance is sufficient for you to pay the price.

Can I buy multiple TalkMore bundles?

Yes, indeed. You are free to buy as many TalkMorebundles as you want. Undefined What can I make use of my Talkmore Bundle to do?

Who Is Eligible To Borrow Airtime From Airtel Nigeria?

  • Airtel customers who have an activated and registered SIM card.
  • Your Airtel SIM card should be at least 2 months old.
  • It is necessary to recharge a minimum of N200 per month.
  • Depending on how much you recharge each month, you can borrow from Airtel. The more you recharge, the more significant the amount you’ll become qualified to borrow.
  • All outstanding debts or loans have to be paid off to get another.

Can I get credit for additional borrowing without paying back the first loan?

No! You need to pay off your previous loan if you have one before taking out a new loan.

Airtel borrows credits: how do they work?

Learn more about Airtel’s WhatsApp bundle subscription code. Most of the time, when users run out of airtime, alternative methods to recharge it aren’t available.

For instance, you might be without a connection to the internet, or you might not be able to get it via the bank. The majority of companies, such as Airtel, offer a simple solution to this problem.

You can use the extra time as credit and pay for it in the future when you recharge. It is also possible to use the same method by using the internet’s data access.

Can I Make Calls to Other Networks with the Advance Airtime

Yes! It’s like recharging your line using normal airtime. You can use it for any purpose, connect with any network, and even have an international number.

Did You Manage to Borrow Airtime?

As of now, you are aware of how to get the time of your flight via Airtel Nigeria without stress.

Tell us about it via the comment section. Was your request accepted? What was the amount you borrowed through Airtel’s extra credit service?

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