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How To Hide Recently Added Friends Facebook

Facebook does its best to make sure that its platform is user-friendly for everyone that uses it. It’s no surprise that most people have a “Hide Recently Added Friends” option in their privacy settings.

It’s a way for people to feel more comfortable with the people they are adding as friends on the social media website.

Hiding the people you recently added as friends on Facebook is a way to avoid unnecessary drama and keep your Facebook feed from being cluttered with people you don’t know.

This blog post will talk about the features of Facebook, such as the “Hide Recently Added Friends” option, and how it can help you stay safe on the site.

How to Hide Recently Added Friends Facebook

This tutorial has been revised to reflect the latest Facebook privacy settings as Facebook introduced essential changes recently.

Therefore, follow this latest guide and hide your recently added Facebook friends list from other users:

  1. Log into your profile
  2. At the top of your list of friends, click to select the pencil icon right in front of “friends.”
  3. You can now remove the checkbox before “show your friends’ the list of friends to all.”

Your Facebook friends list has been made visible; it’s visible to people who aren’t your friends on Facebook. Your friends can still access it when they visit the status of your Facebook profile.

To limit the information that Facebook users typically see in your account, visit your privacy settings page. A variety of options for privacy settings are suggested to protect and privatize your Facebook account’s security thoroughly.

If you don’t want anyone to see your Facebook friends list, make sure you set the “Who can view your friend’s list” settings change to “Only Me.”

That’s how you hide the new friends on Facebook. Do you think this guide has been helpful?


What do you know about the most active people on Facebook in 2022?

As of right now, there’s currently no feature (officially) that shows the date of sending a friend request. It would be best if you went through your activity log to determine when you’ve sent a request out to someone

How do you know the moment someone has added you to Facebook?

It’s impossible to know the date you received the request from a friend, but the Activity Log can reveal the date you were friends with someone or even send an individual a friendship request. There is a “Friends” filter on the left side of the menu by pressing “More” beneath Comments.

What can I do to find someone’s secret Facebook friends? Facebook 2022?

How to see someone’s hidden friends list on Facebook

  1. Launch the Facebook application.
  2. Find the ID of the secret friend’s profile.
  3. Also, take note of the ID of the mutual friend.
  4. Input the IDs into the URL given.
  5. You will be able to find a list of secret friends who are mutual.

How do I hide the recently added friends tab from my Facebook viewers?

  1. Log into your profile
  2. At the top of your list of friends, click to select the pencil icon right in front of “friends.”
  3. You can now remove the checkbox before “show your friends’ the list of friends to all.”

Do you know if they will go to their Facebook page in 2022?

Are you able to see who viewed your Facebook page 2022? It’s finally here! Facebook allows you to know those who have viewed your Facebook profile via its app. At the moment, the feature is only available for iOS. But it is expected that Facebook will make it available on Android too.

Why can’t Facebook show all the mutual friends?

Additionally, if the person’s entire list of friends is not visible to you, a mutual friend who has their complete list hidden from you won’t be shown as an acquaintance. That is, when a mutual friend’s list of friends is hidden, it won’t be visible.

Who was the person who viewed my Facebook page if we were not friends?

Viewers who have seen your story in which you’re not friends on Facebook will be displayed in “Other Viewers.” But their names will remain private.

That is, those who are listed in the category of “Other Viewers” will not be visible to you. This has angered many users because they cannot see the “other viewers.”

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