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Google Voice Chrome Extension | Call From Google

To make calls, users constantly copy and paste phone numbers from other websites into Google Voice. For months, we have asked for web-based click-to-calls from the Google Voice team. Finally, the Google voice extension is now available for all Chrome users.

A Google Voice Chrome Extension is an extension that can be installed on Google Chrome in order to facilitate the configuration of Google Voice. This extension can be used to configure the voice mail, voicemail, calls, and call forwarding settings within Google Voice.

Making local and international calls has become easier within the chrome browser.

This extension adds click-to-call functionality to web pages. The extension adds click-to-call functionality to web pages that have phone numbers, such as Yelp pages or your online address books. Google will pop up a window asking you which phone you would like to use. The pop-up window will call the phone and connect you to the number.

You will also see a small box at the top of your browser. You can type in a name or phone number and call or SMS it from the browser, and read recent text messages and transcribed voicemails (Google automatically transcribes voicemails, usually horribly, but it’s fun).

For me, the functionality worked nicely. This is the type of thing that could persuade me to switch my preferred browser to Chrome now that I’m becoming a major Google Voice user.

All you require is another Google account and you can easily make Canadian or U.S. calls with Google Voice. Although that extension has been around for a few years its popularity is stronger than ever.

Our guide covers how to use this Extension to perform a call in your Chrome Browser. If you want to use Google Voice you can use it in the United States or Canada with a Google Voice extension on Google Chrome or a Google mail address to make a call. If you have a Gmail account you must log into Google to make this extension.

Why should the Chrome Browser have Google Voice?

  • Google Voice will be added to your browser toolbar, displaying your unread messages and other notifications right on your computer.
  • Quick access to many Google Voice features, including recent message transcriptions, making calls, or sending a text to any contact.
  • You can click a number directly on a webpage to start a call.

How do I sign up for Google Voice?

  • Go to the official site to signup and get a Google Voice number to use this button.
  • Login with your Gmail account and confirm the popup allowing Google Voice services to show notifications on Chrome.
  • To accept these terms and conditions, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Next, select the desired city to be included in the available numbers. Google will automatically search for nearby cities, but not all cities will appear in the results. If your location is not available, select a nearby location.
  • After you have found the city, select a number to activate your Google Voice number.

How do I add the Google Voice Chrome extension to the Chrome Browser?

Here’s a quick guide to adding the Google Voice button to Chrome.

  • Launch Google Chrome on your PC or Mac and go to the “chrome://extensions/” URL.
  • Click the hamburger menu to navigate to “Open Chrome Web Store”. This will open the Chrome Web Store extensions page.
  • Find the “Google Voice (by Google)” extension by searching for “Google Voice.” This is a Google plugin that will show up first in search results.
  • To install the extension, click the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • The Google Voice button will be available in the Chrome toolbar, next to the address bar.
  • To check your messages, send a message or make a call, click on the button.
  • To customize Google Voice in Chrome: Right-click the icon on the toolbar, and then choose “Options”.
  • Modify the settings, then click “Save” at the bottom.

Install Google Voice | Google Voice Apk

The Google voice is available on Android phones. Simply visit the Google Play Store to download the app on your device. You need to get a Google voice number, which was explained earlier.

Google Voice provides a number that you can use to call, text, or voicemail. It can be used on both smartphones and computers. The app syncs across all your devices, so you can use it at work, home, or on the go.

Google Voice is only available for Google Accounts within the US, and Google Workspace accounts in selected markets. In all markets, text messaging is not available.



You can add the Google Voice Chrome extension and manage your voicemail playback, transcript, and calling platform from your desktop. It makes phone numbers from web pages easily callable with a single click. This means you don’t need to copy and paste the numbers to call them or text them.

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