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Good Girls Season 3 Recap Christina Hendricks

Fans were disappointed when Good Girls season 3 ended five episodes early, but on the bright side, this means that season 4 of Good Girls will begin without a time jump and with a lot of answers, particularly about a new adversary, Beth’s (Christina Hendricks), the latest criminal venture, Ruby (Retta), and Rio (Manny Montana), who is still at odds with Beth (still breathing’).

Before we return to the action of Good Girls Season 3 Recap, here’s all you need to know about Good Girls Season 3.

The Women Started Their Own Counterfeiting Business

Beth, Annie, and Ruby started their own counterfeiting company in the back of Beth’s stationery shop after Rio died. Ruby, who had just started working as a manicurist, donated nail polish to be used as a chemical agent. And Annie was working as a valet to provide the dollar notes that would be used as paper.

They also enlisted Beth’s employee Lucy, a graphic design prodigy, to assist them in making money by printing plates. Lucy consented since she thought they were earning bogus money for a casino charity event.

Rio Survived, and He Wanted Beth Dead

Rio, on the other hand, did not die when Beth shot him. He survived and worked as an informant for Agent Turner until he was well enough to plan Agent Turner’s assassination. Rio was free to pursue Beth after murdering the agent.

He made it plain that he wanted her dead, so Beth freaked out and said that she was pregnant. The deception bought her some time before she finally admitted to “losing” the pregnancy. Rio, on the other hand, opted to keep her alive since she’d reopened the counterfeiting company. He wanted her to work for him.

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Lucy was murdered, and her boyfriend was a suspect.

Rio shot and murdered Lucy to show Beth that she wasn’t in charge. He didn’t need her to operate the company since he possessed her printing plates. Rio also duped Beth into handling the pistol that murdered Lucy, putting her on the hook for the crime. Following Lucy’s abduction, Beth’s boyfriend Max started interrogating her. She pretended to Max that Lucy had packed her belongings and left, even taking her beloved bird with her.

Max seemed to believe the narrative until he saw Beth’s husband Dean holding the bird. Max sought the truth, so Beth informed him about Rio and proposed that Max murder him in retaliation. Max backed down from that plan, but he did link Beth to his cousin (a hitman).

As of the conclusion of the season, Beth was still working with the hitman to complete the job, thus Rio’s time on the program may be coming to an end.

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Boomer has returned.

While Beth was saving up for the hitman, Rio entrusted her with picking up a “gift” for him, which turned out to be Annie’s creepy old employer, Boomer. He’d escaped from prison and expected to be transferred to Canada, but Beth was told to transfer him to Rio.

Beth attempted to persuade Rio not to murder Boomer when she dropped him off. Rio, on the other hand, added menacingly, “I have other plans for him.” That is something that Season 4 will have to clarify.

Stan, too, has a side hustle.

While Ruby was at the nail shop and working on her counterfeiting, her husband Stan started his own side business. He began his career as a security guard at a strip club, where he assisted the dancers in their work for the club’s wealthy patrons.

Annie began therapy.

Season 3 saw Annie go through a lot of character development. She started going to therapy and studying for her G.E.D. in order to become an EMT. She started, however, to begin to fall for her therapist, who was equally poor at setting boundaries. He flirted with her and helped her with her studies, but it was eventually discovered that he had a fiancée, which left Annie heartbroken and disheartened.

Dean’s Dramatic Work

Dean’s supervisor at the hot tub shop attempted to get him to cheat on Beth, but he wanted to since he loved his wife. The knowledge was subsequently utilized as leverage by Beth and Dean to buy his employer out of the firm. The pair now intend to utilize the proceeds from the hot tub sales to pay off Beth’s counterfeit money.

The FBI is on their tail.

Now, let’s go back to Ruby. The FBI discovered that she purchased a vehicle entirely in cash, which is a significant red flag when attempting to stay under the radar. FBI Agent Phoebe Donnegan also discovered that the chemical used in the counterfeit money was nail polish. Phoebe was certain she had her lady since Ruby worked at a nail shop.


Phoebe went to the salon to have her nails done and, afterwards, saw Ruby in the park, where she was hanging out with Beth and Annie. Phoebe’s strategy is to befriend them in order to acquire proof, which is where Season 3 left off.

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