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Top 4 Gaming Mouse with Number Pad | 2021 Updated!

Trying to find the best gaming mouse can be difficult, particularly if you enjoy MMORPGs. Purchasing a gaming mouse with number pad is one of the easiest ways to play like a pro. This allows you to quickly route your favorite controls to the buttons for quicker execution of skills, giving you a competitive advantage in modes such as PvP.

At a Glance: Gaming Mouses with a Numeric Keypad

  1. Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite
  2. Razer NAGA ChromaRazer Naga Trinity
  3. Razer Naga Trinity
  4. Logitech G600

1. Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite – MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse

First on our list of Gaming Mouse with Number Pad is Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite. The Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite is a high-end mouse designed for MOBA/MMO gaming. It has 17 programmable keys, including 12 on the left side, and a PixArt sensor with a broad DPI range (18000 MAX). The mouse has a lot of customizability options, and its many buttons are ideal for video editors.

 Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite - gaming mouse with number pad


The mouse has a short design with a slight bump towards the back that is perfect for claw grippers and people with palm grips. However, if you have big paws, this is not the mouse for you.

The Scimitar RGB Elite has 17 keys, as previously stated: 12 side buttons, two main clicks, a scroll wheel, a DPI turn, and a profile shift button. The buttons are sufficient for most MMO players, but there is no dedicated sniper button. On the plus side, it employs Omron switches that are rated for 50 million clicks, implying that the system can last for years.


The Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite mouse comes with Corsair iCUE software, which allows you to program macros and coordinate RGB lights with other devices. The mouse also has a DPI indicator on the left side. The polling rates can be set to 125, 250, 500, or 1,000 Hz, and the lift-off distance can be adjusted using the iCue program.


  • Onboard profile storage
  • Patented adjustable side keypad
  • Premium build quality
  • Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks


The iCUE app does not have a friendly user interface.

2. Razer NAGA Chroma

Razer NAGA Chroma - gaming mouse with number pad

The Razer NAGA Chroma RGB MMO Gaming Mouse is a well-made product from the reputable company Razer. This MMO mouse has 19 programmable buttons as well as 12 mechanical thumb buttons.

With a weight of 135 grams, it makes a lightweight MMO mouse with a tracking speed of 210 inches per second. It also has a “tilt-click scroll wheel,” which is a useful feature in any case, whether you are gaming or doing anything else. The Naga chroma is an intriguing computer with the bold assertion of being the “world’s most accurate gaming mouse sensor.”

The Naga Chroma color choices are perhaps the most refreshing. Allowing users to customize the colors of their own MMO mouse. Furthermore, inter-device color synchronization is something that can take your mouse’s appearance to the next level if you care about such stuff.

3. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity - gaming mouse with number pad

Razer is a hugely successful brand and one of the most trusted brands in computer gaming accessories. The Naga Trinity, like the company’s other products, is designed for maximum efficiency. Since it comes with three separate side plates, this mouse really helps you to customize your gaming experience. Each side plate has a different number of hotkeys, so you won’t have to worry about missing buttons when switching between games. The first side panel features a basic gaming mouse with two buttons that can be conveniently mapped to almost any game of your choosing. The buttons are placed so that you can easily launch attacks in games that require few inputs.

The second keypad features a circle of numbers that helps you to program even more hotkeys. This panel has seven keys laid out in a fascinating pattern, which is ideal for MMORPGs that use a variety of spells in combat. The third panel takes it a step further by providing you with 12 different numbered buttons to use. The numbers are laid out on the side of the mouse like a keypad to provide you with a plethora of choices for simple gaming. The mouse allows you to easily move between various panels, eliminating the need to unscrew panels while playing a game with friends.

The mouse keys are rated for fifty million clicks each. The rubber wheel is designed to be comfortable and easy to spin. The mouse has a high-precision optical sensor with a resolution of 16,000 DPI. This means that any little movement you make will be tracked in-game immediately, with no lag. The RGB mouse can be customized to over a billion different colors and shades. This allows you to adapt the Razer Naga to the rest of your gaming setup. Best of all, this mouse is designed to be quickly gripped for long stretches of intense gameplay. The Naga also has a 5G optical sensor and a total of nineteen programmable keys. To top it all off, the mouse comes with a two-year product warranty from Razer.

4. Logitech G600

Logitech G600 - gaming mouse with number pad

If you want a low-cost alternative from a well-known brand, Logitech is the way to go. The Logitech mouse does not have interchangeable panels and is one solid piece. The G600 is unique in that it has an unusually large number of programmable keys. The mouse has 20 buttons that can be used as hotkeys in your favorite game. The G600 is specifically designed to fit well with MMORPGs and provides players with all they need for a quick set-up. This mouse will give you the advantage you need to win if you’re playing through the game or trying to win a multiplayer match. 

There are 12 number buttons to choose from on the side-panel. There are two additional buttons on top of the mouse for easy access. The mouse has low friction to help remove any delays caused by potential latency. This makes you more at ease and precise when playing. There’s also a G shift ring finger button that lets you switch between two different programming setups to double the number of hotkeys you can program. This is suitable for players who play a spell-heavy class but fail to match all of their skills comfortably on their keyboard.

The mouse’s output includes a laser sensor with 8200 DPI tracking, which should be moderately average for most users. The most notable aspect of the G600 is that it does not require a large amount of software to access your MMO features and information settings, including items like tracking, button, and lighting if you are using a tablet.

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Left-Handed Gaming Mouse with Number Pad

There aren’t many options for left-handed mice, particularly MMO mice, just like there aren’t many for left-handed gaming keyboards. As a result, left-handed users must purchase ambidextrous gaming mice.

The Razer Naga Left-Handed Version, on the other hand, should be appropriate for the majority of citizens. It has the same style as the original Razer naga chroma, with 12 buttons on the right side, and is filled with features.

Buying Guide For Gaming Mouse

Before purchasing a gaming mouse, you must weigh a number of factors. This guide explains what you need to know as well as some interesting features to look for.

Size, shape, and weight are all important considerations.


The mouse’s weight is a matter of opinion. If you play fast-paced games that enable you to shift your mouse quickly, you may want to consider a light gaming mouse.

It is preferable to purchase a mouse with adjustable weights and change the weight to your taste. Some gaming mice, such as the SteelSeries Rival 600, have a weighting system that allows you to adjust the overall weight and balance. The mouse allows you to place optional weights in different positions to fine-tune the balance.


Before purchasing a gaming mouse, the first thing you should remember is its size. Gaming mice are usually 5 to 7 inches long, so if you have tiny hands, make sure you find a mouse that suits you.


Gaming mice are available in ergonomic and ambidextrous designs. Ergonomic mice are typically built for right-handed players, with discreet grooves for comfortably resting the fingers. Ambidextrous mice, on the other hand, are symmetrical and can be used by both left-handed and right-handed gamers.

Tip: Avoid purchasing an excessively grooved mouse; it may feel comfortable at first, but you may have to keep the mouse in a specific way due to the excessive grooves.

How Do You Measure Your Hand Length?

You may use a measuring tape to calculate the size of your palm. Place one end of the tape on the tip of your finger and the other on your wrist. A mouse that is 75% the size of your hand should fit comfortably in your hand.

Customization Options

Look for a mouse that includes customization tools for programming keys, assigning macros, controlling game profiles, and even adjusting the lift-off distance.

It is preferable to purchase a mouse with onboard memory. Mice with onboard memory save the customization settings and allow you to use the same settings when connecting the mouse to a different device.

Wired or Wireless Mice

Wireless technology has evolved in recent years; the most recent wireless gaming mice have low latency and deliver a better gaming experience than they did a few years ago.

We’ve included the UtechSmart Venus Pro, a fantastic gaming mouse with a number pad, in this review. You can purchase this model if you want a clutter-free desk. Wired gaming mice have a lag-free experience, and some players prefer them to wireless mice.

There are only a few models with a number pad and only one decent wireless model, so there aren’t many choices.

Polling Rate

A higher polling rate indicates greater accuracy. The polling rate is calculated in Hertz (Hz); for example, if a mouse has a polling rate of 1000 Hz, the mouse will report its location 1000 times per second. If you buy a premium gaming mouse, it will almost certainly have a polling rate higher than 500 Hz, so you won’t have to think about this. Some models allow you to set the polling rate, giving you more control over your mouse.

Dots per inch (DPI)/Counts per inch (CPI)

Mouse sensitivity is measured in dots per inch (DPI). Most gaming mice have adjustable DPI, which allows you to alter the pointer speed based on your gameplay. Higher DPI means you’ll have to move the mouse less, while lower DPI means you’ll have to move it more.

Lift-off distance

When you lift the mouse a few millimeters off the table, a gaming mouse with a long lift distance always works. It’s the inverse, with a short lift-off distance. Nobody can tell you what lift or distance is best for you; it is a matter of personal choice. Most people who use a low DPI mouse prefer a short lift-off distance, which causes the mouse to stop tracking when they recenter it on the mouse pad. Adjustable lift-off distance is available on premium gaming mice, so if you believe it is something you want, you can purchase a mouse with an adjustable lift-off distance.

Laser VS Optical Sensor Mice

The way optical and laser mice illuminate the surface is what distinguishes them. Optical mice use an infrared LED to bounce light from the surface to the (CMOS) sensor, while laser sensor mice illuminate the surface with a laser beam.

The majority of premium mice use optical sensors, but that doesn’t mean laser mice aren’t good. Laser sensor mice operate smoothly on smooth surfaces like glass, but jitter can occur while using a laser sensor mouse on a mouse pad because the laser sensor can detect the tiny fibers of the mouse pad, resulting in inaccurate tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On PS4, Do mice with a number pad (MMO) work

Both the Razer Naga and the Logitech G600 are compatible with the PS4 and Xbox One.

What are macros?

If you’re a die-hard MMO or RPG player, you’ve probably heard of macros. Macros are similar to shortcuts in that you can delegate macros to perform several tasks with a single button click.

That’s it, enjoy your game with the best Gaming Mouse with Number Pad.

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